April 29, 2021

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2021.04.28

Jeff Rense is an American anti-New World Order activist. He hosts a website at Rense.com and is the radio talk-show host of the Jeff Rense Program. His show broadcasts on internet radio. The website and show often discuss topics such as 9/11, World War II revisionism, Zionism, contemporary geopolitical developments, alternative medicines and some more eccentric aspects such as Ufology.

Download Hour 1 - William Gheen  - Ask GA Gov To Veto Illegal Alien Licensure & Jobs Bills

Download Hour 2 - Joel Skousen  - Getting Worse By The Day Out There...

Download Hour 3 - Erica Khan, NanoScientist  - Microbiologist Update On The Spike Protein (OR?) Transmission From The Vaxed To The UnVaxed

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KnownUnknown said...

Just how dumb are you people?

Try X22 lol

KnownUnknown said...

Is zap an actual piece of shit or just pretending?

KnownUnknown said...

"oh yeah Jeff it's great feed more money my way"

KnownUnknown said...

"what's going on I don't know"

No shit Jeff you worthies lying cunt

KnownUnknown said...


Fuck off loser you failed

zapoper said...

WOW! It's like Scorpio wrote: " ^^ gay rage" ROFL!

Kossoff said...

Please send money

Chains said...

KU are you coming unglued? Why do you care? JR wants the largest possible audience. Kinda like "Coast to Coast". Why keep flogging this dead horse? Jeffrey has been around for a long time.If you don't like the information presented go start doing your own research. Are you trying to tell us you are smart or something? :)

inthemix16 said...

Chain.Like i said. My guess is its just another night striking out at the strip club in TelAviv. BUT.. i do kinda think hes right on some things. If you listened to Skousen, you got to listen to how the American people have to worry about "Living under a Chinese occupation" . Now if i were Unknown, i might loose my cookies when i have to constantly hear that bullshit. And Rense knows its bullshit.... Scorpio if you see this. Some insight to your Lebrana question. I think might be a reason why i believe here i questioned the rather odd , out of character ,behavior of one Artemi Panarin , who turned against his country on a dime. You get the big bucks, now they own you. They made Labrana and like Mr Robert Zimmerman , paying his dues. Labrana could have just tweeted an apology and given a nice donation to the police dept.No. Cause his owners , own him . Notice overwhelming % involved with NBA NFL.vs Hockey.of which where do all the players come from ? White Christian countries ? Just sayin..

inthemix16 said...

Lets not leave out commish of NBA Adam Silverman

Roman Abramovich, Russia, owner of Chelsea Football Club[64]
Leslie Alexander, US, owner of Houston Rockets; former owner of Houston Comets[2][16]
Micky Arison, Israel/US, owner of Miami Heat[2][16]
Larry Baer, US, CEO of the San Francisco Giants
Steve Ballmer, US, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers
Arthur Blank, US, owner of Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Force[2]
Francis Borelli, France, former President of Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, AS Cannes
Norman Braman, US, former owner of Philadelphia Eagles[65]
Alfréd Brüll, Hungary, chairman of sports club MTK[66]
Alan Cohen, US, owner of Florida Panthers hockey team[67]
Alan N. Cohen, US, former owner of New York Knicks and New York Rangers, co-owner of Boston Celtics and New Jersey Nets, and Chairman & CEO of Madison Square Garden Corporation[68]
Steve Cohen, US, Owner of the New York Mets[69]
Uri Coronel, Dutch, former Chairman of Ajax Amsterdam[70]
Mark Cuban, US, owner of Dallas Mavericks[2]
William Davidson, US, Chairman of Palace Sports and Entertainment, principal owner of Detroit Pistons, Detroit Shock of the WNBA, and Tampa Bay Lightning of the NHL[71]
Al Davis, US, owner/coach of Oakland Raiders[2]
Barney Dreyfuss, US, owner of Pittsburgh Pirates, Baseball Hall of Fame[72]
Steve Ellman, US, owner of Phoenix Coyotes[2]
John J. Fisher, US, owner of the Oakland Athletics baseball team[73]
Andrew Freedman, US, owner of New York Giants baseball team[74]
Emil Fuchs, German-born US, owner of Boston Braves baseball team[75]
Arcadi Gaydamak, Russia, owner of Beitar Jerusalem F.C.[76]
Alexandre Gaydamak, France & Russia, co-owner & Chairman of Portsmouth F.C.[77]
Dan Gilbert, US, owner of Cleveland Cavaliers[2]
Gary Gilbert, US, part owner of Cleveland Cavaliers, brother of Dan Gilbert
Avram Glazer, US, joint chairman of Manchester United board[78]
Joel Glazer, US, joint chairman of Manchester United[78]
Malcolm Glazer, US, owner of Tampa Bay Buccaneers, majority owner of Manchester United[2]
Paul Godfrey, Canada, owner of the Toronto Blue Jays[79]
Chuck Greenberg, US, co-owner of Texas Rangers
Ernie Grunfeld, US, basketball player & GM of Washington Wizards[80]
Peter Guber, US, co-owner of Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball, and Los Angeles FC of Major League Soccer[81]
Walter A. Haas Jr., US, owner of Oakland Athletics[82]
Joshua Harris, US, owner of New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia 76ers[83]
Ben Hatskin, Canada, founder and owner of the Winnipeg Jets[citation needed]
Leon Hess, US, owner of New York Jets[84]
Jerold Hoffberger, US, owner of Baltimore Orioles baseball team[85]
Stan Kasten, US, former President of the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals and current president, and part-owner, of the Los Angeles Dodgers in baseball.[86]
Daryl Katz, Canada, owner of Edmonton Oilers[87]
Raanan Katz, Israel, part owner of Miami Heat & owner of Maccabi Tel Aviv[88]
Eugene Klein, US, owner of San Diego Chargers and part owner of Seattle SuperSonics [18]
Louis "Red" Klotz, US, NBA 5' 7" point guard, formed teams that play against and tour with the Harlem Globetrotters[18]

inthemix16 said...

Herb Kohl, US, owner of Milwaukee Bucks (1985–2014)[2]
Bob Kraft, US, owner of New England Patriots & New England Revolution[2]
Joe Lacob, US, owner of Golden State Warriors
Kurt Landauer, Germany, President of Bayern Munich[89]
Marc Lasry, Morocco, co-owner of the basketball's Milwaukee Bucks[90]
Al Lerner, US, owner of Cleveland Browns[2]
Randy Lerner, US, owner of Cleveland Browns & Aston Villa[91]
Ted Lerner and family, US, owners of Washington Nationals[38]
Daniel Levy, England, Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur[92]
Joe Lewis, England, owner Tottenham Hotspur F.C.
Jeffrey Loria, US, former owner of Miami Marlins[67]
Bob Lurie, US, owner of San Francisco Giants[82]
Jeffrey Lurie, US, owner of Philadelphia Eagles[2]
Scott D. Malkin, US, co-owner of NY Islanders hockey team[93]
Jamie McCourt, US, President of Los Angeles Dodgers[94]
Art Modell, US, former owner of Baltimore Ravens[2]
Abe Pollin, US, owner of Washington Wizards, former owner of NHL's Washington Capitals & WNBA's Washington Mystics[2]
Jaap van Praag, Dutch, President of Ajax Amsterdam 1964–78, President of Royal Dutch Football Association[9]
Michael van Praag, Dutch, President of Ajax Amsterdam, 1989–2002[95]
Bruce Ratner, US, minority owner of Brooklyn Nets[2]
Jerry Reinsdorf, US, owner of Chicago Bulls & Chicago White Sox[2]
Carroll Rosenbloom, US, owner of Baltimore Colts & Los Angeles Rams
Chip Rosenbloom, US, owner of Los Angeles Rams[96]
Stephen M. Ross, US, owner of Miami Dolphins[38]
Henry Samueli, US, owner of Anaheim Ducks, founder of Broadcom Corporation[2]
Abe Saperstein, UK-born US, founder & owner of Harlem Globetrotters[97]
Irving Scholar, England, chairman Tottenham Hotspur F. C.
Howard Schultz, US, owner of Seattle SuperSonics; founder of Starbucks[2]
Bud Selig, US, former Major League Baseball Commissioner, owner of Milwaukee Brewers[2]
Herbert Simon, US, owner of the Indiana Pacers basketball team[98]
Ed Snider, US, owner of Philadelphia Flyers and part-owner of Philadelphia Eagles[2]
Daniel Snyder, US, owner of Washington Redskins[2]
Donald Sterling, US, former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers[99]
Stuart Sternberg, US, owner of Tampa Bay Rays[2]
Alan Sugar, England, Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur[100]
Larry Tanenbaum, Canada, owner of Toronto Maple Leafs & Toronto Raptors[2]
Preston Robert Tisch, US, from 1991 until his death in 2005 Tisch owned 50% of New York Giants American football team[38]
Steve Tisch, US, part-owner of the New York Giants, son of Preston Tisch
Leonard Tose, US, owner of Philadelphia Eagles[101]
Cliff Viner, US, co-owner of Florida Panthers[102]
Jeffrey Vinik, US, owner of Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) and minority owner of Boston Red Sox (MLB)[103]
Zygi Wilf, German-born US, principal owner of Minnesota Vikings[104]
Fred Wilpon, US, owner of New York Mets[2]
Jeff Wilpon, US, owner and COO of New York Mets[105]
Max Winter, US, owner of Minneapolis Lakers and former owner of Minnesota Vikings
Lewis Wolff, US, owner of Oakland Athletics[2]
Brett Yormark, US, President & CEO of Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center[106]
Steve Belkin, US, former co-owner of the Atlanta Thrashers and Atlanta

zapoper said...

I received a nasty email from KU @ 7:46 am

The guy is good at multitasking. LOL

Chains said...

@Mix, I have not listened to Jeff Rense for a long time.I don't care for his show, but there are lots of people who like him judging by his popularity at MS. Kinda like Alex Jones you kinda just grow up and start being able to think for yourself a bit better as time goes by.:)

Scorpio said...

^^ Big chimpin' - It never stops
Something is seriously wrong with that boy.

Chains said...

Honestly calling out the jew constantly in our current climate does nothing.It can even be counter productive and be turning people away from this kind of information. It's better IMHO to keep exposing the banking/corprate/NGO/social change agents and their scams etc and then also exposing the jew if he is connected.As we all know there are a ton of bag men and numbered companies and owned men of many colors that deflect away from the Talmudists. Jeff Rense In my opinion can play along in this area talking the talk but he is IMHO full of shit. :) As we all know this journey of truth seeking is a long and in most cases lonely road. So KU either start being nice or zap is going to have to spank you. To which I'm pretty sure you would say "I'll give him 29 minutes to stop it" LOL

Chains said...

It is way more important that we get out from under our own personal  servitude  to our so-called homeland. We bitch and moan about jews but ignore our own personal responsibility. You want to see change start trying to emulate guys that are standing up like men. I posted some shows that might get your mind aligning with the fact that you can sit on your couch and whine Jews. Or you can start becoming hip to ideas around the occult legal and banking fraud and what you can do and need to do to start finding your way out.












Scorpio said...

CSM - I see your point but I must respectfully disagree. What you are describing is the Alex Jones strategy and I agree it reaches more people. We all know AJ never would have become a millionaire by naming the Jew. You must ask yourself why is that? The ownership of the media and (almost) all of the professional sports teams is just the tip of the iceberg.

Look at Blackrock - that Kosher octopus has its tentacles attached to all areas of industry, medicine and even the Federal Reserve. Naming the Jew is part of the very DNA of Mami's, the descendant of a long line of similar sites: Con-Cen, Cybersage and InfoUnderground just to name a few. When do we begin naming the enemy? How much longer do we wait? Time is running out.....

ITM16 - The lists you posted are hard to repute. As far as KU goes, I have had the unpleasant experience of reading his posts for the last 2 or 3 years and it is always the same shit -I hate Rense.....hate everything on this site!!....fuh fuh fuh muh dik!.

I don't think there is anyone who takes Rense too seriously, other than the occasional guest who is worth hearing. But ask yourself, at what point does the endless repetition become nothing more than a drain on this site? Never once has he given an example of what he thinks is true - not once in three fucking years.

KU is Mami's turd in the punchbowl, floating around for years, adding nothing but fecal matter, vitriolic hatred towards everything and muddying the waters. The screed he left above is but one example of the turds he leaves here, flinging them around like an angry monkey. He seems to be under the mistaken impression that taking a hot steaming dump in someone's living room equates to free speech - It doesn't. Never once has he said anything insightful or added something of value to the conversation.

Frankly, the comment section here is better than it has been in years. This chimp can't even cobble together a coherent or grammatically correct sentence, much less add any insight....and yes - communicating in proper English is important.

I have asked him repeatedly to up his game or GTFO. Three years of I hate Rense is enough, FFS. The whole world is being deliberately steered into a Kosher iceberg and he seems to be fine with it. Either he agrees with the MSM narrative of reality or he actually supports it. You have to ask yourself why and question his motives. Why does this weirdo spend so much time at a site he reviles?

Zeebra said...

Behind the Green Mask
Posted on April 26th, 2021

Guest: Rosa Koire

zapoper said...

A jewess with a wife being pushed by google and amazon.

Chains said...

" CSM - I see your point but I must respectfully disagree. What you are describing is the Alex Jones strategy and I agree it reaches more people. We all know AJ never would have become a millionaire by naming the Jew. You must ask yourself why is that? "

No what I'm describing is taking personal responsibility and do what you can to change your own status from a slave to man.It's a difficult situation. What i know for sure is you are never going to turn public opinion against Jews. There are plenty of jews who are poor too.I understand intimately the idea of naming the jew and I agree it should be done to an extent. However when you use the caricature of the hook nosed grabbler In these times (Created in large part by the enemy) You lose the argument in the public opinion arena . The Talmud is full of hate yet do you ever see it criticized? Maybe now and again here and a few other places.

My big point is the Kosher octopus is going to be better slayed by dismantling the occult law and banking aspect by the people who can unravel that and free themselves from it on a case by case basis. Then teaching their children. The octopus has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Even on this site the godless atheists that pride themselves on reason and science are full shit. Most of their science comes from Kabalistic teachings.

For sure we should be aware and speaking out but we should do it wisely and we might get more of a following instead of looking like a pile of geriatric red necks. LOL

I know the education it takes to free yourself from this system and being a man is difficult but it's even more laughable when we participate in a talmudic system based in roman law and then turn around and find fault! We have no standing bro! LOL oh well ....

April 29, 2021 at 5:12 PM

zapoper said...

BTW. I recorded that show live more than a month ago and Bonnie only posted it three days ago WTF?

Zeebra said...

"BTW. I recorded that show live more than a month ago and Bonnie only posted it three days ago WTF?"

did u post here? I don't remember it here?

Rosa twatted it out Tues

Chains said...

"The whole world is being deliberately steered into a Kosher iceberg"

Scorp this civilization have been hit by many "Kosher Icebergs" We are limping and have been limping for hundreds of years. I actually do believe there have been resets in our recent past too. The Phoenicians took over and the Israelite's power was usurped by their commercial law and banking. Then the Phoenicians became the Israelites. Bible hate is the goal here folks.
Organized religion is for the weak minded and there is no shortage of the weak minded.

zapoper said...

I did not post it.

Chains said...

Further I would like to add that there are plenty of people asking for their certificates of live birth to begin the process of creating the whole man. It could be argued the establishment can see the writing on the wall and are trying to create the new system to get away from the notion of God and head into a godless statute based only system. They want common law notions and unalienable rights to be erased. At the rate we are going,they might just pull it off and win the race.

Chains said...

Common law is the basic law with natural law running through it. Yet  many legal types try to  say it's based on case law.Statutes are the Talmudic mindset and are based in obfuscation and minutia to the point of the ridiculous. So lawyers try to say the common law is created using case law based in statute law where the talmudist shines. They have managed to impose this on us with their fake money power.

Knowing that you have been turned into a slave and admitting it is the first step out. Then it's your desire to change your status after that. Bottom line is do no harm. Yet we are harmed by this parasitic system day after day and seldom can we find our remedy. I must admit it is a difficult task but it's doable.

Chains said...

Check this site out


Membership is free and gives you access
to all the legal documents.

such as,


Chains said...

Finally yeah JR plays the roll of Mr jew wise but in many ways, I find he is every bit as slick as "the Zionists" he called out in the past :)

Speaking of Zionists did you here that our friend Phil Zelikow is going to be a busy guy!


Chains said...



Scorpio said...

CSM - I agree with a lot of your above comments. Are there really a lot of poor Jews? In all honesty, I've never met one. They all are benefiting from the inherent nepotism of the magic shekel machine known as fraction reserve central banking. I don't agree that we will never turn the public opinion on Jews. There are more Jew-wise people than ever. I've encountered many of them just talking in coffee shops. Once you gently open the door, many people will walk in, once they know it is a safe to do so.

I agree we are heading into a Godless society. Who do you think is leading the charge? It used to be a matter of common sense not to trust the Christ killers. Just 100 years ago it was common knowledge - even 50 years ago many people still knew. We are dealing with the serpent seed bloodline of Cain on both a spiritual and a physical level. They have changed their names many times throughout history. The Phoenicians, the Venetians, the Black Nobility - all the same people and same bloodline. We are entering endgamewith the goal being nothing short of genocide. The word 'Jew' wasn't even invented until sometime in the 1700's - All of the major players in the bible have been inverted and the 'jews' are not the people of the covenant - their God is Satan and many rabbis have admitted this fact.

Society as we knew it is finished - We have already crossed the Rubicon and there is no saving it. This criminal cabal owns nearly every institution of any importance. More and more researchers are coming to these same conclusions. I agree with your basic premise in some ways, however. Simply yapping about Jews in the crudest manner will not get us far but neither will avoiding the subject.....Yes, personal responsibility is of the utmost importance and we have all been complicit in this.

Roger Sayles knows quit a bit about changing your status (was a guest on my show a few weeks back). That is all a step in the right direction, combined with creating our own communities and disconnecting from the laws, morals and behavior of what is being created before our eyes. Certainly not an easy task but we must begin somewhere....

BTW - you might want to check out The Curse of Canaan by Mullins if you haven't already read it. I think it is right up your alley.

Chains said...

It may be old news but I have not been paying attention to world for the last couple of weeks.
Lots of fresh air and work outside and have to sell my sawmill as the land it was on sold. Sad because wood prices are going up! It' may typical buy high sell low method that has got me where I am today! LOL

Chains said...

Dude I have ALL of Mullins books and honestly they are all great reads. The Curse of Canaan is good! The only thing with Mullins is he often lacks footnotes/citations I find. My head is often spinning trying to keep up with the connections LOL

Chains said...

I think as I said before there is group on this world that has cleaned house several times.
We are coming up on one again.I think the shit that we think is real in terms of world power is very likely not true. I don't really know honestly.
I agree with the idea that the real power never wants to be revealed. All that matters to them is that the slaves are managed and don't start thinking they actually have standing on a wholesale basis. I really think that this occult law stuff is revealed along with the fraudulent abolishment of slavery is realized on wholesale level scares the shit out of the establishment.

Scorpio said...

Yeah, the lack of footnotes in Mullin's books is problematic - I was just mentioning that to a friend earlier today.
As Mullins points out in his booklet The Secret Holocaust:

The devastation of civilization to date by the rapacious hordes of Godless Communism, as well as their planned annihilation of all non-Jewish societies and political organizations, began to ravage the world in the nineteenth century. It has resulted in incredible suffering and death for many millions of Christian victims in many parts of the world...

Mike Smith said...

2 non-Europeans, "Americans", having an interesting conversation!

"..the word 'Jew' wasn't even invented until sometime in the 1700's.."

Since colonial America was still a pioneer country, there were almost no 'Jews' there before the American Revolution.
In 1776 certainly no more than a few score of Ashkenasi/Khazar 'Jews' in the entire country.
By 1830 - 50 years after the Declaration of Independence, and 220 years after the founding of Jamestown - there were an estimated 10,000 Khazar 'Jews' in the US comprising perhaps 1/5 of 1% of the total population.

During this period a fairly steady trickle of Khazars from Germany came to the U.S., so that by 1880 they numbered about 250 000, out of a total population of 50 million, about 1/2 of 1%.

Following the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881 vast numbers of 'Russian' Khazars inundated the port cities in the U.S.:
between 1881 and 1917 the Khazar population in the U.S. increased by 1200% - to more than three million!

World War I and the 'Russian' Revolution added to this influx.
Many Khazars left Poland when, as a result of the Versailles Treaty, it was made independent of Soviet Russia, others fled Russia during the counter-revolution and civil war which raged in 1918-1919-1920.
The White Russian Armies, regarding Bolshevism as a Khazar/'Jew' movement, showed little mercy to those Khazar communities falling into their hands.
Many Khazars, fleeing these anti-communist armies, eventually made their way to the U.S.
The rest is 'history'

'Hermann the German'

Btw: Those Khazar 'Jews', estimated 90% of all 'Jews' worldwide, are NOT Semites!

Chains said...

Yeah and the deeper potential conspiracy really is, has the perceived hatred real or imagined created a host for the the satanic bloodline to live within? I watched a good documentary around 2013 or so the documents children, adolescents and adults that think the world hates them, I want to say "defamation"but would have to double check. It documents how mentally ill/ mind controlled the larger jewish society is.What better environment for a psychopathic bloodline to live amongst ? It also in a warped way in their mind I think, along with the general warped Talmudic beliefs that what they do and how they treat gentiles is warranted. this is in addition tot he jewish supremacy they are taught.

Off topic listen to today's no agenda at about 1hour 15 minutes in. Really interesting info
about covid shedding among the vaccinated. Freaky and disconcerting

Chains said...

It was Defamation 2009


It's been a long time maybe I'll have to watch it again.

Chains said...

Oh, For the record, I should not have said plenty of jews LOL I have known a couple of poorer working class jews personally and extrapolated out from there :)

inthemix16 said...

Chain.. For me Rense has his purpose for me personally. I cant deny thru the years he has provided valuable info. Maybe who posts on this site can send him a middle finger by posting all of Brother Nathaniel's Vids. He did loose a good way of getting exposure.BN does have some of the most valuable ,concise info out there.
Scorp. I just got that from Wiki. Its Hutzpah in broad daylight. Should give perspective why ,or from where we get certain agendas. All these decades i could never forget why Hockey was always treated like the ugly stepchild. It has everything Americans enjoy. Speed, a form of violence, best athletes on the planet since you have to master the art of skating before you learn fundamentals of the game, very likeable personalities. When a saw the list long time ago and learned of the Ju, it set off lots of lights.
Overall, i tend to ignore idiots .. Buy engaging them, your giving them what you want. Its like if you wanted some hottie back in the day. Act like she doesnt exist. It pisses them off. Your a very intelligent level headed person. You dont need advice how to handle that from me

Speaking of hotties. The Fetzer show 04/28.. I tend to take a different angle on good looking women being most patriotic. My take is they know they have much more to loose. Who wouldnt want to live a life were one get laid anytime you want, sidestep the rules of society, open doors we can only dream of.. They can , if they use their brains along with looks,etc, live a dream life. BUT. . ive seen so many by 30 end up being not worth the time because Karma eventually knocked on their door. As she always does. It depends. Hotties(or women in general) think with emotion not simple common sense, and have egos 10 times larger than guys. Seems many do have some common sense hence , conservative thought process.

Be careful of DeSantis. He did go to Israel to sign into law the no criticize allowed on campuses or more in Florida. Just search(and i never say goog it) DeSantis+Israel . There may be some cold water thrown on that. Wolf in Sheeps clothing? Time will tell

Be careful of Veritas to. Dig into who put money into that a while back.

Maybe someone cant tap Fetz on the shoulder and get him to post on Brighteon or an a site with better function. Bitchute is absolutely unbearable and inexcusable. I had that post throttle for 20 minutes. Think of all the views he looses because people just say fuck it.
There is NO excuse for Bitchute to still perform as it does. Like i said in the past,even Max Igan has got down on Bit.
There is MAYBE some good news. Just dig into what many French Generals wrote in letter to Macron. Its hard to totally disseminate what the meaning, is but maybe a good sign. I honestly dont know.

Chains said...

Here is the noagenda clip I mentioned


inthemix16 said...

Now that i realized there was some Russia Talk. Thank god. People need to know its not the "Death Star" weve been brainwashed to think . You guys spoke of the main reason why it has been.
First want to have fun? Watch this vid documenting the difference between how Putin treats Trump from Obama. Seems Putin had clear distain for Obama .


Second..Why cant we have something like this ? Spokesperson FM Maria Zakharova. What a class, dignified lady she is. Instead, we get the Zuckerberg embarrassing look alike.


Mike Smith said...

There is no difference.
Both, Ashkenasi-Khazar 'Jews' and Sephardic 'Jews' are @&%&@# PARASITES, enemies of mankind!!
Have a nice evening, everybody...

'Hermann the German'