February 23, 2021

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2021.02.23

Ryan Dawson on the Zionist Takeover and more

Ryan Dawson returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss a variety of issues including the overrepresentation of Jews in the Biden administration and the Zionist penetration of the US government.

Ryan is an independent researcher, historian, documentarian and the proprietor of the ANC Report.

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froz said...

I initially for many years thought the "no plane" theory on 911 was garbage. But years later I looked into it carefully at it appears there were no planes. But this is the entire point of these masonic mindf**k operations.

The msaonic mind ops are designed to scatter people's mind into many directions and make people fight over different theories. This is their SATANIC BLACK MAGIC at work. To scatter any resistance into many theories and end up in endless debates wasting energy and getting nowhere.


froz said...

And I don't understand how the mask thing is funny. Tim seems to find everything funny. This is not funny. It has been A YEAR of masks. 90% of people here on the street in semi-rural Poland 30km outside Warsaw are wearing surgical masks.

OLD 70+ grandmas going for a walk on a rural road next to a forest by themselves with a surgical mask on. People cycling with surgical masks on. This is fucking insane. Poles are accepting communism with very little resistance. Buying all the bullshit on the jew TV. Unfuckingbelievable.

Panzerfaust said...


Panzerfaust said...

Ryan Dawson shills against controlled demolition of the WTC and made an absurd rebuttal against the Univ of Alaska study that you can find on bitchute. Pass on this interview.

Albert said...


Yes! NO PLANES ... or-ANYTHING-Travelling-Through-the-Air ...

(There would have BEEN: Swirling-"WAKE-Vortexes"-SEEN-in-the-Smoke!

In all 4 instances!

(The Pentagon was "just"-EXPLOSIVES: Callously / "cleverly" Placed-and-Set-OFF: To Destroy the Pentagon-Accounting-RECORDS, and the 30-or-so Accountant-Staff: Callously "cleverly" ASSEMBLED THERE: After the Night-Before-Media-Announcement of: $2.3-TRILLION "MISSING" !!! ---- NOW it is Upto: $10 / 20 / 30 TRILLION ... "Missing" !!! :-o )

Yes! there ARE some WIERD and SHILLY things about Dawson ....

But, THIS Show was GREAT !!!

-- Except I Don't SEE How: Peddle-Driven-Brain-Bashing-Masturbation-DEATH-Machines: Brutally-MURDERING: 6-Gorillion-Innocent-jews ...
-- Is in ANY Way: "Funny" !!! ;-)

ANYONE who "Denies" the "Holocaust" is "Simply" a CRIMINAL ... who MUST Be: "Put-Away" for YEARS ... or WORSE! ...

-- At Least By-((("LAW"))) ... in 18 or MORE European-"Nations" ... :-o

🌝 🌚 🌞

Panzerfaust said...

Here it is


Chains said...

Seems very few people do not have blind spots in the conspiratorial realm. Or as you say they could be shills too. There are certainly all kinds of people doing the revelation of method type work that Michael Hoffman points to in his book "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare". For instance, I like Timothy Kelly but honestly, it's problematic how a guy with his understanding can be a catholic at this point. These kinds of observation can be applied to so many turning out "content" in the "truth community".

Chains said...

Doctrine of discovery catholic church


Of course one could argue that roman law is talmudic. You really can't argue that the Vatican and so the catholic faith is in bed with and having relations with the talmudics. Together they have the whole world converted into water tight compartments, that have duped the majority so deeply that it's doubtful we will ever be able to recover as a collective.

Albert said...



It seems that we each HAVE multiple "Blind-Spots" !!! :-o

It ALSO Seems that EACH of us are "CHOOSING" to "Wall-Off" and PROTECT some of them! :-o

The "Trivium"-and-"Quadrivium" Folks explained that we Must SEEK:

--> The WITHOUT "Contradictions"-TRUTH !!!

(The: TRUTH, the Whole-TRUTH, and Nothing-But-the-TRUTH!)

"Eastern"-Thought: Describes this "World-of-Illusion" as a Realm of: "Duality"

-- "Darkness": Tamas-("Ignor-ance") and Rajas-("Passion"); and The LIGHT: Sattva-("Goodness").

("MIND" (Moon-"Destruction") : "Emotions"-"Feelings (Sun-"Creation"?): "Intellect" (Black-Sun "Maintenance"?)

(Childhood "TAKING" : Youth "Give-and-Taking" : Old-Age Generously-GIVING)

ONE of the "OBVIOUS" Applications of DELIBERATELY Holding-Onto "Blind-Spots" is a Man "LOVING" a Woman !!! ;-)

In Youth, Due to "Thurstiness" and somewhat-grasping-at-Straws ...

("Transvestigation is sooo "fascinating" because most REAL-Women, due to fatty-curves being so SOFT-AND-GRAVITY-PRONE! -- ARE-NOT SO "PERFECT"! ;-) )


WHILST A WOMAN, FROM VERY-YOUNG: Is Quite CERTAIN: that HER "Give-and-Taking" is to be through: "Reward-and-Punish"!
(THIS is indeed GOOD-and-NATURAL ... as Truly-LOVINGLY-Raising-UP: Her Beautiful-Children: Will-TAKE a 20-YEAR-Commitment / "Sacrifice"!)

(Of course MOST "Employees" are Very certain that Their #1-Priority is ("Obeying")-and-PLEASING-the-BOSS ...
-- In RETAIL, the Pretty-Girl Behind-the-Counter, since PRETENDING to be-"Friendly" is a LOT-of-"Effort" !!!,
is somewhat "requiring" YOU to BUY-Something!
---- In Stores, we OFTEN SEE: That the Pretty-"Friendly"-Girls are AT: the Cash-Registers "Ringing-You-Up" ...
... Whilst a LOT of the ACTUAL-WORKERS in the Store are MEN! ;-) )

Years ago, whilst still in my "Listening"-to-"Gatekeepers"-Radio stage (BEFORE Getting Home-Internet 5-Years-ago) one of the Fluff-topic "Wisdoms" was:

WHEN your Friend "ASKS" you WHAT YOU "Think" of His current: "Girl-Friend"/"Wife"? .....
--> The ONLY "SAFE" "Answer" is: --> "She is OK!" ...
("SHE'S HOT!!!" -- or "Wow, what a DOG!" or similar -- are NOT: TRUTHFUL-Thoughts, -- which are sought by HIM!)

The "Spiritual-Sky" ... "Beyond-the-Dome" (Which ENCAPSULATES this "Prison-Plane-t" of "Duality" : "Hot and Cold" : "Good and Bad")

... is an "Etheric" of-the-Ether "ETERNAL"-Un-Erasable Realm ...
(LIKE: 3-D "Ideal-Solids" in-the-INTERNET, as Contrasted to the Imperfect Temporal 3-D-Printed Objects!)
of PEOPLE and PURE-Joy ... ie Suddha-Sattva PURE-GOODNESS !!!

Albert said...

Years ago Sinead-McCarthy was Strongly-PROTESTING: That: WHITE-Women are NOT: Like jews !!!

jews are LIKE "Middlemen" (((who))) (Unequivocally-HATE us!) Variously:

"MILK": "Goyim-Cattle" by PRETENDING to BE-Their-"Friend" (Lawyers, Doctors, Financial-Advisors etc!)

or LIKE-the-Different-Species-"WOLVES" that (((they))) Truly-ARE:

"HARVEST" The "Goyim-Cattle": to FULLY "Enjoy" Devouring-Their-Anguished-and-thus-"Vitalized"-Flesh! ("Bolsheviks" "Politicians" "Waging-Wars" etc etc etc.!)

-- Women, are Of Our-OWN-Kin ... and CAN GIVE us BEAUTIFUL-WHITE-Children, but, of-course Will-NEVER HAVE the: "Y"-Chromosome-Encoding, of a "Generous"-MAN!
-- Thus, in Their-"WEAKNESS" ... Through Manipulating-EMOTIONS etc... THEY "Mould" Their-Men: Into DOING as THEY-"WANT"! ;-)

(A "Red-Pilled-Germany" "MGTOW"-YouTuber, Years-Ago: Strongly-Cautioned: AVOID the Women, Who, since Youth, TRAINED-HORSES !!!
-- As Since a FRAIL-Young-Girl They DEVELOPED Their "Feminine-Wiles": To "Wrap-a-HUGE-Powerful-Beast--Around-Their-Little-Finger!" :-o )

In "Eastern"-"Spiritual-Practices" (And Previously in the West ALSO!) -- A Man SEES that HOLDING-IN: His-LIFE-Energy: REVEALS the: "INTENTIONAL"-BLINDNESS of a MAN LOVING a Woman with-ALL-His-HEART! ;-)
-- Which TRULY FINDS its Un-Alloyed-JOY in LOVING-"G-d" !!! :-o

--> BUT, for MOST Men, AFTER Becoming-STRONG ... by Practising Sexual-RESTRAINT for a few Years in-Youth, MARRIAGE, and "Hands-ON": "Giving-and-Taking" AND: Generously-"Sacrificing"-GIVING-TO: Ones's Beautiful-Children: is HIGHLY-Recommended ... In Order to SAFELY-Pass: This Interim-BLINDING-"Passion"-Youthful-Stage ... in-order to REACH the THIRD: Wisdom-GOODNESS Stage! :-)

Sylvia-Stoltz in Her 2012 Speech in Switzerland in the Beginning and End Summary Emphasised: the DEEP-Wisdom: of the PATH of: What is: GOOD : BEAUTIFUL : TRUE!

(Childhood MIND [A "Selfish" Individuated Bodily-and-"Ego"-Self-Preservation-Calculating-MACHINE!] - What is GOOD [Conducive to LIFE!] vs Bad! : Youth "EMOTIONS" Bodily-"FEELINGS" What is BEAUTIFUL : Old-Age INTELLECT What is TRUE!)

"Information" : "Knowledge" : Understanding-WISDOM :-)

(Which the Sanskrit Terms: Tamas : Rajas : Sattva Delineate, and are "Translated"-as: "Ignorance" : "Passion" : "Goodness")

Yes! -- This "Covid-Crisis" ... and the "Demoralizing"-Proliferation of Folks "WEARING"-Masks ...
-- And US: TRYING to "Awaken" THEM ...
-- And THEM Being-(((PROGRAMMED))) To RESIST and HATE us For such! ...

Has PAINFULLY-SHOWN us the NATURE of this: "Intentionally-BLIND" "Illusory" "World-is-a-STAGE" Present-Realm ...

THIS-Present "Dual"-Life: IS indeed a "LEARNING"-Experience! ;-)

--> AND, at DEATH (Beginning even Before!): We SELF-"SORT"-Our-SELVES! (Birds-of-a-Feather...)

Those WHO will-NOT USE: The Wonderful True FREEDOMS and POWER of the Un-Erasable-"Eternal"-Realm to HARM-Others !!!

-- CAN indeed: PASS Through: the "Pearly-Gates": INTO such a: "WHAT you WANT ... is REAL!" Wonderful Joyful Building-Each-Other-UP, JOY-to-BE-Around Realm!


Those (((WHO))) have (via: Give (((them))) ENOUGH-Rope, to 'Hang-THEMSELVES'!) SHOWN-(((themselves))) to be "Actors":
(((who))) (Like the "Wolves" which (((they))) TRULY-ARE!): "Delight" in "Drawing-STRENGTH": From Others' Anguish-TERROR-DEATH!
--> (((who))) "Simply" CANNOT be "Allowed" to ENTER: Such a Wonderful-Realm! ...
As IF such were to Occur ... it would NO-LONGER BE Such! :-o

Albert said...

--> These Temporal / TEMPORARY "Meat-Bodies" are Illusory-"VEHICLES" ... PART of Which: is EXPERIENCING-PAIN / "Consequences"!
-- There is: PAIN, and CRUELTY: In THIS Present-Realm:

Because the "Possessed-By-EVIL"-Creatures: ARE TRAPPED HERE, and "FEED"-OFF of us to "Live"!

-- But Also:
Because the MOST IMPORTANT Aspect of this PRESENT-Simulation:

Is to (SELF-Exposing/SORTING!) PREVENT: ANYONE From "Cleverly"-PRETENDING-to-Be-"GOOD" ...
--> And "cleverly"-SLIPPING-INTO: The TRULY-GOOD and POWERFUL "Etherial"-Realm ... Which will DESTROY-EVERYTHING !!! :-o

(Yes! -- Like M.A.S.H."Triage": The Angels CAN indeed: Like Rescuing SOME Defective-Manufacturing-Products or Picking-Up SOME items Dropped-in-the-DIRT!,
-- RESCUE SOME of us HERE !!! -- But, it would SEEM: That in-ORDER to PREVENT 100% of the (((irredeemable-scum))) from EVER Entering Heaven ... Some-Not-thoroughly-Irredeemable sad-sacks "Rubbing-Off-'Sticking'/Sullying"-wise / "Tarred-with-the-Same-Brush" -- NEED to REMAIN HERE as-well! -- At-LEAST: For some-MORE: BIRTHS !!! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Chains said...

Thanks for your reply Albert. Some good points there!