April 17, 2021

The Perfect Triangle with Giuseppe Episode #40 2021.04.16

Giuseppe Vafanculo, David Scorpio and Chris Weinert with guest: Guest: Mr Rho from rev.radio

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zapoper said...

I've had a few OBEs in my life which proved to me that I have a soul. Let's all skip the telepathy part.

I wish that I would have been on this call because I would have posed a question to Mr "Captain Crunch".

Why is it that you guys denied an empty slot for Blackbird9?

Is it because he is not in La La land talking about jewish flying saucers doing their thing above North Carolina? Or is it because he is not confusing everyone with his spiritual bullshit?

Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

Fakk said...

Mr Rho was an interesting guest with plenty of stories :)
Re: The Moon
Project Apollo Archive

inthemix16 said...

Someone posted an old Victor Thorn Interview here on Bit



inthemix16 said...

Now this probably is nothing.. Anyone have any take on this Twit outage? I do not Twit, Tweet, Twat or whatever. The only one i pay attention to is "Sukhoi Su57 Felon" for a grip what goes on all over the world. RT is reporting it and when you go thru the comment section everyone is cheering . What? Ok. In normal times i get it, but in line with the insanity going on in East Ukraine, anyone with a brain should be quite disturbed of the timing. F A L S E F L A G ? In very bad times emergency, Twittin and a Twattin , would be a way for people to communicate in an instant be my guess. . Im really just asking if anyone out there can keep me from jumping out of a window, but my guess is most people here would assist me every way they could . Amazing how all these "active Scooters" waited till Creepy got in. Strange huh? You could just hear them months ago. "ahh yea Mildred, honey, just give me the meatloaf now , cause ill just wait do my nasty shit when Joe is around"

😀😀😀😀 said...

i agree with zapoper about revolution radio and his comment about blackbird9. he deserves a time slot there. if they had one empty and denied him the request then they are not who they say they are.