February 25, 2021

The Brizer Show 2021.02.22

Brizer's guest: Jerry Marzinsky and George Jagatic (Prerecorded interview)

Cornwall Stream



decree said...
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Albert said...
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Albert said...


I "Slept-on" Your Great DEEP Show Brizer ... and Today am "Inspired" to WRITE the Following:

"Birds of-a-Feather ... Flock-Together!"

"Misery ... 'LOVES' Company!"

-- We have ALL SEEN: How Someone Who "Takes-Drugs" is Very-Eager: To 'SHARE' Such!
--- They Have Become LIKE: A Helicopter-Landing-Pad for Demon-Entities ... and 'WISH' to "RUB" Some OFF ONTO-You! :-)

Mike-Gaddy was Spouting some "Originalist"---BS-about "Equality" ...
-- It was DISGUSTING-CRAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Listened to "Blackpill's" Latest "Streams":

THIS one ... Which SHOWED the ORIGINAL Founding-Americans' TRUE INTENT:

And then Yesterday THIS one which Shows the ((("turd-in-the-Punchbowl"))) "clever-trick": Of "Bringing" Ni88ers INTO Our: Wonderful SAFE-Communities ... where Neighbours INSTEAD-of-(((TV))) ... Enjoy VISITING with-Each-other!:


((("Satanists"))) ... Since EARLIEST-"Life" (Terror-at-8-Days-OLD!) ... Become "Channels" "Embodiments" ... for the DARKEST-HATEFUL-VICIOUS-EVIL !!! :-o

And, UN-LIKE the "Germ"-THEORY of Dis-Ease ... Which SEEMS to Be: Almost TOTAL-BUNK! ...

"Entities" ... ARE indeed Quite-"Contagious"!

Hence (((their))) "clever" Use of (((Media))) to SPREAD: DEADLY-((("ideas"))) ...

--> The MOST DEADLY of-which: Fundamentally, and ULTIMATELY: Is That: "Con-veniently": Through "USURY": Our GOOD Honest-HARD-Work: To Nurture and RAISE-UP Our Precious-FAMILIES ... Can Be "TRANS-FORMED" / BECOME: The Workings / Source of Our: Individual, and COLLECTIVE-DOOM !!! :-o

Albert said...


--> "Cleanliness, is NEXT-To: GOODNESS / Godliness!"

Through SQUATTING-"Doing-Squat" ... and Always Meticulously WASHING-with-Soap-and-Water AFTERWARDS ...

NOT "Doing": Alcohol/"Spirits"/"Drugs" ...

CARING about: One's TRUE Family, and Same-Race-Friends ...

And SPIRITUAL-Practices of: Devotion and GRATITUDE to "G-o-d(s)"

๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒš ๐ŸŒž

([Right-to-Left]: [SUN]-G-olden-G-ENERATOR : ["Black-SUN"]-God-the-Farther-[ABOVE/ALL-JOY this realm of "Duality" / Temporal-DOME-Encapsulation]-FATHER-DARK-Hidden-O-verseer-O-PERATOR : [Moon]-Holy-'Ghost'/'Spirit'-D-ESTROYER)
(Horus-Osiris-Isis [O-X-I] --- "GOLD : OIL : DRUGS" !!! ;-) )

--> WE Remain (Preserve-and-GROW) CLEAN: From Our "Innocent GOOD BIRTH ...
(CHILDREN are "Innocent" and Are "ACCOMPANIED"-BY-Their-Angels/"SOUL"/Good-Spirits/Laughter-and-Play-and-WONDER!)

And WONDERFULLY-Proceed From:

CHILDHOOD: Weak-TAKING: "Absorbing-Like-a-Sponge": Food, Hugs-and-Kisses, Information(1)-Knowledge-(2)-Heard-and-SEEN-WISDOM-(3) ...

YOUTH ("Passion" / "PAIN" / "Painstaking" / Up-and-Down Tempest): Individuated-GIVE-and-TAKING: Passionate-"Hands-On"-"Knowledge" / Wonderfully-TEMPERED with DEEP-LOVING-GENEROUS-LOVING-NURTURING-Your-Own-Precious-Children ...

Finally to the TRANSCENDENT-POWERFUL-WISDOM of OLD-AGE: Generously-Like-Santa-GIVING: Which is Especially Of WISDOM: Spoken-Down, SEEN-by-Example, and "Custodial"-"OWNING"-and-Happily-Generously-"PASSING-Down"/"Passing-ON" !!! ...

"LIFE is Like a (Generational)-Relay-Race / JOURNEY!" ...

And, indeed, just-LIKE: Enjoying PLAYING a Game-of-Monopoly: WITH Ones'-Cherished: Family-and-Friends ... with "Monopoly-Money" ... WHERE: AFTER the GAME Ends ... ALL of the "Pieces" Go-BACK-into-the-BOX ...

The POINT of such a "Learning-Experience"-LIFE ... and the: ("Birds of a Feather ...") SELF-"SORTING": At-its-CONCLUSION ...

--> Is to Step-by-STEP: GROW: From:

(TAKING) "Selfish"-("Survival"-Machine)-"MIND" (Moon-Mono-1) ... to

(GIVE-and-TAKING) ACTUALLY-CARING For ANOTHER-(Spouse)-"PAINFUL"/"Passionate"-EMOTIONS-FEELINGS ("Sex"-"Venus"-5 / [Generous-RAISING-Nurturing-LIFE]-SUN-O) ... to

(GENEROUSLY-GIVING!) (L-ion--O-x--[h]-U-man--E-agle -- "X"-in-the-Sky-"Heavens" -- Leo-Taurus-Aquarius-Scorpio) TRANSCENDENT-PURE-L-O-V-E-JOY (3 ... 10)

๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒš ๐ŸŒž

LEARN (NOT: "Sex" Dummies!): The "Birds and the Bees" ... Friends-(Angels-3 - we DRAW a Bird as a "3"!) and Family-(JOY-to-"just"-BEE-WITH X 10)

Albert said...

"HIDDEN" in-plain-Sight:


(Gold, and Silver, and Copper) "Tokens" (Which CAN be wonderfully-Circulated Around a Town/Village WITHOUT ((("usury"))) for GENERATIONS!) of TRUE-Wealth:


TAKING some of the Abundantly Plentiful: WOOD from the "Woods", and STONES from the Hills/Mountains/Earth (EXACTLY LIKE: [Angel-Like]-Birds! Make Nests-Homes from Twigs and Stones [Penguins! Dhuh!])

And Piece-by-Piece, Step-by-Step BUILDING: Warm Cozy SAFE: HOMES


Irrigated and Powered Farms ... with "Dome-sticated" GIVING-to-US WHEN-ALIVE !!! Cows, Sheep, Goats, Chickens, etc.


ie: "FREE" "God-Given"-Ingredients ... PLUS: OUR GOOD, HONEST Hard-WORK-Life-Force: MAKING Them: OUR-("Custodial")-WEALTH-Property !!!

(Sun Entrance-Like-LIFE O-pening):

GOLD ... Exactly-LIKE OUR: LIFE-Force DOES-NOT "Tarnish" / Perish !!!

(Transcendent-Black-Sun--God-the-FATHER X):

"OIL" WARMS Our Homes ... and is the ENERGY which is the SOURCE of ALL WEALTH !!!

(Moon DEATH Like ENTRAPMENT Energy-SUCKING !!! "Demons" "I"):

DRUGS / DEADLY-POISONOUS-((("I-DEAS"))) ((("usury"))) ...

("Reflecting" ... "Twisting" ... TOTALLY-INVERTING !!! -- LIFE / L.I.V.E. into: E.V.I.L. !!! (((bill-Gates-to-Hell)))-and-(((Fauci)))-(Faustian-'Bargain'!) "((Dr-EVIL))) Crime-Syn-dicate Kabbaal-ists Crime-"Lords"!)

Joyster said...

Still listening.....
Do they talk about how these entities can access the victim's memories?
Plus, the guy who went to the marijuana field he didn't lose the intensity of the voices by going far from home.
The fishing story was bizarre.
Great guests.
Thank you.

Albert said...

Information(1)-Knowledge-(2)-Heard-and-SEEN-WISDOM-(3) ...

We LEARN in THREE Ways ...

The FIRST TWO are "Recommended" ;-) ...


Also LEARN By SEEING the RIGHT-Way (and Someone-Else MAKE-"Mis-takes'!) ...

Yes! "Lessons" LEARNT By: MAKING-Your-OWN-"Mis-takes" ...

By the "School-of-HARD-Knocks" are often indeed: HARD-"Learnt", and NOT "Easily-Forgotten" Deeply-Ingrained "Learning" ...

BUT, ... There ARE indeed MANY GREAT-"Mis-takes" ...
--> Which We CAN NEVER "Recover" From !!!!!!!!!!




Loosing-LIMBS etc

Betraying: Your Friends, Family, RACE, Race-Mixing, etc ...

(Yes, indeed we CAN "Learn"-from-Making-Mis-Takes too ... but due to types-of-"addictions" and "PRIDE" ... Soooo MANY Hence: REFUSE to EVER-"LEARN" and: "Repent" and CEASE from: DOING / MAKING: Such Terrible Friend-Destroying and DEADLY: "Mis-takes" !!!)

"Rebellion"-in-Youth ... Is NOT "NATURAL" ...

But, indeed, the SAD-DEADLY-RESULT of "clever"-((("INDOCTRINATION"))) !!! :-o

Afterall, IF NOT Your-PARENTS and REAL Friends-and-Family ...

WHO Will EVER LOVE You so TRULY !!!?

--> Certainly-NOT a Self-Sworn-to-BE-YOUR-ENEMY jew ... (((who))) is "simply" "Profitting" OFF: PRETENDING to Be Your "Friend" (And "Family" !!! -- "We are ALL the "SAME"! -- Goy! ;-) )

Yet, Through the Dark-"Magic" of (((TV)))

-- Our Precious-CHILDREN are "con-vinced" TRICKED into BeLIEving ...


๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒš ๐ŸŒž

Albert said...

"Christian" "Compassion" ...

My Nephew COULD have GONE-to-South-Africa, and RESCUED:

A BEAUTIFUL Boer-Girl From a Camp ...

A GRATEFUL Precious Kinsman, to be a TRULY-Treasured-Spouse !!!

----- Instead, he ((("chose"))) to "Commit-Adultery" with a Horrible:

FAR FAR BELOW Him ... "Monster"!

(SHE KNOWS such indeed, Hence HER "Eagerness" to "Hook" such a "Cash-Cow" ... to Extract HER from HER Filipina-"Living"-HELL-"SAMENESS" / Non-Uniqueness!) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ™

Albert said...

I ALMOST MARRIED a Whiter-than-Myself
(I am Blond-Blue-Eyed!)
Brahmin Indian-(27-year-old)-Girl in India (I was in India 3+ Years!) ...

Who WAS a Pure-Vegetarian in BOTH Senses [as was I!]!

But, sadly, She foolishly, and to BOTH of OUR "Demises" ... "Played-a-little-Hard-to-Get" ... By:
TRUTHFULLY: Explaining that She would NEED to "Work-on" Her-Parents for some-weeks ... to get Them to AGREE to such a Marriage [As They were a: "PROUD"-NOT-Caring-For-Money-over-Purity TRUE-Brahmin Family! -- Hence Sooo WHITE, in SOUTH-India!]

And "Hurt-My-'Feelings'" By TRUTHFULLY Stating:
That I was-NOT: A "Hindu", but a "Christian"!

She Also DIDN'T DYE:
The Few-Grey-Hairs in-her-Head Black!,
and BECAUSE She was a CLEAN-Pure: Brahmin:
She had CLOSE-Cropped Finger-and-Toe-Nails!
(Which Didn't LOOK so-Pretty!)

-- Yes! -- I was Very FOOLISH, and WEAK ...... and, thus, "chose" the: LYING (Yes! EVERYTHING that They had SAID, was a LIE!): Brown-Creature!

I had "Chanced"-Upon the WISE Old Saying:

"There is NO 'Substitute' for STRENGTH!"

-- Which I REPEATED to My Nephew, to TRY to Explain to Him that: NO "Good" can ACTUALLY Come-FROM: "Clutching-at-Straws"!

I Had "Opened-My-Heart" to My even-WEAKER-than-Myself
(30 Years BEFORE for-YEARS I Had TRAVELLED to World and "Made-My-Way" ALL By MYSELF! -- My Nephew's Father is a RICH-Doctor, and My Sister a Nurse!)
Nephew, in our Few Conversations, and TOLD Him:

These Very-Personal, and EMBARRASSING True-Details ...

And that I had INSTEAD: Foolishly "chose" a BROWN-LIAR-Indian-"Misery-Guts" ...

I had TOLD Him about the GRAVE-Mistake: Of "Projecting" HIS "Manly"-HONEST-Dealings-and-DESIRES upon a VERY-DIFFERENT-Creature-Woman (Even in His: "Wokeness" .. He AGREED: That Women were indeed VERY-DIFFERENT to Men! -- For a GOOD-Softhearted-Man Like HIM, "Dating" is BRUTAL !!!)

I had even Told him about: Some of the MGTOW-TRUTHS ("Monkey-Branching" 80% of Women SEEKING: The TOP 20% of "Alpha"-Men! etc.) ...

And, Specifically Related the Frequently-EXPERIENCED Woeful-Story:

Of the: TRAINED-in-Clubs: Filipina-"Wives", whom Americans FOOLISHLY "Marry" ... Who SEEM very "Devoted" ... For the FULL: 10 Years ...

Until: "The Magic": Green-Card, Alimony, etc TIME:

Where: HE, "Blissfully-Ignorantly" arrives HOME, after-WORK, one Evening ...

To FIND: A Policeman, with a Restraining-Order, WAITING...

And HIS-Bank-Account-SEALED ...

And Thus WITHOUT: A Home, Roof, and ANY-Money:

To Rent a room, and GET a Lawyer !!! :-o ;-)

My Nephew, thus by (((TV-Training))) "CHOSE":

To NOT-ONLY: MAKE: The very-"SAME"-"Mis-take" That I HAD: 30-Years-Before MADE:

which-I-had-Kindly-and-Exposing-myself-to-much-Embarrassment-TOLD-HIM-about ...

-- But, indeed, to "Rub-my-nose-in-it!" :-o

Albert said...

My Friend just Replied:

"He will be sorry one day"

I Replied BACK:

-- Yes! -- As "PAINFUL" as our OWN "Grumpy" TRUTHFUL Folk ARE to BE-Around ... TRYING: To "Kiss-Upto": Non-Whites .... is ENTIRELY-MISERABLE !!! ๐Ÿ™

Albert said...

I Listened to Jan from-South-Africa's Latest Talk Yesterday ... And DEEPLY-Thought: WHICH is "WORSE"?: Being-NEAR: jews or ni88ers? ... I had spent 4+ Years Talking to My T-Shirt-Printer-Friend MARTY (A "classic"-jew!) -- Yes! -- The "Higher-Up"-jews "Feverishly"-WANT-us-ALL-DEAD !!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ........-- But, Being-Around Ni88ers ... is yet STILL-WORSE !!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


Albert said...

I recently Listened to some Christian Talk (Paul-English and ACH) Where they were EXPLAINING that "G-d" WANTS / Instructs US that HIS: Descendants-of-Adam-12-Tribes to LIVE-SEPARATE from ALL other Peoples !!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Albert said...

Yes! --- I KNOW, I KNOW ...

"Too much Information!" ...

But, as Brizer's Guests Explained / Touched-Upon:

These Entities, .... AND THINKING-ABOUT: such Topics ...

"Churns-Up": "Old WOUNDS!" ;-)

๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒš ๐ŸŒž

Albert said...

So ...


--> STILL: TOTALLY on-Topic !!! ;-)

WITH: Brizer's GREAT, very Thought-Provoking, and "Ground-Breaking": Great-Show !!! :-)

๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒš ๐ŸŒž

Albert said...


.. Yes! -- They DO mention THAT! ;-)

Albert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Albert said...

WE ... at-Present:


"Between: The Animals ... and the ANGELS!"

"Demons ... and Gods"

"Heaven .... and Hell!"

--> "Spirituality": Is about the Processes and DAILY-Routines and Thought-Environment:

Of Eschewing: The "Demonic": Influences / associations / "Possession" ...

And INVITING-IN: By GRATITUDE, and Caring-For-Others, and Step-by-Step RAISING-UP-Our-"Vibration"-Levels ... The HIGHER-Level-Joyful-(Angels)-Beings !!!

It is ALL About: The Associations which we-KEEP!

"You ARE What You EAT!"
(Hence I Eat: Milk-Butter-Veg-and-Fruit-Offered-FIRST-to-[and thus blessed-by]-God)
(He who "Lives"-by-the-Sword ... will DIE-by-the-Sword!")

You "Pick-Up"-Bad-Habits-From / "BECOME"-LIKE--WHO you: "Hang-Out-ASSOCIATE-WITH!"

Over the Years ... We have HEARD:

Folks Like (((jew-LIE-ani))) ... Talk about How "BAD" "Christianity" "Was"

(150,000,000 Tortured-to-DEATH in the Spanish Inquisition! LOL!
-- When ALL that was REQUIRED to STOP: Proceedures ... was to TRUTHFULLY Admit: That (((one))) was-NOT a TRUE-"Christian" .... But, a LYING-jew! ;-) )

and "IS"! ...

--> And we can EASILY-SEE: That They are OBVIOUSLY: Very Unhappy, and Friendless People!

"Christianity" has MANY GOOD Things To "Offer" us, and for us to FIND-Within ...

--> At its very-LEAST: Churches are LOCAL-"Clubs" where we can ENJOY:

----> ASSOCIATING with Our FELLOW-GOOD-WHITES, and to "Hands-on"-HELP-and-SAVE Each-other! ...

-- As WELL, as to Associate-WITH: the Wonderful Kind Generous: Like-GrandParents/Santa: HIGHER-BEINGS! :-)

๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒš ๐ŸŒž

"DON'T Throw-the-Baby-OUT ... With the BATH-Water!"

--> The very POINT of THIS LIFE: IS Our Precious Adorable Bringing-OUT-the-BEST-in-us ... BEAUTIFUL-WHITE-CHILDREN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Our Wonderful, LIFE-Enhancing: "Hands-On": Friends, and Family !!! :-)

----> NOW, can you SEE ... "just" How VERY-EVIL (((Satanic))) ... are These (((fiends))) !!! :-o

Mike Smith said...

Hello friends,
NO, I am NOT an Anti-Semite, I am a Anti JOOW !!

I am a Anti-Bolshewik/Communist, a Pro-'NATIONAL Socialist'!

And rest assured, The Patriots of this World are going to "take care" of the

Bolshevik/Communist Joow bastards, for instance these burning/looting/murdering Antifa

hordes, which are sponsored/financed by that &%$#@# International 'Hungarian' Joow Bankster 'George Soros'!!



WWS said...

Although its agents have the means to directly influence mentation on a case by case basis, it is Pernicious Ambience, created by the Enemy of Man and enabled through its minions, which is most often responsible for the existence of these voices.

RickB said...


I don't see the patriots of this world waking up and taking care of the antifa goons. I hope I'm wrong. I'm doing everything I can to wake people up.

P.S. I'm also anti-Jooish.

Panzerfaust said...



zapoper said...

LOL. I was sure that this was photoshoped BS. Thanks. I posted the video:


What a bunch of morons.

Panzerfaust said...

In Or-e-gone imagine my shock. Honk
Why do government presentations always have a deaf sign language person when real time captions are standard in private industry? Optics signalling?

Mike Smith said...

@ RickB


WHITE EUROPEAN people make now only an estimated 9% of the Worlds Population.
Remember: MILLIONS lost their live during both JOOW INSTIGATED World Wars!

The Oligarch Joow clique, through their control of media and academia, are making sure that the 90% Non-whites, world wide, believe the uninterrupted Joow propaganda of a "White supremacy".

In case of a White Patriotic Organized Uprising against the REAL ENEMY - this Clique of JOOW BOLSHEVIC COMMUNIST and International JOOW BANKSTER - these slimy creeps will do what they did in the wars 1914-1918 and 1939-1945:

They USED SOLDIERS from White Western Societies, worldwide, to fight Germany, in both so called WORLD WARS !!
( WHY Germany ? That's a story for another day...)

MILLIONS of WHITE YOUNG MEN lost their lives, and during WW2 not only soldiers but also tens of MILLIONS of innocent people, women and children were killed .

SOLUTION: NON-CORRUPT leader of NON-WHITE societies of this world -especially in academia- NEED to be EDUCATED about the REAL ENEMY OF MANKIND, THE SATANIC TALMUDIC JOOW !!

Try to have a great day.....

Mike Smith said...

Hello @Albert,

Plenty is ok..BUT TOO MUCH IS NO GOOD !


PS: What are you smoking today?


inthemix16 said...

No no Albert. Those stories are great !! Ive reflected some here myself. Interaction with the females no matter what capacity is a social experiment , of which lessons can be taken for the rest of your life. I was rolling on the floor with the Pinay stories. OMG. Been there. They are some of the most addictive yet cunning, creatures on earth! In general , asian.... Its like having a McLaren ..If your smart you only rent it. You drive it around on a nice sunny day. Your buddies think you are god showing off your "machinery", but at the end of the day, the cost, maintenance, cash outflow makes it not worth it, and thats if, it doesnt send you to the poor house. Your neph succumbed to the devils temptation. I was blessed to have lived in a zip code that would be from demographic stand point THE place in the entire US is your single. Affluence,age,education, racial mix etc. You go to the grocery store on a summer day its like soft porn. Those PAK/India girls some of the most exotic/gorgeous on the planet.I bet it be tough going farther than just dating .. Great stories. No not too much. Its too much for Millenials and Gen Z who have short attention spans waiting for next like on facefuck.

Mike Smith said...

bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla....


Mike Smith said...

bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla....


Albert said...


Thanks! :-)

Brizer said...

So 29 comments here and I see maybe 2 or 3 comments that actually address the issues that were discussed in the show.

Joyster said...

Bizarre isn't it?

Brizer said...

@ Joyster. Very bizarre indeed.

I'm wondering if "unknown", the alleged proud National Socialist and Anti-Joo "shallomm" merchant goosesteps around a supermarket in a SS uniform with a mask on while hearing voices in his head telling him to sanitize his hands before he does a Heil Hitler salute? Now that would be very bizarre.

Or maybe my wild crazy imagination is running away with itself? lol

Steve said...

Fascinating topic - thanks Brizer.

Mike Smith said...

@ Joyster... I absolutely agree, there are lots of bizarre comments... I think its just bla bla bla...

For instance: " goosesteps around a supermarket...with a mask on.." Very bizarre idea, indeed...

Yes, I am a Pro-National Socialist, and Anti-Communist.
What's wrong with THAT??


George Patton, a General who was loved by his soldiers like no other General in the US

Army - was obviously too a Pro-National Socialist and rabid Anti-Communist !!

When entering Germany, he planned, with the left overs of the German National Socialist army, to chase the Joow controlled Bolshevik Communist hordes back into Russia !!

Unfortunately an "accident" happened.
General Patton, driving his jeep, was hit by a US army truck. He passed away a short time later in an Army hospital at Heidelberg.

General Patton has not been buried at Arlington, USA
His gravesite is in Europe, in Luxemburg!


Fakk said...

Brizer does a great job with his show, must be difficult to get capable guests to keep it running.

The latest show however only provided weird disinfo from people who probably have little interest in the overwhelming attacks now executed against European tribes worldwide.

Add this 'demon manipulation' stuff to the list of dubious 'new age' info that impedes action against the main problems on Earth; mostly caused by judahites.

Pushing demons, archons, lizard elite, dracos etc working to destroy vulnerable humans is just more negative gaslighting, as if there aren't enough problems out there already.

biden harris administration

trump's cabinet


Joyster said...

What's a bit weird is that your comments are not related to the topic of the show which makes you look like a grandstanding retard.
And now you are insulting the host.
Give your head a shake and get on topic.
Perhaps it was your voices making you behave in such a fashion...?

Fakk said...

the show was about demon voices in meth heads - wasn't it
what's so off topic about my comment
the links go to the real 'demons' on Earth imo

so this place is as tight on censorship as judtube, fakebook, twatter etc

Mike Smith said...

When US General George Patton entered Germany, he wanted, together with the left overs of the German National Socialist Army SAVE EUROPE from Communism !

Heil General Patton!

Joyster said...

No one was pushing anything nor were the guests running it.
This is timely information as peoples mental states are deteriorating more frequently with the world wide communist takeover.
Spend some time in a mental hospital and pay attention.
I did lots of volunteer work there and have known several 'schizophrenic' patients personally
They won't let you in now, so instead watch the very old movie called the Snake Pit with Olivia DeHavilland or read the book.
This topic is not negative gaslighting.
These occurrences have been going on throughout man's history and are not new techie events.
No doubt tech can be used to simulate their effects.
joo, joo. joo...boring...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Fakk said...

yeah you're boring too man

Joyster said...

Not just meth heads.
Meth has been promoted as it makes it more likely that these entities can gain access.

Joyster said...

Better than being retarded

Fakk said...

nothing new about demons and nothing you can do about it apart from looking after yourself, friends and family - of course mentally ill are suffering more than ever, big news!

Mike Smith said...

@ Fakk,

I absolutely agree with you..

Some thing is NOT right, to talk about "demon voices in meth heads"... NOWADAYS!!

Try to have a great day

Fakk said...

Thanks Unknown - much appreciated!

Mike Smith said...

Hello millennials....

Calm down boys an girls, be nice kids!

Nowadays we really have by far greater problems.

Joyster said...

Wankers might be more appropriate.
Except for me.
I don't have the parts.
This is a problem and it will increase due to the current mental health problems.
That is the point.

Albert said...

@ Brizer :-)

IF YOU can: "Wade Through" my Posts ...

You can SEE that They ARE on-topic!

-- Maybe us "Free-Thinkers" SEE Most-EVERYTHING as "Connected"! ;-)

--> I certainly DO!

----> I Seek and Enjoy TRUTH !!! :-)

It SEEMS that PART: Of Comments-Sections: Is Folks SAYING: "Your Comments / Show: Are / Is: "Stupid" etc! ;-)

Chainsaw was "Driven-Away" for some-Time ... and RECENTLY WROTE:

"It Seems very few people do not have blind spots in the conspiratorial realm..."

Below the Timothy-Kelly Rayan-Dawson Talk.

I Will Re-POST My Reply-Comments HERE:

As, Along with INCREASED: "Suicides", and us ALL Becoming Driven: Somewhat CRAZY !!! ...

The TOPIC of: "CHOOSING" to BE "BLIND": to TRUTH ... Is indeed VERY VERY RELEVANT Today !!! :-o

๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒš ๐ŸŒž

Albert said...



It seems that we each HAVE multiple "Blind-Spots" !!! :-o

It ALSO Seems that EACH of us are "CHOOSING" to "Wall-Off" and PROTECT some of them! :-o

The "Trivium"-and-"Quadrivium" Folks explained that we Must SEEK:

--> The WITHOUT "Contradictions"-TRUTH !!!

(The: TRUTH, the Whole-TRUTH, and Nothing-But-the-TRUTH!)

"Eastern"-Thought: Describes this "World-of-Illusion" as a Realm of: "Duality"

-- "Darkness": Tamas-("Ignor-ance") and Rajas-("Passion"); and The LIGHT: Sattva-("Goodness").

("MIND" (Moon-"Destruction") : "Emotions"-"Feelings (Sun-"Creation"?): "Intellect" (Black-Sun "Maintenance"?)

(Childhood "TAKING" : Youth "Give-and-Taking" : Old-Age Generously-GIVING)

ONE of the "OBVIOUS" Applications of DELIBERATELY Holding-Onto "Blind-Spots" is a Man "LOVING" a Woman !!! ;-)

In Youth, Due to "Thurstiness" and somewhat-grasping-at-Straws ...

("Transvestigation is sooo "fascinating" because most REAL-Women, due to fatty-curves being so SOFT-AND-GRAVITY-PRONE! -- ARE-NOT SO "PERFECT"! ;-) )


WHILST A WOMAN, FROM VERY-YOUNG: Is Quite CERTAIN: that HER "Give-and-Taking" is to be through: "Reward-and-Punish"!
(THIS is indeed GOOD-and-NATURAL ... as Truly-LOVINGLY-Raising-UP: Her Beautiful-Children: Will-TAKE a 20-YEAR-Commitment / "Sacrifice"!)

(Of course MOST "Employees" are Very certain that Their #1-Priority is ("Obeying")-and-PLEASING-the-BOSS ...
-- In RETAIL, the Pretty-Girl Behind-the-Counter, since PRETENDING to be-"Friendly" is a LOT-of-"Effort" !!!,
is somewhat "requiring" YOU to BUY-Something!
---- In Stores, we OFTEN SEE: That the Pretty-"Friendly"-Girls are AT: the Cash-Registers "Ringing-You-Up" ...
... Whilst a LOT of the ACTUAL-WORKERS in the Store are MEN! ;-) )

Years ago, whilst still in my "Listening"-to-"Gatekeepers"-Radio stage (BEFORE Getting Home-Internet 5-Years-ago) one of the Fluff-topic "Wisdoms" was:

WHEN your Friend "ASKS" you WHAT YOU "Think" of His current: "Girl-Friend"/"Wife"? .....
--> The ONLY "SAFE" "Answer" is: --> "She is OK!" ...
("SHE'S HOT!!!" -- or "Wow, what a DOG!" or similar -- are NOT: TRUTHFUL-Thoughts, -- which are sought by HIM!)

The "Spiritual-Sky" ... "Beyond-the-Dome" (Which ENCAPSULATES this "Prison-Plane-t" of "Duality" : "Hot and Cold" : "Good and Bad")

... is an "Etheric" of-the-Ether "ETERNAL"-Un-Erasable Realm ...
(LIKE: 3-D "Ideal-Solids" in-the-INTERNET, as Contrasted to the Imperfect Temporal 3-D-Printed Objects!)
of PEOPLE and PURE-Joy ... ie Suddha-Sattva PURE-GOODNESS !!!

Albert said...

Years ago Sinead-McCarthy was Strongly-PROTESTING: That: WHITE-Women are NOT: Like jews !!!

jews are LIKE "Middlemen" (((who))) (Unequivocally-HATE us!) Variously:

"MILK": "Goyim-Cattle" by PRETENDING to BE-Their-"Friend" (Lawyers, Doctors, Financial-Advisors etc!)

or LIKE-the-Different-Species-"WOLVES" that (((they))) Truly-ARE:

"HARVEST" The "Goyim-Cattle": to FULLY "Enjoy" Devouring-Their-Anguished-and-thus-"Vitalized"-Flesh! ("Bolsheviks" "Politicians" "Waging-Wars" etc etc etc.!)

-- Women, are Of Our-OWN-Kin ... and CAN GIVE us BEAUTIFUL-WHITE-Children, but, of-course Will-NEVER HAVE the: "Y"-Chromosome-Encoding, of a "Generous"-MAN!
-- Thus, in Their-"WEAKNESS" ... Through Manipulating-EMOTIONS etc... THEY "Mould" Their-Men: Into DOING as THEY-"WANT"! ;-)

(A "Red-Pilled-Germany" "MGTOW"-YouTuber, Years-Ago: Strongly-Cautioned: AVOID the Women, Who, since Youth, TRAINED-HORSES !!!
-- As Since a FRAIL-Young-Girl They DEVELOPED Their "Feminine-Wiles": To "Wrap-a-HUGE-Powerful-Beast--Around-Their-Little-Finger!" :-o )

In "Eastern"-"Spiritual-Practices" (And Previously in the West ALSO!) -- A Man SEES that HOLDING-IN: His-LIFE-Energy: REVEALS the: "INTENTIONAL"-BLINDNESS of a MAN LOVING a Woman with-ALL-His-HEART! ;-)
-- Which TRULY FINDS its Un-Alloyed-JOY in LOVING-"G-d" !!! :-o

--> BUT, for MOST Men, AFTER Becoming-STRONG ... by Practising Sexual-RESTRAINT for a few Years in-Youth, MARRIAGE, and "Hands-ON": "Giving-and-Taking" AND: Generously-"Sacrificing"-GIVING-TO: Ones's Beautiful-Children: is HIGHLY-Recommended ... In Order to SAFELY-Pass: This Interim-BLINDING-"Passion"-Youthful-Stage ... in-order to REACH the THIRD: Wisdom-GOODNESS Stage! :-)

Sylvia-Stoltz in Her 2012 Speech in Switzerland in the Beginning and End Summary Emphasised: the DEEP-Wisdom: of the PATH of: What is: GOOD : BEAUTIFUL : TRUE!

(Childhood MIND [A "Selfish" Individuated Bodily-and-"Ego"-Self-Preservation-Calculating-MACHINE!] - What is GOOD [Conducive to LIFE!] vs Bad! : Youth "EMOTIONS" Bodily-"FEELINGS" What is BEAUTIFUL : Old-Age INTELLECT What is TRUE!)

"Information" : "Knowledge" : Understanding-WISDOM :-)

(Which the Sanskrit Terms: Tamas : Rajas : Sattva Delineate, and are "Translated"-as: "Ignorance" : "Passion" : "Goodness")

Yes! -- This "Covid-Crisis" ... and the "Demoralizing"-Proliferation of Folks "WEARING"-Masks ...
-- And US: TRYING to "Awaken" THEM ...
-- And THEM Being-(((PROGRAMMED))) To RESIST and HATE us For such! ...

Has PAINFULLY-SHOWN us the NATURE of this: "Intentionally-BLIND" "Illusory" "World-is-a-STAGE" Present-Realm ...

THIS-Present "Dual"-Life: IS indeed a "LEARNING"-Experience! ;-)

--> AND, at DEATH (Beginning even Before!): We SELF-"SORT"-Our-SELVES! (Birds-of-a-Feather...)

Those WHO will-NOT USE: The Wonderful True FREEDOMS and POWER of the Un-Erasable-"Eternal"-Realm to HARM-Others !!!

-- CAN indeed: PASS Through: the "Pearly-Gates": INTO such a: "WHAT you WANT ... is REAL!" Wonderful Joyful Building-Each-Other-UP, JOY-to-BE-Around Realm!


Those (((WHO))) have (via: Give (((them))) ENOUGH-Rope, to 'Hang-THEMSELVES'!) SHOWN-(((themselves))) to be "Actors":
(((who))) (Like the "Wolves" which (((they))) TRULY-ARE!): "Delight" in "Drawing-STRENGTH": From Others' Anguish-TERROR-DEATH!
--> (((who))) "Simply" CANNOT be "Allowed" to ENTER: Such a Wonderful-Realm! ...
As IF such were to Occur ... it would NO-LONGER BE Such! :-o

Albert said...

--> These Temporal / TEMPORARY "Meat-Bodies" are Illusory-"VEHICLES" ... PART of Which: is EXPERIENCING-PAIN / "Consequences"!
-- There is: PAIN, and CRUELTY: In THIS Present-Realm:

Because the "Possessed-By-EVIL"-Creatures: ARE TRAPPED HERE, and "FEED"-OFF of us to "Live"!

-- But Also:
Because the MOST IMPORTANT Aspect of this PRESENT-Simulation:

Is to (SELF-Exposing/SORTING!) PREVENT: ANYONE From "Cleverly"-PRETENDING-to-Be-"GOOD" ...
--> And "cleverly"-SLIPPING-INTO: The TRULY-GOOD and POWERFUL "Etherial"-Realm ... Which will DESTROY-EVERYTHING !!! :-o

(Yes! -- Like M.A.S.H."Triage": The Angels CAN indeed: Like Rescuing SOME Defective-Manufacturing-Products or Picking-Up SOME items Dropped-in-the-DIRT!,
-- RESCUE SOME of us HERE !!! -- But, it would SEEM: That in-ORDER to PREVENT 100% of the (((irredeemable-scum))) from EVER Entering Heaven ... Some-Not-thoroughly-Irredeemable sad-sacks "Rubbing-Off-'Sticking'/Sullying"-wise / "Tarred-with-the-Same-Brush" -- NEED to REMAIN HERE as-well! -- At-LEAST: For some-MORE: BIRTHS !!! ;-)

๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒš ๐ŸŒž

Albert said...


To: "State the OBVIOUS" ...

Brizer's Show is "Anchored"-at-the-Mami-Site-Top for some-days, each Week ...

AND, as Some even SPEND-TIME: Typing-Laboriously-With-their-THUMBS, REPEATEDLY! Say:

"I HATE Albert's POSTS, because I FIND-it-DIFFICULT-Scrolling-PAST-Them ... Because HE USES Lots of two-"carriage-return"-keys!"

(In the SAME Comments section THAT POSTER: ALSO Complained of "inthemix16" NOT: Using "Enough" of Such! -- "Go Figure!" ;-)
-- Some POSTERS (ALL of us? ;-) ) -- "just": "NEED" to "Complain"!)

I HAVEN'T HAD: ANY Phone for 30+ Years Now ... :-)

I would STRONGLY "Suggest": That Folks:

"KILL" Their (((TV))) ...

AND NOT: "USE" a Tiny "WI-FI"-Irradiating: STUPID-SMALL-"Screen"-Device ...

(And, THEN "Complain" about the FRUSTRATING-becoming-MIND-"NUMBING" Aspects of-SUCH!)

PSS. Ref: "Projecting" ... (And Also "Blind-Spots"! ;-) )

Brizer, IF YOU READ: a LOT of: YOUR-"Comments" .........

YOU, are ACTUALLY: "Criticizing", and "Complaining" About US, and OUR POSTS !!! ;-)

--> I STILL NEVER GOT: A "Reply":

To MY: Sincere, and "REVEALING": Straightforward and VERY-ON-TOPIC QUESTION to YOU:

------> "HOW, is a cute-puppy, in a Chinese-"Wet-Market" "Con-Senting" ... in ANY WAY!?" :-o

--> OBVIOUSLY: Most-ALL: "Communitarian-'CONSENT'" ...

IS (((FRAUDULENT))) ... and Certainly NOT: Truthfully-INFORMED !!!

-- Hence: "Windows-on-the-World"'s ADVISING US: To "Hands-ON":

--> FORM Our OWN:

TRUE: LOCAL Communities, and ADVOCATE for, and IMPLEMENT:

OUR OWN: TRUE-Consensus, and GREATER-GOOD of OUR OWN: REAL-Communities! ;-)

Yes! -- ALL of this "On-Line" "Communities" Stuff ...


;-) -- There! SEE, I Circled-BACK to the: Isolation, Depression, and Increased-"Suicide" TOPIC ! ;-)

๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒš ๐ŸŒž

GRATITUDE !!!!!!!!!!

GRATITUDE !!!!!!!!!!

GRATITUDE !!!!!!!!!!

Brizer, YOU Should Be: THANKING us !!! ;-)

There! -- You're WELCOME! ;-)

Cleanliness, and GRATITUDE ... is Next-to "GOODNESS" / "Godliness" !!! :-)

Albert said...

Incase I wasn't very CLEAR:

Posters' "Convention" is to USE: the TOP Talk's COMMENTS-Section to:


WATCH, Listen-to THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Scrolling is a LOT of "WORK" ... Especially for Folks "USING":

LAME "Irradiating" "Hand-Held"-Devices !!!

-- And, of Course .... Shows from WEEKS Ago ... Have VERY LITTLE Viewership, and Hence "ACTIVITY" !!! ;-)

-- Dhuh! ;-)


"I 'LIKE' / 'WANT' MY-Show to BE: Anchored-at-the-TOP of Mami's-SHIT Blogspot for-DAYS!

and WHY, is EVERYONE POSTING HERE: With "Un-Related" Topics!?"

.... and WHY do SOME Posters SAY-"Mean-Things" !!!

HELLO !!! -- In ALL "COMMENTS"-Sections ...

LOTS of Folks SAY: "Mean"-Things !!! ;-)

Dhuh !!! ;-)

IF: We were ALL Outside: In the Sunshine, Getting Fresh-Air and Exercise with In-REAL-LIFE: Friends, and Family ... (And NOT Being GENOCIDED by Vicious-jews-from-EVERY-"ANGLE"!)

Maybe, just MAYBE: WE WOULD HAVE: "Happier" Things to SAY!

--> But, of Course, .... IF YOU LISTEN-To Paul-English ...

HE Explains: That THAT is ESPECIALLY HOW: English-Folks:

FORM-STRONG and Enduring, and THERE-for-YOU, when You NEED us ... TRUE-STRONG-FRIENDSHIPS !!!

Be GRATEFUL, and of course ALWAYS:

Be CAREFUL ... WHAT, You 'Wish-For'! -- You MIGHT: GET it !!!!!!!! :-o

Albert said...

WHAT is indeed "WRONG" with US:

Talking, and "Expressing" ... in a / OUR Comments Sections !!!


NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

IF, .... You: "Can't Stand the Heat ... (As they say!) ... WHY are you IN-the-KITCHEN ... WARMING-YourSelf Beside the STOVE !!!

The (((woody-allen))) "Humour":

Two Women Complaining:


2: Yes! ... And the Portion-Sizes are sooo-SMALL!


"The Folks Who LISTEN to MY Show ... are STUPID!"

LOL! ;-)

๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒš ๐ŸŒž

Mike Smith said...

Hey @'Albert'

my neighbor says: "Albert is a loner, he must have been sexually molested as a child..."

What you say, Albert?

Mike Smith said...

You mentioned "the alleged proud National Socialist goose stepping..."

Can you see in your "wild crazy imagination" John F. Kennedy goose stepping around a

supermarket in a SS uniform with a mask on while hearing voices in his head telling him to

sanitize his hands before he does a Heil Hitler salute??

US President John f. Kennedy about Adolf Hitler :

"He had boundless ambitions for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world. He had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him.
He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.
You can easily understand that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived."

President Kennedy was assassinated.

Heil Kennedy

Albert said...

I WROTE This For the "Fetch" Show ... But it Turned-Out to BEST-FIT: Your Show Brizer! ;-)

The Mystery of LIFE:

WHAT is "LIFE" ...

"Living"-Creatures are Characterised by 4-"Activities / NEEDS ...

Eating, Sleeping, Mating, and Defending-FEARING ...

Eating and Mating are described as: Rajas-"Passion" ...

Sleeping and Defending-FEARING as: Tamas-"Ignorance ...

(Tamas is Characterised as: Miserable in the Beginning, and Resulting in DEATH! - DESTRUCTION! -- Indolence, Hatred, Anti-Life! -- Bitter-POISON!

Rajas is Characterised by: UN-Limited: Yearnings/Longings/Desires, which "BURN" like FIRE! -- Creating, "Controlling", "Caring", Up-and-Down-Emotions like a Tempest! ...
It Seems IMMEDIATELY-"Attractive" to the Senses, -- But soon Turns to Distress!

Sattva-"Goodness" is Characterised as: Its OWN Reward!
-- Seemingly-"Troublesome" in the Beginning, But Soon Turning to "Nectar"!

[Rajas is VERY Energetic, ... Whereas the Other-Two: Are NOT So much, and, hence, in This-Regard, though actually Complete-Opposites, seem Similar: ie: "Mind" and "Intellect" versus: "FEELINGS"!)

Eating, and Sleeping, are UN-AVOIDABLE ...

Spiritual-Practices Not-Only: "Regulate": Eating, and Sleeping, ...
-- But essentially aim at: MINIMISING: Mating, and Defending-FEARING entirely! ...
(Jesus in the Bible frequently implores: "Do-NOT be AFRAID!")

Eating is Regulated: By PURELY-Preparing: Milk-Butter-Yoghurt-Cheese-Cream with From-WHOLE: Fruits and Vegetables, and Grains, ...
... and FIRST: Offering Such to "G-d" with-LOVE, ... and THEN Relishing such Blessed-Food!
--> NO "Meat"-(Pieces-of-Rotting-Corpses!) etc!

"Sleep" is, at its simplest: "Regulated": By NOT: "Taking"-Drugs ...

"Mating" is "Regulated": In Marrying, and Lovingly-"Sacrificingly": RAISING-UP: Your Beautiful-Children ...

"Defending-FEARING": At its simplest is "Regulated": By NOT: "Gambling", or "Pinning" ALL of ones "Hopes" on a Bodily-Existence (Teetering like a Water-Drop on a Lotus-Leaf!) ... Where, Once we DIE (Our Physical-Body irreparably-Broken) ... Everything: Pertaining to THIS-Flesh-Body ... is LEFT Behind!

Albert said...


Of HOW what we EAT is Assembled into Healthy-Flesh-Bodies ...

Of WHAT is "Sleep" ... where we LEAVE Our Physical-Bodies for 8+ Hours and Experience a plethora of DIFFERENT Realms ... where WHAT we "Accept" as basic-"rules" can be VERY DIFFERENT to "Waking"-LIFE! (Flying without FEAR etc!)

Of How LIFE GROWS: Within the Womb ... to Emerge a Smaller-"Replica" of Its-Parents!?

How we ONLY "Custodially"-"OWN": that-Which-Pertains-to-the-Physical-Body ...
-- And WHAT we actually FEAR / WHAT is FEAR Itself!? ...

Though "Obviously": AIR "cut-off" for 3+ minutes, Water for some Days, FOOD for some Days, and ABSENCE of Other Human-Company for some Time ... is indeed something to be: FEARED!

IF we Derived-ENERGY sort-of "Electrically" From the Atmosphere, ...
AND Our Bodies Were-NOT FRAIL: Water-Balloon-Like: Bags ...
and "Extremes" of Heat or Cold etc... Caused even NO Discomfort! ...

There would BE: Practically NO: "Desperate"-"NEEDS", or thus: FEARS!

--> And THUS: Even THIS "Life" would "Take-On" a Far-MORE: "Video-Game" / "Virtual-Reality" / "Play" like SIMULATION !!!

Just LIKE: "Higher-Being"-LIKE humans:
"PLAY"-Chess (Strategising, and "Sacrificing"-Pawns etc.)...
or the Board-Game "Monopoly" (Where the "Goal" is to Literally "Monopolise" the "properties across-the-BOARD, and ENTANGLE the Other Players into UN-REPAYABLE-"Rent"-Based-DEBT) ...

And, just like: WE Experience DIFFERENT-Realms WITHOUT-the-Substantial-FEAR-of-DEATH: In "Dreams" ...

So Too .. it SEEMS that Earth-Bound "Demons" "Vicariously"-ENJOY: Entering INTO and MANIPULATING: Our World: By "Possessing": "POWERFUL"-"Authorities"/"Elites"!

The DIFFERENCE Between: "Demons" ........ and "Angels" ...

Is that: Angels are LIKE: KIND-GENEROUS-Grand-Parents Who ENJOY: Step-by-Step UPLIFTING: Their Wonderful Grandchildren ...

Whereas "Demons" seem VERY "Alien" to the "Carbon-Based"-"LIFE"-Forms almost-ENTIRELY!
-- Especially: STRANGE-to-THEM: "Mammal-Based"-Kind-HUMANS !!!
-- Silicone, Computer-"Artificial-Intelligence", INVADING, Subverting, Terra/Terror-Forming ... To "CREATE": A "World"-of-(((their)))-OWN !!! :-o

"There is NO 'Substitute' for STRENGTH!"

-- The "MIND" Sees: TAKE to HAVE: "Zero Sum" 'Gains' ... Though, IN-TRUTH, we are ALL: "OBVIOUSLY" GREATLY-Inter-Dependant upon one-another!

-- Whereas the "Intellect" "DESPERATELY" "Wishes to SHARE!"

--> The "Mystery" of THIS: "PAINFUL" and too-Short LIFE ... is To ACTUALLY: Long-Term CARE about Others! ...

----> NOT, indeed, to be "Chucklingly"-"DETACHED"! :-o

BECAUSE Our Present-Bodies are sooo WEAK: We NOW have the GREAT-"Opportunity":

To FEEL "Empathy" for Others ... because Such-FEARS are also VERY-"Familiar"-to-OurSelves!

-- To Simultaneously KNOW: BOTH Our-OWN: Needs and FEARS (Due to OUR Own WEAKNESS!) ...

AND, the JOY of: "A 'Trouble' 'SHARED' is-Halved ... and a JOY SHARED is Tripled! ;-)

๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒš ๐ŸŒž