March 05, 2021

The Perfect Triangle with Giuseppe Episode #34 2021.03.05

Giuseppe, Scorpio and Chris Weinert welcome Dr. Lorraine Day to the show and discuss multiple topics.

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Albert said...

84 year old Doctor Lorraine Day is a wonderful TREASURE !!! :-) :-) :-)

(((chris-motor-mouth-whiner))) is a piece-of-(((shit))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHAME on YOU: "scorpio" for allowing that (((shit))) anywhere NEAR Her !!! :-(

Albert said...

We have seen this (((shit))) repeated sooo many (((times))) !!!

Charles jew-LIAR-ani:

"The Inquisition murdered: 150,000,000..."

(((whiner))): "Religion"/"Christianity": MURDERED MORE than: jews and ? combined ..."

WE KNOW that jews Murdered: HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Innocent Christians !!!

-----> WE KNOW it !!!

The "mere"-THOUGHT of being: At the "mercy" of vicious-murderous-jews is TERRIFYING !!! :-o

--> WHO of US is in ANY WAY Fearful: Of Growing-Up ... and LIVING for Our ENTIRE-LIVES in:

(Wonderful!) WHITE-Christian-Nations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

A: NONE of US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--> INDEED it is ALL of OUR: "Fantasies" .......... NOW! ;-(

(((chris))) is an OBVIOUS (((shit))) !!!

(((he))) TRIES to: "Slip in": (((his))) POISONOUS-(((shit))):

"Hitler was an "Agent" / "Rothschild"!" etc etc etc ad-(((nauseum))) !!!

(LISTEN to ALL of Dr Peter Hammond's GREAT ACH Talks about "WWII" to get a sample of How OBVIOUSLY the (((shit))) LIES!*)

(((his))) "wife" is a jew ... ergo (((his))) child is a jew ...

We should NOT somehow "Expect" to EVER Get: the TRUTH from (((chris's)))-(((serpent)))-lips !!! ;-)

Albert said...

HERE is the EASY access to ALL of Dr Peter Hammond's GREAT Talks about: "WWII" and (((their))) BIG-Filthy-(((LIES))):

Albert said...

Latest Vernon Coleman:

Archie Titus said...

Watched a YT video today. The guy who runs the channel looks like he only leaves posts up that he likes. Mine appears to have not made it.

He thinks the Little Horn is the Papacy. I'm not so sure, more inclined to believe it's Jews and Israel.

Anyway someone here might produce a show on it one day?
Someone like Giuseppe?

In my one and only search the site listed above came up first.
It actually looks like copied information that was in the video I watched.

Kossoff said...

84 year old Doctor Lorraine Day should learn to speak into her phone if shes so smart!

zapoper said...

She was using a Mac. The setup is to blame. She was hearing herself echoing and still did the whole show.

I expect many sound issues on the Scorpio show this afternoon because he will have many guests. We'll see.

Albert said...

MOST of the "Sound-Issues" ... are (((chris))) !!!

-- Go Figure !!! ;-)

Erik Paul said...

I wondered about the name 'Weinert.' Is that his real name and is it true that his wife is Jewish?

Btw, you must be quite important to have had a Hall named after you! Do you by chance reside in Angel-land?

Erik Paul said...

Sounds like a set-up to me!

I'll save you the trouble...Duh!

Scorpio said...

Luckily, today's show went off without a hitch. Last night, the echo
was so bad, it was a real effort to hear Dr. Day. I think the issue was
that she wasn't wearing headphones and didn't want to. Any kind of
sound feedback really screws up Streamyard, especially since we
are going through Skype to use the station - bad combo.

inthemix16 said...

Wow. Been off the grid here 2 days and i saw the guest and i couldnt believe my eyes. What a score guys! What a legend. Im only starting here and wont listen till later but out of respect for Dr. Day and you all i had to chime a bit in. First. Scorp , Zepp. Do this honorable woman a favor. If you have her email address tell her to loose Chrome. You might as well just have a megaphone to your life. Point her to Rob Braxman. But then again, knowing what i know about her i doubt she gives a rats ass. That is one powerful woman IMHO . I think ive mentioned this in the past so bear with me if i may.... When i first became aware of the true problem many years . I do remember very vividly seeing her out on YT and thinking. Wow. This person has some guts. Yea. Thats how far back that was. Was a bit dated so my attention span there was minimal. If you were to ask people that have known me for years, they will tell you i spoke of if you want to understand where we are heading at least 6 years ago and said if you want to know, just start in Russia 1917 and move up the ladder. Or better yet, The goal has always been Gaza 2.0 . When the CONvid came out about this time last year , and all of us were trying to assess. We had an idea, but it was hard to confirm Go back to a Friday in April when Hitchcock had her on. It was that moment, when i saw Dr. Day as his guest, the terror just shook right thru my spine. I was very well aware of her msg but she had been kinda in the background and for her to come out, the shit was serious. ! For the rest of the day ill never forget walking around in a daze, knowing , its here. The time we thought was only of most crazy conspiracy. if you find that interview, there is nothing she said there that hasnt happened. And the number one thing everyone needs to understand if you grasp Dr. Day's msg is these, reptiles arent just happy to see you go. Its not hard to find on the internet visually, they will torture you on the way out. There will be no sleepy sleepy nighty night, mommy reads you bed time story with Niquil and Cyclon B shit Im sure Scorp,Zepp, Chris all know im not makin this shit up. And if that isnt enough motivation to get the normy off their ass and motivated i dont know what will . Really lookin forward to hearing the rest . Damn Albert. You have to pick your game up . Less than 200 words? You ok ? Well you guys know your right over the target getting the most flack from the .88s when the "Kossofs" and "Erik Pauls" of the world mysteriously show up cause its Time and a half shekel sat. Is that the best you can do on Chris ? Like, The world is so dumb and cant figure out which group is so low they would go after a good , intelligent man's wife ? Do me a flavor hymies. Get these guys a donation by at least going to the Zazzle store and print me out some "110 and Never Again " Tshirts. And get your shine box to while your at it

Albert said...

Hillary* is Bill-Clinton's "HANDLER" ...

We ALL KNOW: Even from "Fairytales" how a wife can: "get her way!" (Hansel and Gretel etc)

--> WHEN a MAN has a jewess-"wife" for a "Handler" ...

"Israel" ... inevitably: "Gets the Job DONE" !!! (Alex-Jones etc.)

--> There are indeed COUNTLESS Men in-"History" who have been "Compromised" by Women !!!

Yes! -- Though it is CLAIMED: that Stalin himself was "NOT" a jew ...

ALL THREE of his "wives" WERE jewesses ... and the LAST, at (((their)))-bidding: POISONED him to DEATH! :-o

--> Pointing-OUT: That Someone (((who))) Attacks Christianity, and Adolf-Hitler ...

With OUTRAGEOUS CLAIMS of: "MORE" Killed by: "Religion"/"Christianity", ... than by jews and ? combined ...

Is "Married" to a jewess ......... is NOT: "A LOW blow" ... or indeed:

"Bringing-Up something which is Petty, Low, or Inconsequential" !!! :-o

--> Bottom-Line: Someone (((who))) starts flagrantly slinging around Slander about Hitler and the Wonderful German People ...

and ALL of OUR "Responses" SHOULD now BE: "The 'Gloves' are OFF!"

(Dr Peter Hammond's Talks, and MANY Others are Now all out there ... and NO-ONE:
Especially a "TRUTH"-Talker ... can NOW "CLAIM": to "KNOW" Otherwise!)

-- As THIS "Big-Lying" is AIMED-DIRECTLY at: "Demoralising" us at the ROOT ...

And BLINDING all Whites to the ONLY Defence that ANYONE has Successfully Rallied:

To KICK-OUT: the (((bankers))) !!!

* And NO-ONE can Say: that Calling Hillary an EVIL (((witch))) ... is a "LOW" blow !!! :-o

inthemix16 said...

thats more like it @Albert!

Maasanova said...

Anyone remember what Lindsey was saying in the beginning about BS-19?

inthemix16 said...

sucks. Those technical difficulties made that unbearable and impossible to listen to. What a shame . Was one of the best guest you guys ever had. Dr Day is a true Hero ! Its frustrating i that these tech difficulties happen over and over. I know. Im not in your shoes. You need MS certified tech that may be able to help , its possible on my end , just yell

Giuseppe from the District of Criminals said...

FYI @inthemix16 & interested parties. I edited out the echoing audio from the Streamyard video and inserted the echo-free Rev Radio audio mp3. It took a bit to get the audio/video to sync, but it finally worked. I put the echo free video at the popular Jim Fetzer Bitchute:

Giuseppe from the District of Criminals said...

@inthemix16 The problem appears to crop up now and then from the dual shared screens of Streamyard and Skype. If you have any knowledge of how to solve that, I am all ears.

zapoper said...

I have a solution. Only choose ONE of the platforms to stream live and then upload the recording to all the other ones.

zapoper said...

Streaming live to five (is it?) platforms is nuts man.

zapoper said...

StreamYard is to blame. Plain and simple.