February 17, 2021

Saturday Night in no lockdown Minsk, Belarus!!

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inthemix16 said...

Thanks for that one. May be of use someday! I had a "friend" ;) for many years from a midsized town there, Mogilev.What an awesome town that looks like. You can eat off the streets. I dont want to sound odd but if you had a image of what an American guy would dream of the dream Russian girl.This was it. Hot,blonde, sweet as pie,down to earth. It would funny if i walked around big city with her and men from like, India,Paki area would look as if it were a pound of caviar , or a Bently.. It be hilarious as shit They are very frugal and it doesnt take a lot to make them happy. Very well dressed, etc etc. And that accent , and the once in a while, the Russian would come out, and it would be so cute. She said it was too boring there. Ok. Sounds fair. I used to tell this person for many years, keep that passport,visa,whatever,warm..I had many talks about how the states arent Disney World contrary to the viewpoint she believed. .. Boring not lookin so bad there now eh? And although my guess would be a one way trip to Minsk and its freedom,or at least bug out, i doubt its been done. Would never listen.Those East Euro girls although most salt of the earth are stubborn as mules. What a shame This is a lot like when they pen those wild pigs in texas. They dont try to bolt until the trap door is shut