February 26, 2021

Dare To Think Out Loud With Mike Gaddy 2021.02.26

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KnownUnknown said...

This show isn't disinfo. Whatever you want to say about the efficacy of discussing 200 year old politics the papers and reasoning are cited.

Almost everything else I hear on rev radio is pure conjecture fantasyland garbage and it pisses me off they call themselves truthers

Panzerfaust said...

You mean like: Tune in to learn about aliens about to make contact and invite Earth to the Intergalactic United Federation of Planets

Scorpio said...

KU, while I must admit, this is an improvement over your usual muh dikkery, it is not surprising that the significance of Gaddy's research goes right over your head. At least you didn't claim he was a patriotard, as you did a few months ago. In many ways, Gaddy's research gives the master key in understanding what went wrong with America's government....but hey....it's just 200 year old history 'n shit. Never mind the fact the human nature has changed very little since the dawn of time or that the only way of knowing the future is through the past.

Still waiting for an insightful comment or solution to what we all face....or even an apt description of what is happening. Of course, we both know you won't provide anything of the sort, just more fuh fuh fuh muh dik everyone is full of shit. Fuh fuh fuh I hate Rense but I listen to everyone of his shows! - lol. You have the worst attributes of a woman but none of their charms- lmao.

muh dik!

Panzer - Because of that comment, your ticket aboard the intergalactic federation's mothership has been cancelled! - lol