February 02, 2021

Anal Schwab, Ben Dover & The Tsunami of Bullshit - Lucy & Jeff


The Main Street Rebellion and the Coming Great Reset At War In The Markets

A Few Comments:


2 customers came into my store yesterday. Husband said he had just gotten his first vax. Wife just got her second vax. Husband seemed okay, but wife didn't look right. She had no life in her eyes and was teetering on her feet, dazed and zombie-like. What the f is wrong with these people? They're completely brainwashed and indoctrinated in taking these horrible vaccinations. Horrible. Can't unsee this. Fuck*ng sheep going off to slaughter. 


This is Jewery, control of the planet.

Brother Dubious

Bitchute removed almost all of my videos, and won't let me upload. I have emailed support a couple of times, and they don't have the decency to answer. Bitchute Censors Folks! 

Bluesman Sunny Fournier

Youtube has a deal with BitChute. Notice, if you have a youtube channel you can upload from Youtube directly to BitChute.

More Comments: https://odysee.com/@DollarVigilante:b/The-Main-Street-Rebellion-Video:3

Wall Street Bets, GME, Ripple, #SilverSqueeze and Mask Insanity




zapoper said...

ROFL just for the title alone. LOL

Albert said...


Hue-Janus (((bill-gates)))

[(((who))) "Ironically" SEEKS NO: Common-Law / Confront-YOUR- Accuser / Jury-of-Peers: Legal-Process ...]

The "chosen" who is the "real"-"super"-"man" ...
(((who))) SAYS: that (((he))) "Stands FOR":
Truth, Justice, and the American-Way!
(Sit-BACK, "Trust"-the-(((plan))) ["die-versity"-is-(((our)))-Strength / "Stronger-Together"])

--> Which, of course INVERSION-De-Coded, Actually MEANS:

(((he))) Stands for:
LIES / "Informed"-"Consent"-"of-the-GOVERNED" / The GOOD-of-the-((("community")))
JUST-(((us))), and
The "jewish"/"Israeli" / "Zionist" / "Bolshevik" / "Libertarian" / "Women's-Liberation" / "Liberté-égalité-fraternité" WAY !!!
(Terrorism / Genocide of "non-jews" / ((("NWO")-CONTROLLING-EVERYTHING-ANYONE-in-the-WHOLE-WORLD: Does, Says, or even THINKS!:
"Because": ALL-"non-jews"-are-"Goyim-Cattle": And Can't "OWN" ANYTHING, ...
"Because": Everything and Everyone is "Owned"-by the jews, ...
"Because": (The ONLY-One-"True")-"G-d" "GAVE" it TO (((them))) !!!
("Honest", it's "TRUE", (((we))) TELL YOU! -- And YOU are NOT "Allowed" to "Question"-it -- EVER !!!)

-- But to SEE (((them))) as-a-Hive-Mind-Alien-Self-Sworm-Enemy-GROUP ...
is, you Guessed it: By International-Definition: "Anti-((("semitism")))"!)

Zeebra said...

saying "Lucy and Jeff" is like when I post about "Billy and Max (Igan)" lol

Max's BC ch -

I watch everything he puts out. Jeff & Max are friendly BTW, I believe Max went to one of the Anarchapulco conferences a few years ago.

Steve said...

Does anyone understand bitcoin ? if so can you explain to me please what happens with bitcoin when the powers that shouldn't be take full control, or bring down, the internet ?