April 01, 2021

The Grabblers Are Coming - Adam Green, Christopher James, Dean Henderson, Harry Vox, JP Sears & WhatsHerFace

The Jewish Plan to Conquer the Gentiles & Rule the World
Adam Green
 * Suggested by Fakk*
The Protocols of Zion
They're Coming For Your Guns
The Nephilim Crown And The Family Bloodlines Who Control The World
Dean Henderson

Kristi Noem Takes On Bill Gates' Latest Environmental Demands

 Common Law & Important Court Updates
Christopher James (A Warrior Calls)
Harry Vox

Dealing with BrainWashed Family Members

JP Sears
Both Sides Now
Joni Mitchell

They're Coming For Your Guns
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Never let a good crisis go to waste, and oh boy, is that true in this case. After the media failed in spectacular fashion by identifying the perpetrator of the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado as a white man, they decided to double down. When it was revealed the perpetrator was in fact a Syrian refugee with ISIS sympathies, the shameless media didn’t issue apologies for their condemnation of an entire race, no sir, they just claimed he was in fact white. Perhaps reality is something the media exists outside of. That narrative of him being a white man didn’t last long though as it was just damage control for their incompetent “reporting”, and when one narrative is no longer relevant they simply move to the next bullet on their narrative checklist… IT'S THE GUNS! After pivoting harder than Ross from Friends, the media is running full steam with the classic “guns are bad” narrative. Expect to see more of this moving forward as the disarmament of the American population is a top priority. Biden has already called for a federal assault weapons ban and is asking courts to uphold the police's ability to seize guns from citizens' homes without a warrant. Remember Biden has only been in office for a few short weeks, things will get a lot worse before they get better.


Dean Henderson is an author, activist, independent researcher, public speaker and has travelled to over 50 countries. Dean has had websites and social media platforms taken down and censored overnight for exposing the truth they don't want you to know. For over 35 years Dean has been exposing the crown and the bloodlines of the most dangerous and powerful families that go back thousands of years with their anti human agenda right up to the present day. Who are they, what are they, and who is really controlling the world? Who are these secret societies, why are they always conspiring against the human race, and what is their end goal? Dean connects the dots.

The Protocols of Zion
“Arm yourself with Knowledge and let truth take care of the rest.…”

Christopher James addresses common law and important Court Updates.
The world must go for TRUTH and the SOLUTION

Harry Vox - Unsafe Space
* Suggested by Albert? *
Here's a gift for Zapoper who is pretty low on cashisch these days, horses said...

Did someone just borrow my carrot?

She is the only honest governor in the USA:
With JP Sears
Dec 3, 2015
Family members are being brainwashed by Landmark Forum, I'm angry, what can I do? This is the question posed by a viewer. I share my thoughts on dealing with family members that seem to be brainwashed by cult like beliefs.
        36 STRING BASS SOLO 
World Record (For Now...)
Slappin' The Bass With Davie 504 & The Bass Maniacs


Big Tree Cathedral

Grabblers & Babblers
The State of The Onion


Sean said...

Damn you’re gay, voltboy!! I’m pretty sure this will never post,!but your promotion of proven false opposition, such as Adam Greenberg and all these non- namers, like this “whatshername” mega jump cutting doushbag, really show what a fag you are! The only one worth any time at all is vox. When did you go so gay? Have you told your mother that you are gay yet?

Sean said...

I won’t say anything, mothers should here it from their sons directly

Chains said...

Sean you are obviously a big supporter of the patriarchy. What you are saying hurts peoples feeling and is not showing any sensitivity or encouraging the spirit of inclusivity. LOL

The warrior calls portion was good and I support what he is laying down I watch his weekly live show. "The flat earth society" However is fake and definitely BS, you know that right volt?

Chains said...

It took three tries to get the spelling correct! yuk yuk!

Voltman said...

Go to hell Miller!


Voltman said...

"The flat earth society" However is fake and definitely BS, you know that right volt?

I didn't care at all.

The flat earth "society" is fake and definitely BS anyway.

Chains said...

Well why bring it up if you don't care?

Chains said...

Sean is miller? I did not know that. But then again, I did'nt recognize "sean" period.

Chains said...

The flat earth society take the craziest ideas and then promotes them.

Chains said...

There are rational arguments you realize that, right? If you say you don't care then drop the topic. when Zap made me an admin he knew i entertained the notion of flat earth. He asked me not to post it on this site and I agreed. There is no shame in saying you don't know Voltman.
I'm open to looking at it. While doing so I began to realize so much of our theoretical science was born out of Jewish mysticism know as the Kabbalah/Zohar. Would you agree? If you do don't you think you had better pay attention if it's the same old group feeding you the same old bullshit?

Voltman said...

Blogger Chainsawmillerman said...

Well why bring it up if you don't care?

I didn't care whether "The flat earth society" was a real entity: it didn't have to be legitimate for the sake of the joke.

Chains said...

Scarcity whether it be diamonds oil, food, etc etc whatever. We are so heavily controlled and for the most part our thoughts are not our own. We really are like children. Now we have arrows on the ground to tell us where to walk and dots where to stand. Oddly i watch full compliance buy people I'm sure think people who entertain flat earth are nuts! YukYuk

Chains said...

Yeah it was a timely joke! LOL

Sean said...

Yes, I am a “supporter” of the “patriarchy” Since fathers and men lost their place at the top of the social order, everything has gone to shit.

Chains said...

Well one day personal responsibility may return miller.

Chains said...

You know, like not going by many names? How can you have personal responsibility when you're pulling that shit?

Chains said...

You are a weakling miller and have no place talking about the patriarchy.

Chains said...

I am a father and lost no such thing. How about yourself unknown/miller/sean and whatever else? Does another human being call you dad? If so did you teach them personal responsibility
and the ability to think for themselves?

Voltman said...

"There are rational arguments you realize that, right? "

No I don't; I don't go looking for them either. I have no need of their arguments. My time is better spent dealing with real science (electrical engineering in particular). I'm quite comfortable zooming around the Sun at high speed and spinning on my axis every 24 hours.

In addition, I gave you lots to chew on but, it was almost all a waste of my time: neither you nor Albert even touched upon 5% of what I brought up.

For example:

I have 2 books that list the positions of the planets, Moon and Sun for every day of the year from January 1st 1900 to December 31st 2050. Such a book is called an Ephemeris and is well known to astrologers. The Heliocentric planetary model WORKS because it corresponds with the observations of astronomers.

Did yo go to this site where you can look at the wind patterns? You can figure out how to vary the altitude from seal level to way up on high. It is a visualization of global weather conditions, forecast by supercomputers, updated every three hours.

Winds at sea level (Sfc):

Winds at 250 hectoPascals (hPa): Pretty high

Winds at 10 hectoPascals (hPa): Way up there

Click on “earth” in the lower left corner and change the “Height” parameter, which is in hectoPascals (hPa). Units of pressure. The higher you go the lower the pressure.

I'm quite satisfied with the heliocentric "gravitational" model upgraded with the new understanding afforded by the emerging "Electric Universe" paradigm as described by David Talbot & Wal Thornhill who expanded on Velikovsky's observations.

Check out this site:

What you see is the occulted Sun with Venus going by behind the Sun from right to left. Tomorrow night at the same time it will be a bit further away from the Sun. Venus is conjuncting the Sun.

Go here and enter: Image C3; Resolution 512; and date: 2021-03-21 - 2021-04-01
and you'll see Venus transiting the Sun.

Do you think all these sites are just generating computer images to make us believe the Earth is a sphere? Really?

Albert said...

Wow! -- VERY Thought-Provoking !!! :-)

Ref: JP's Compassionate Video:

Basically a "Cult" is the "Middleman" who can at ANY-TIME, for ANY "Reason" ...

CUT OFF: Your: "Belonging" / "Acceptance" ... "NEW": "Friends" / "Family" !!!

FAKE-((("MONEY"))) ...

And INTERACTING with: Living-People With This ((("MIDDLEMAN"))) ...

Is the DEADLY "CULT" ... Which the Beautiful-WHITE-Race is PRESENTLY: "Captured"-BY !!!

In MANY Ways ... When / AS we are Soooo UN-HAPPY: by "Belonging" to This DEADLY-Life-Sucking-((("Cult"))) ...

The simple-WAY: To Become: "Cut-OFF": By this ((("Cult"))) ...
-- Is to "Simply" SAY: Things which You, as a "Cult"-"Member": Are "FORBIDDEN" to SAY !!! ;-)

Like Jan-Lamprecht has Observed in South-Africa ...
AS the MOST by-MERIT CAPABLE "Cult"-"Members" are "Purged" ...
(((they))) Rapidly LOSE "Power" !!!

((("Intelligence")))-Organisations ... ("License to KILL") are Promised: "IMMUNITY" / To NEVER Be Directly-PROSECUTED ....

But, with "Members of the ((("Freemasons"))) etc...
"Members" SWEAR to NOT: Divulge its SECRETS ... under Penalty of DEATH!

Just as Homos "Reproduce" by "Doing" Disgusting-"Things" to Innocent-Children ...

((("Cult")))-"Members" are "Inducted" since Very-YOUNG ...
-- And Such "Membership" is: "Glued-Together" BY: FEAR !!!

(Which MAKES: "Deprogramming" ... Almost-IMPOSSIBLE! :-o

🌝 🌚 🌞

Chains said...

Voltman. I can tell you I have rejected FE all my life as nonsense.I wasn't until I was debating someone online several years back and i began to realize it was not as cut and dry as I thought. I too Am interested in electronics. I build tube amps both guitar/bass and hifi. I understand the principles of capacitance and inductance and I use both regularly when building amps. However as I said before you can plug data into a model that works and does not necessarily mean it's reality. This much i know for sure. I have spent more time than I care to admit on this topic and went in "knowing" the earth was a globe. It's a huge topic and there is not much point into getting into here. I'm agreement with Zap that the topic serves no purpose for this site but still that does not change the fact that there are some very interesting arguments for flat earth that can't be dismissed. In fact the idea of the sun being much closer than we think plays into the electrical magnetic theories by guys like Velikovsky etc.

Chains said...

So I checked out some of your links Voltman.
Im honestly not sure how you can say that the animation shown There by "super computers" is proof of anything. I'm not trying to be antagonistic "believe" me. These kinds of things are being used to pacify us into accepting all kinds of bullshit.

Voltman answer a question for old Blogger Chainsawmillerman. Many ares of theoretical science like atomism, newtonian physics, quantum physics to name a few were born out of Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah/Zohar).It's well known Newton was an adept of the kabbalah, yes? Would you agree? If you do, don't you think you had better pay attention if it's the same old group feeding you the same old bullshit with increasing amount of technology? Am I being paranoid?

Chains said...

Mathematics can be manipulated. Remember this quote ?

"Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality."

Supposedly/allegedly Nikola Tesla said that. Can I prove it? no. The idea behind it is valid though. You can use math to manipulate and create and just because the math works It does not mean the model reflects reality.

Chains said...

"So I checked out some of your links Voltman.
Im honestly not sure how you can say that the animation shown There by "super computers" is proof of anything. I'm not trying to be antagonistic "believe" me. These kinds of things are being used to pacify us into accepting all kinds of bullshit."

To be clear I'm not saying they cant plug in the actual data and create the animation, but its not proof of anything or even relevant to what we are discussing.

Chains said...

Now for something sorta completely different but interesting and we can both get something from.

Metaphysics: Sublime Truth Opposite of Binary Beliefs


Albert said...

Kristi" looks like a (((chameleon))) who really-WANTS to "Vaccinate" Her State! ;-)

Panzerfaust said...

Are you on LSD?

Panzerfaust said...

If the Erf flat why do cyclones rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern? Why do cyclones never cross the equator? What's stopping them on Flat Erf? Why are lunar eclipses never knife edge?

Sean said...

I am not “John Miller”, chainsaw(Miller)man. My how they love to hide things in plain sight!

Chains said...


Cyclones/hurricanes have been expalained many times ,just like the ship going over the horizon and so many basic back and forth preliminary/fundamental arguments. I want to stress the globe/flat models are just that.

In my attempt to debunk the flat earth it became evident that there was much more rational theoretical proofs then i imagined. I had to admit to myself that I did not know for sure and that some of the proofs really made me lean toward the flat earth.

cyclones have been explained before using the more localized sun theory and its out there and I've seen several convincing/rational videos on that. Honestly I don't really look at this stuff anymore. For me its just like 911 and lots of other conspiracy material. I have digested the material and have moved on. There is defiantly something to the revelation of the method pointed out by guys like Michael Hoffman. We really are pretty weak minded as a culture presently. We lap up a lot bullcrap like pablum and can't admit we have been duped.

I also notice its much more difficult to find information/videos on flat earth (and many other conspiratorial information) than it used to be. I'm sure you notice the same. I have come to the conclusion that I will likely never know the truth about what model is the truth. There are likely big mistakes in both camps and that keeps the debate open. "My perspective" has a youtube channel and he had a lot of videos and I think his channel was deleted at a few years back. He started again but only put up half or a third of what he used to have. Anyway I think his channel is pretty good.

There are several videos i've showing the sun and the moon in the sky during a lunar eclipse. Whats going on there? The last point and the most basic is I don't trust this bankers world. Am I a cynic? I think so yes :) Anyway have a look around you Panzerfaust this online community of crackpots has more in common with each other than the zombies out in your neighborhood right now. What we are living through right now is as far as i know the biggest financial fraud ever pulled on humanity. We are heading into a new age. These elites follow astrology don't kid yourself. They are going to or are going to create this new astrological age in the material world.

Flat Earth undeniable video evidence the earth is not a ball

Lunar eclipses debunk the GLOBE earth!

my perspective  (this is his channel)

Fakk said...

Actually I don't think Adam Green is jewish, I did when he first appeared but not now. And since Texe Marrs died I don't think anyone is doing more than Green on looking into heeb myths and religious deceptions. Although the names Adam and Green are obviously used by jews, Green is also a common English name, and Adam Green claims to be descended mainly from English folk.

Books by Texe Marrs

Fakk said...

The Jewish Plan to Conquer the Gentiles & Rule the World EXPOSED (Part 2) | KMN Live w/ Adam Green

Fakk said...

and talking about 'grabblers'
Grabbler Creatures - The Onion

Chains said...

Atomism is a kabalistic belief system. The solar system being the macro portion of the same belief. So many follow the belief system of a people you they against not questioning the origin of their own beliefs.

ATOMISM: The Occult Origins of Our "Atomic Age"...


Chains said...

excuse my poor structure I always see the errors after I post LOL

Albert said...

I forgot to put Tranny:

"Kristi" looks like a Tranny-(((chameleon))) who really-WANTS to "Vaccinate" Her State! ;-)

Panzerfaust said...

Many errors.

Panzerfaust said...

Chainsmiller, can you play Hava Nagil on the Jew Harp and Ykulele?

Chains said...

No I have neither one of those instruments. I was however practicing the John Bohnam shuffle from "fool in the rain" this afternoon. How about yourself? You have lived a life of miltary service, no? You must be used to taking orders from your talmudic banker overlords. You are truly owned by them so remember little boys who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
I've seen you get this way before, are you drinking today? Maybe projecting your own misery?
It's going to be ok brother. Just breathe. LOL

Chains said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chains said...

Honestly Panzerfaust, it's all good. I have been teaching my wife how to play drums over the last several years and I'm slowly learning guitar. I build guitar and bass tube amps and my wife and I have been jamming for fun through this covid bulshit. Some of the recent guitar amps I've built are 1- supro 1605 reverb, 2- soldano slo 100 clone with power scaling 4- fender 64 vibroverb clone with a jensen 15" c15n 5- supro 6424. It's fun, what can I say. You are likely better suited to the Harp and Ykulele its just not my style. Cheers!

Chains said...

3- a Hiwatt bulldog clone

Chains said...

What is the Hiwatt sound

Chains said...

The HiWatt Bulldog Combo amp c. 1978

Chains said...

Here is an opportunity not often available.


Chains said...

"The Globe - Symbol of Gnostic Worldwide Religion?": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=192zUlUCs2w&t=0s

"Mystery Babylon & The Great Space Mythology": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6Qqo_oYrxw&t=0s

"The Copernican Principle: Darwin's Trojan Horse": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5DtplmhrxU&t=0s

"Flat Earth: The Cult of Pythagoras": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AdtSF-TpB0&t=0s

"Kabbalah - Nuclear Physics and Ancient Wisdom Revealed" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHhJviB7pug&t=0s

The Babylonian Origins of Easter (Ishtar)

Chains said...

AETHEREAL - The Battle for Heaven and Earth (Cosmology Documentary)

Chains said...

Lunar eclipses debunk the GLOBE earth!

Chains said...

The above video is an interesting phenomena whatever model you think we live in.

Chains said...

Another weird video, not sure what to make of it.