April 12, 2021

Operation Scorpio 2021.04.10

Scorpio Show # 58 on Revolution.radio

Scorpio, Giuseppe and Chris welcome Vicky Davis.

Smart Cities, Economic Opportunity zones, techno-enslavement and  Neo-feudalism are discussed

Topics include:

1) Vaxxed and Unvaxxed - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
2) National Divorce and Civil War 2.0 
3) The Unraveling of The Current World Order
4) Totalitarians and The Sexual Rainbow 

Revolution.Radio Studio A

Feel free to contact me: drscorpicusmaximus@gmail.com


Albert said...


What do YOU think of: cris-jewess-slave Now?!

Be Sure to NOTE (((his))) "stuff" inbetween hour-1-and-2 on the Twitch-Feed! ;-)

inthemix16 said...

Albert. I find you credible. Respectful. Dually noted. I promise you that. Thats how it works eh? I will never trust anyone 100% .I will never contribute other than cash. Even some of my favorites will stop me sometimes. I go with trends not instances. I mean come on, what an idiot i was,i used to support Miller? I do get it wrong. A lot ! I know. I do respect chis. He does have legit reasons why he speaks fast, but you might be right someday, white Ben Shapiro . Honestly i just dont know so thanks for pointing that out !

Albert said...

"Everything / Everyone is "the-SAME"!" ...

Similarities and DIFFERENCES !!!

--> Adolf-Hitler, (and even Gaddafi) was Obviously VERY DIFFERENT to the DESPICABLE-Trio:

"Freemasons": (((church-ill))) (((FDR))) (((Stalin)))

chris-jewess-Slave seems Strangely-"Compelled" to for SOME-"Reason": to NOT "SEE": That Obvious-FACT ...

and to in SOME / ANY---WAY-that-(((he)))-CAN: "CON-FUSE" that: OBVIOUS FACT !!! :-o

(a la: Throw "Mud" in the "Hope" that SOME will inevitably "Stick!)

Humans are Strangely-LIMITED Creatures! :-o

A "Harsh" Ridicule is the more True than Comfortable:

Sooo Puny in Intellect as to be "Bored" by-themselves / Left "with-Their-Own-Thoughts"* ...

Sooo Easily "Occupied" as to be "Absorbed" in Hour after Hour: Of Playing-with-a-Ball !!! :-o

* WITH a Pen-(/Typewriter)-and-Paper, or a Keyboard and Word-Processor ...

MANY Good-Men Have ENDURED the Torture of Years of Imprisonment!

Albert said...

Max 2.5 Million jews were in the Countries which Germany would LATER-Occupy ...
(And MANY LEFT Before the Occupation.)

3.8 Million jews "Survived" the Hollow-Co$t ...

"Sadly" ... the "Remaining" 6-Gorillion "Perished"!

Hence --> In order to: NEVER "AGAIN" !!! ;-)

The Entire-WHITE-Race and All of Their Wonderful Happy Nations "Must" NOW: Somehow be DESTROYED !!!

With the ACTUAL: "Good-jews" (ie: In-ACTIONS being OPPOSED to THIS!) ... being able to be Counted on the fingers of One-Hand!

Yes! -- Only a really "Foolish" jew ... would ever TRULY: "Side-WITH":

Wonderful-Noble-TRUTHFUL-Beautiful: WHITE-Folks!

This latest "Paranormies" on the "Gatekeeping" of William-Cooper is Fun:


Albert said...

This 2+ Hours on "Viruses" and "Corona" is Sooo Packed that I am Listening-Through for the SECOND Time! :-o

TRULY a MUST Listen!


I DON'T TRUST Dr-jew-dy !!!

(And, NO Jim-Fetzer: NO-ONE would EVER: "RAPE Her! ;-)

Albert said...

To be CLEAR:



Giuseppe, and

Jim Fetzer

🌝 🌚 🌞

Scorpio said...

Guys - I truly appreciate the kind words and everyone who takes the time to listen. I also appreciate the insightful observations, comments and the constructive criticism. It lifts my spirits to know intelligent people are listening.


Zeebra said...

here's part 1 of Harry Vox w Lillian McDermott @ Harry's BC ch, pub'd Apr 8th, 73m:

Another excellent probe into our crisis with one of my favorite interviewers Lillian McDermott. Her Website is https://www.lillianmcdermott.com/ and she has a lot of great information on health & spirituality. I really love her way.


Fetzer mirrored pt 2 @ his BC ch, with his own description below, 1 hr:

REALLY GREAT Truth-Telling in this video! Harry Vox has no fear of discussing the Jewish control of our entire society and what they’re doing to us. The criticism of ANYTHING associated with the “Jewish Money Mafia” is the greatest cultural taboo of our time. This is, of course, a taboo that’s been carefully crafted over the decades, casting them as the ultimate innocent victims in the world in order to protect them from any criticism and crush any opposition to their agenda. As stated by the great Charles Bausman of the Russia-Inside web site, it’s time to drop “the Jew taboo.”

Zeebra said...

^ fergot to paste URL of part 1 Harry/Lillian,

Russ Winter w TradCatKnight, player @ link, 34m:

TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Discuss [Louis] McFadden’s Legacy and Masks as Occult Weapons Against Humanity
April 10, 2021 Winter Watch
As usual, the duo offers quick and hard hitting half hour survey of recent Winter Watch pieces. They also discussed the trial of Derek Chauvin, who is charged with the murder of George Floyd. Chauvin’s excellent defense attorney is kicking the ass of the Minnesota’s state prosecution. For more on these topics, see the following Winter Watch articles:

The Assassination of Louis McFadden, One of the 20th Century’s Most Prescient Men
The Perpetuation of Face Mask Requirements is Occult Enslavement by New Underworld Order
The Arrival of the Gen-Z Confusexuals
Assassination of Hale Boggs, a Critical Bulwark Against the Deep State

inthemix16 said...

zeebs. You read my mind. I did just get done with # 2 and found the need to listen to 1. Is this chick who is with him Jewish.? if so . All good. I have my list of good ones which at the top is Aaron Russo . If you neve have watched his expose with Jones its one for the ages.
Scorp. Classy of you to acknowledge. Then again , i expected nothing less of you .. As we get on with years , we should have the ability to recognize who has it going on and who doesnt. I will be totally honest with you. I was aware of your show on Grizzom . I would check in once in a while but i found it a bit , slow. No offense i come from a fast paced hood.
I also will never forget the night i first heard of Zeppie on a Fetzer. Podcast about this time last year. I think he, Brew, and that cat from Cali were on. Zeppie was awesome but why the word "groupie" came to mind , i just laugh.
The day you guys got your heads together was a blessing. Im so glad for you both. Anyone with a brain would make time for your show. Its knowledge that is at a level few can get!
Im sure if you ever get back to the states and get to the Midwest , im sure myself and someone like, Brew who is just like me ruled by Admiral Ackbar, would roll out the red carpet. LOL . Speaking of someone that is a great talent but is in dire need of a co host LOL
Its You guys, and Fetch, Fetz , Chris(easy albert) ACH and Paul English, The Robert Reyvolts,Kevin Barretts, Brizer, Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my ,even the Adam Curry and John Dovoraks of the world i think im speaking for most here, and yes, UnknownSeanMiller, do appreciate you all so much.!!! Everyone that shares a show, that might not get here like Albert ,Zeebs,Fakk, Zapp etc.

I hope nobody ever translate this this the wrong way. I had a life before this that anyone would "kill" for. Every time Zeppie says "living the dream" i think of how it was before this hymie scam. I want it back ! So all of you . But here, we all understand it will never be given back, it will have to be taken back, with force, and tactics of which that crazy fucker in Upper UK jokes about...Stock up on the crazyglue and mason jars at target bitchez . LOL. sorry that dude gets me laughing so hard.
Grizz is one of the best for real content creators, and thinkers. Some of the most high quality posters here. Keep the bar high here all. This is one place for sanity

Zeebra said...

re Fetzer's ref: As stated by the great Charles Bausman of the Russia-Inside web site, it’s time to drop “the Jew taboo.”

new Max today, 41m:
The Sheep Are Leading The Flock to Slaughter

new Jeff B. Dollar Vigilante today, 61m:
The CDC Mocks NPCs Who Take the Vax, DMX and Prince Philip Today's Vaccine Deaths & Corbett Report

Zeebra said...

Mission Accomplished: The Corbett Report Removed From YouTube

by James Corbett
April 11, 2021

I posted Episode 398 of The Corbett Report podcast, “Science Says,” around 10 PM Japanese Standard Time on Friday, April 9th, 2021, and then went to bed. Sometime shortly after midnight, the main Corbett Report channel was removed from YouTube.

And, just like that, 14 years of work—some 1700+ videos, 569,000+ subscribers and 90 million+ video views—was erased from the digital ether. . . . Well, the GooTube portion of that digital ether, anyway.


Scorpio said...

Corbett has done some great work over the years, especially his documentaries. Despite being very careful to never mention the J factor, he still gets removed. I have been saying for some time now that anything contradicting the official government narrative will be removed from all of the major platforms. When I heard last week that Stephen Crowder's channel had been deleted, I knew the bar for removal had been significantly lowered. It's not like Crowder talks about anything too daring beyond the commonplace 'conservative' talking points.

zapoper said...

I bet that Corbett was talking about the non governmental approved description of the Covid bullshit.

RickB said...

The COVID scam is more policed than the holohoax or the inordinate influence of the unmentionables. That in itself should be cause for alarm over the vaccination plan.

Albert said...

Harry-Vox Part-THREE:


Scott said...

Blown away, another great show. Dave, the opening was incredible. What a team. Checking out the technocratic tyranny website also.


Albert said...

A Test:

After a Conversation with a "Good-jew" has been: going-along-"well" ...

Add, jovially:

Yeh, that Holocaust Stuff is a Load-of-Baloney, eh!? ;-)

And SEE the "Good"-jew ... Go BALLISTIC at-You !!! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

(((they))) are Chameleons / "Actors" / INFIL-TRATORS !!!

(((they))) "SPECIALISE" in the LONG-Cohen ...

Like "Spies" / "Sleeper"-Agents ...

Until the Time is RIPE / "Activated" to: "Play-(((their)))-PART":

In the Gleeful-(((PLAN))): To Get-"REVENGE" upon:

The Entire-WHITE-Race !!!

Just LIKE: "Doctors" SMILE to your Face ...

While "Vaccinating" You With POISONOUS-Shite ...

--> Do NOT "Expect" a LYING "Gatekeeper"-jew/jew-Tool:

To HONESTLY Admit to (((their))) REAL-Intentions !!!

(That would Be on the Level of Naivety of "Expecting" a Criminal to EVER:

Phone-Up the Police: To REVEAL (((their))) Plans-FOR, or Already-Carried-Out:

Terrible-Deadly-CRIMES !!!)


Albert said...

SUBSCRIBE to Jim Fetzer's BitChute Already ...

He has Lots of Great Talks,

and has even Begun POSTING the: False-Flags-and-Conspiracies Talks there now too! :-)


How to ENJOY Bitchute !!!

Subscribe to Some Channels of Content that You Like,

Open a Browser-Window,

"Click" the Top-LEFT: "BitChute"-Icon-Logo,

(It will by-Default SHOW: Popular - SUBSCRIBED - Trending - All)

Scroll-Down to FIND the Latest-Content Which YOU Enjoy Listening To !!! :-)

Odysee (Sort-of: "LRBY" but NICER!) has a SMOOTH Playback and is CERTAINLY "Worth" Its-OWN Browser-Window as-well!


(I couldn't MAKE the Links "Clickable" ... because it is Doing the:

DELETE that Comment "Thing" Again! -- sorry ;-) )

Mike Smith said...

A Test:
After a Conversation with a friendly Christian person has been: going-along-"well" ...
Add, jovially:
Yeh, that Holocaust Stuff is a Load-of-Baloney, eh!? ;-)

And SEE the "Good" friendly goyim Go BALLISTIC at-You !!! ;-)

Have a great evening, everybody.
'Hermann the German'

Panzerfaust said...

Scorpio, Keith Rodgers had Dr Alan Sabrowski on yesterday. He would make a great guest.

Panzerfaust said...

Yet another dindu nuttin he dead insurrection

RiggedGame said...

Very good show Scorpio, you guys are the very best that Freedom Slips has to offer.

Albert said...

Since there is a bit-of-a-Dirth at the Moment at "Mami's" ...

I Listened to THIS in My BitChute-Subscriptions-FEED:


Sofia Smallstorm with a woman who SOUNDS like a jewess ...

But I couldn't "Disagree" with ANYTHING !!! :-o
... and, Rather there were MANY GOOD-Points !!!

I was Chatting about the MANY incremental "Resets" ... over the Decades ...

and the "Description" in the Movie: "Dark-City"

--> Where, By CHANGING Folks' MEMORIES ...

-- The Alien-Vampires SEEK to "Learn" WHAT: "Having a Soul" IS !!! :-o

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

"Monetising" and "Owning" (and "Monopolizing"!) ABSTRACT-"Wealth" is a STRANGE Con-cept !!!

--> LISTEN to the Above-Link ... it touches-upon NEW-topics ...

in OUR BATTLE with these ENEMY-(((aliens))) !!! :-o

Mike Smith said...

"Since there is a bit-of-a-Dirth at the Moment at "Mami's" ..."

Yes, I absolutely agree!
Even comments have been delated!
It seems like a certain group of highly influential people at mami's "HATE 14/88" !!

'Hermann the German'
Have a pleasant evening.

Chains said...

Here is one for you Albert!


Albert said...


Mike Smith said...

Here is one for you (((Albert)))

check out https//www. bitchute,com/video:
"I am a Jew too, how do YOU do?"
(((they))), ((( them))), ((( their)))........

'Hermann the German' :-)

zapoper said...

Here is one for you (((John Miller/Mike Smith/unknown)))

01000110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00101110 00100000 00001101 00001010

Mike Smith said...

And here is one for everybody:
let (((zapooper))) have a cup of coffee!

'Hermann the German':-)

Chains said...

Actually zap posted above that you are cheap and it's time for you to donate.
But of coarse you ignored that. LOL

Scorpio said...

LOL ^^

Mike Smith said...


Mami's clique of &%$#@# influential Jews, while playing with their mutilated genitals, are getting exited when reading my posts, oy veyy (((they))) say...

'Hermann the German' 14/88

Chains said...

Why not go and spend some time relaxing.Do a good deed for someone. And yes donate a few shekels to zap. You are here every day enjoying the content but yet you insinuate zap is a jew. Do you need a hug? Is everything okay with you "sans nom" ?

Scorpio said...

Do a good deed for someone.

CSM - that's really good advice for us all, given the increasingly dark world in which we find ourselves. Good thinking.