February 22, 2021


I've never read so many lamentations from the peanut gallery. Just saying.


Panzerfaust said...

What is best in life? To troll your enemies, see them butthurt before you, and to hear the lamentations from the peanut gallery.

I made Alex Jones 2 angry on-air the other day. Mur heard. LOL

Panzerfaust said...
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Scorpio said...

Panzer - Make an MP3 of the call - I'll post it
good work!


Panzerfaust said...

In hr 1 38:40 Robert Revolting tortures the listener with Alex Jones Chyna deflection retardation

At 21:40 I call in. Robert spergs afterwards, later a RBN host Keith Rodgers calls to back up my point.

Does this pertain to critics herein? IDK, when bullshit is being shoveled people should call it out.

Panzerfaust said...

Furthermore, if you believe the narrative that China hacked the election then why would they need to nuke the US and stir up that hornet's nest? An Israeli/US false flag is the real danger just as it was on 9/11.