April 03, 2021

Nanotech in Masks - Max Igan, Adam Green, Harry Vox, TDV, & Reiner Fuellmich

Moving Nanotech Fibers in Masks and Swabs
All Mankind is Under Attack
Max Igan
Harry Vox
 * Suggested by Albert *
 Update From Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich
Crimes Against Humanity
 * Suggested by Steve *

Kanadian Communist Lockdown, Vax Passports Planned by EU since 2019 & When Zombies Attack!
The Dollar Vigilante

The Jewish Plan to Conquer the Gentiles & Rule the World EXPOSED (Part 2)
Adam Green
Fucking, Austria Decides to Change its Name

انظر ماذا يوجد في كمامتك ولما يصرون على لبسها،هل تظنهم حريصين جداعلى سلامتك،انشرها قبل ازالة الفيديو
Infested With Morgellons?

Max Igan




Update from lawyer Reiner Fuellmich
Crimes Against Humanity
* Suggested by Steve *
Go Here:
"There's a light at the end of the lockdown tunnel" - Reiner Fuellmich
Fuellmich, a German, needs an education about WW2: he is yet another one comparing the present evil with "Natsees" of WW2....!!! There sure is a lot of them...!

KMN  With Adam Green
Harry Vox

Details of how the largely Jewish financial institutions are milking Americans of every nickel in sight.

The Vaccine Passport started out as yet another sneaky way that Israeli intelligence tech firms could control the world's populations. It appears that every authoritarian profiteer hustler is trying to get a piece of the fascist action. Florida governor says he'll ban them while the spineless (and brainless) Joe Biden says he'll let the tech giants do the dirty work. And this show wraps up with the NFT "art" scam. This show is a cranker!
Conspiracy Music Guru

Austrian village of 'Fucking' decides to change its name

The long-suffering residents of the small Austrian village of Fucking have confirmed that, from January 1, the town will be known as Fugging. Fans of unusual place-names will mourn the loss.
The small community in Upper Austria of around 100 people has been pushing for a name change for years, the German Press Agency reported. The name of the town, which lies north of Salzburg near the German border, has no meaning in German.

Locals have grown frustrated by the thefts of the town signs by tourists and of people photographing the sign.

coincidenceskeptic commented on "The Perfect Triangle with Giuseppe Episode #38 2021.04.02":  Morning wood? Seriously? Still does not beat Fucking, Austria. I don't suppose many people are stealing Morningwood Street signs.
What do you call the inhabitants of Fucking, Austria? Fuckers?
Here are some serious Fuckers:

Heads Will Roll!

Caapi Happy Jaguar


Chains said...

Good post Voltman.

Voltman said...

Well Thank You, Chainsawmillerman.

Sum Cum Yung Gy said...

A whole lot of "Bullseye" hits here. Great posts! - The best I've seen from Vox and Adam Green. Keep it up! I think it's time that Adam and Fetch do a whole show together, and come up with "the solution" to the problem.

par said...

..Adam at least liked his recent shows with Bjerknes ..so much was possible to hear in the few moments the linked Adam Green show got from my ear.. ..ask Dennis what his impression was regarding Bjerknes appearance on his show!

Sum Cum Yung Gy said...

Thanks par,

I do recall how Dennis caused Bjerknes to crash and burn. Adam may even have the same outcome. I liked that he named the jew and didn't just gate keep, as he does a lot.

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Doesn't look Photoshopped to me!

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vox day is a q tard lmao

adam is not bad but crappy on ww2

max cant do math

entertaining show