January 30, 2021

Won't Get Fooled Again? - Rob Braxman & The DOGECOIN Vigilante



 Angry at Big Tech? Wait!
The Other Shoe has not Dropped!
(worse things coming)

Rob Braxman



Shhhh... It's time for the Lucy & Jeff show.
I want to find out how DOGCOIN is doing.
Dogecoin Up 1,000% as #WallStreetBets Gets In On The Crypto Action and Elon Gets into #Bitcoin


 The Dollar Vigilante

Steve suggested:


Special Event Roundtable with Dr. Judy Mikovits discussing the magic virus and mRNA vaccines


inthemix16 said...

Thanks for getting Braxman on ! Cannot stress enough how important it is to understand the overall concept of his channel. Id suggest if one wants really understand the techie part you will have to spend time and listen to many of his past posts. Lets put it this way, one thing you will understand , which his channel will show you, you will want to throw your phone in the garbage tomorrow. ! The shit your not told about those little devices is maddening. Learn the simple techniques how to throw off the A.I. Everyone here on Grizz. We love Israel !! Right ?? ;) We read Haretz everday. Right ?? ;) Everyone on Grizzom especially the people like Scorpio. You coming back ? Get one of his degoogled phones before you step of foot back on US soil. Do the things what you can do today. If you can , backup and wipe all your devices. Start over and box out your browsers if using the Googs of the world. Under no circumstance whatsover intsal Fuckbook, Insta and all those other wastes of time. Rob tells you if you have the time, what they do that they either deny ,or lie about. If all the people that went to the capitol had been watching Rob they would have known , leave the phone at home! Even your wallet if you can They would have known they were being set up just based on tech knowledge. Get a old phone that has no wifi if you can. Even things like this Recapture we see. Evil Look into buying his degooged phones. No im not paid to push his product. He sells a Tor Router. Get that at least.

Albert said...

"I don't think she realised that she is Not: Human ...

My own JOKE from Decades ago:

Beaming-Down onto a Planet-Surface:

Kirk: LOOK at the Bazongas on THAT Woman !!!

Spock: 'SHE' is NOT 'Human', Captain!

Kirk: Her Boobs must be TEN-sizes Bigger than "D"!

Spock: Jim, I believe You MEAN: "N"-Titty (Entity)!


Albert said...

I suppose Spock DOESN'T use: !!!!!!!!! -- Exclamations in HIS-Delivery! ;-)

"I don't think she realises that she is Not: Human ..."

My own JOKE from Decades ago:

Beaming-Down onto a Planet-Surface:

Kirk: LOOK at the Bazzongas on THAT Woman !!!

Spock: 'SHE' is NOT 'Human', Captain.

Kirk: Her Boobs must be TEN-sizes Bigger than "D"!!!

Spock: Jim, I believe You MEAN: "N"-Titty (Entity).


Albert said...

Good-Cop, Bad-Cop.

Spock is Kirk's: "Foil" / "Strait-Man" ;-)

Come-ON Spock! -- We are ALL LOOKING at that Woman's HUGE "Qualifications"!!! ;-)

Spock: I fail to see what is sooo "impressive" about Her "qualifications".

(An Indian-Friend once Complained to ME:
While Discussing the Movie "The World is Not Enough":
That: Denise Richards was NOT very 'convincing': as a Nuclear-Scientist !!! ;-)
---- Ahhh, you DO realise ...... -- That: She was NOT THERE, in that Movie, for THAT!? ;-) Indian-Friend!)

While in India 30 Years ago ... I came across Indian-(somewhat-Pejorative/Euphemistic)-Terms:

"German-Silver" ... ie: FAKE-Silver

"American-Diamonds" ... ie: FAKE-Diamonds

I LATER INVENTED the Following THIRD-of-the-Sequence Witticisms:

"Italian-Icecream" ... ie: FAKE-"icecream"

(It is MILK with Gelatine-(ground-up-cows-Hooves!) to THICKEN it! -- Hence the Name: "Gelato")

And, at Last, my "Rose-Colored-Glasses" BROKE:

"Indian-Friend" ...

ie: (After Doing-THEIR-every-Bidding for 30 Years!)
WHEN: YOU Actually Desperately-NEED: THEIR Help ...

They are simply/succinctly-put: NOT There WHEN-YOU-Need-Them !!! :-o


Albert said...

I am quite IMPRESSED By: "What's Her Face's "Qualifications"! ;-)

Henry said...

It's about time someone stood up to Kaufman's Jew BS and threw his lying arse offline. As soon as Mikovits opened her mouth he went on the attack and ended up losing BADLY! Kaufman is a prison psychiatrist with a commercial interest in population control. He tells the anxious goyim what they want to hear and in their minds that makes him an expert. He's not a virologist, he's not a microbiologist, but he is a lying jew who has developed psychological techniques for population control and controlling online dissent is exactly what he's been doing since April last year.

Let a jew lead you and he'll lead you all the way to the butchers.