February 10, 2021

A Warrior Calls - Christopher James, Alison Chabloz & WHO Are You?

Christopher James
Jesse Casanova

Judy Mikovits

Alison Chabloz
Wots My Identity ?

WHO Are You?
Tedros The Tedrorist Ademon

WHO are these judges and lawyers?
WHO and WHAT do they work for?

Christopher James shares an update on current court corruption seen worldwide now.

“From Lawful to Legal, all done in the dark…”  Something so much bigger awaits us each day, so the next stop is the solution, and it will blow you away.” 

- Jesse Perez Casanova speaking the words of Christopher James.

We the people have the truth... 

The 'RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE' do NOT apply to "we the people"...

This is how our public courthouses have been corrupt for over 150 years and, it is now time we end it and the BAR! The BAR is the most corrupt collective on this earth... and has been now shown of its vast corruption and theft.

This is a continuance expose on the corruption occurring right now on multiple common law courts established by the people."

- Christopher James

 www.awarriorcalls.com the world must go for TRUTH and the SOLUTION.


  Hoummmm...a terrorist at the head of the WHO?
What could go wrong?!
Deek Jackson & Tedros The Tedrorist Ademon
Wots My Identity ?
Is this really me?  Who Am I, anyway?
Who Are You?

The Who

Glastonbury 2015

I better hurry if I don't want to end up like the Dodo Bird!

 SuperBird Crashes Through Thick Plate Glass, Unfettered
Pinky & Blinky With Their Coats of Many Colors

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