February 18, 2021

The Brizer Show 2021.02.15

Cornwall Stream



Zeebra said...

I'm only a few mins into this show now, but I clicked the "His book" link in the description... is that linked right?


^ appears to be the real knights templar homesite; no mention of Nick nor any book being pedaled, ???

Brizer said...

@ Zeebra

It's not his book. However, he was one of quite a few contributors of the Knights Templar Order who wrote the various chapters in the book.
I'll get Zap to change it from "his book" to "Deus Vult - the book".

JACK said...
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Mike Smith said...

Hi ..
me too clicked the extreme important video "David Cole in Auschwitz"..
very very important stuff, stuff that everybody NEEDS to know and NEEDS to talk about, every day of the year!!

David Cole is a Jew and warrior for the truth!!


Mike Smith said...

Hi ...

I also clicked the book by Dr. Arthur Butz, " The HOAX Of The Twentieth Century ", where he investigates/examines, the so called "Holocaust"...

Every high school kid, and millennial, world wide, NEEDS to read that book!!

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 77-78964
ISBN 0-911038-23-X(Hardcover)

Dr. A. Butz was a Professor at Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois

Here is what the Anti-Defamation League had to say....

" We have known about the book for some. But we didn't want to give it any publicity and help the sales.
Now its too late; its out in the open and we have to face it squarely."


PS: I know the common people, the 'masses', so called 'herd animals', talk about everything else under the sun...but HATE to talk about the "6 MILLION"..
Many are afraid...shit into their pants when somebody dares to critically mention the 'Holo'

I ask: WHY??
It is extremely important!!

Mike Smith said...

Yes, oh yes, it is extremely IMPORTANT to know what the 'Knights Templars' were up to...

But unfortunately... I 've been told, most people, the so called dumbed down 'masses', the 'herd animals', have no attention span to read a book, but can look for hours at porn on their "smart" phones...

Thanks for another highly informative show.

Albert said...

Wow! -- This was a GREAT Show Brizer! :-)