January 09, 2021

The Perfect Triangle with Giuseppe Episode #26 2021.01.08

Giuseppe Vafanculo, David Scorpio and Chris Weinert with guest Dr Judy Mikovits.

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Zeebra said...

Hey Giuseppe, just so u know I was shoah'd in yest's twatter massacre -- U'll know my old handle when u look at my "now up for grabs" banner image below. Pasting the rest of this from my Thu Jan 7 Rense show comment:


WOW great perfect triangle show, thx for posting Albert! Dr Judy toned down the hard bioscience talk; this was more layman friendly talk of the political dynamics.

separately, I was permabanned from twatter yest, in their latest massacre which I don't expect is over yet.

I'd just crafted this new banner image for my acct:

The MuhRONA Virus Is Mutating

^ notice, it's tailored as a twatter banner, already in their required 3 x 1 scaling ratio, & the lower left is cleared so that your circle-framed profile image doesn't obstruct the lower TOWARDS ITS FINAL FORM meme message.

So if you like it, grab it! I'd love if it sprung up like mushrooms as ppl's twatter banner images!


zapoper said...

@ Zeebra

The captcha has been disabled for one or two years now. I can't remove it but it is disabled. Ignore it and publish your comments.

Zeebra said...

zap, U lost me - I didn't say anything about having captcha probs, & indeed I don't have any.

maybe ur juggling multiple open comment threads & meant to drop that in a different one?

Zeebra said...

er, maybe this part of my comment threw u for a loop,

"WOW great perfect triangle show, thx for posting Albert!"

I overlooked removing the "...Albert" bit; he had commented with a pointer to Triangle show quickly after it was up on YT

Giuseppe from the District of Criminals said...

@zeebra, That was the best Judy. She was pissed at being teargassed and she is starting to wake up to the globalist malignancy problem. Thanks for listening, friend! Have a good week.