April 16, 2021

The swindle never dies

Phoenicians, Egyptians and Hyksos:
Prehistoric psychopathological politics,
depravity, deception and dementia,
still dominate our world today

As rabid black people burn cities to protest who they are and what they have become, their inchoate anger triggers a rebound rage as the eyes of the world stare back at them and ask who they really are and what are they trying to be? And when there is no one left to hate, people begin to hate themselves for letting the world slide into resentment and jealousy that infects life itself with its own special kind of chronic wasting disease. Worldwide necrosis soon follows. You see it as the leaves of trees turn black and cities crumble into cellophane, broken buildings and people being poisoned by doctors.

Do the swindles of yesteryear pertain to today’s catastrophic scams. Why does it all look so familiar?

Why do we always get the feeling that they’re hiding something from us? It is because they always have been.

In a locked down world, predators prey on the cognitively impaired masses while the world suffocates on its own fumes. 

The epitaph is written. Men swindle themselves out of their own lives.

The pattern repeats until time stands still.

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1 comment:

Nona said...

I love Kaminsky, but I have to disagree with him on the Ancient Egyptians.

He's taking the idea of the Egyptians from the bible babble, the jew scriptures. In fact, the Ancient Egyptians WERE the good guys, the Magicians and Healers that helped Humanity, but the jews were the BLack Sorcerers that took the knowledge of the Egyptians and TWISTED it to the Dark Side.

The Knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians, was nothing more than today's Quantum Physics, Qi Gong, Reiki, Hands on Healing, but it was turned into the Kabalah, the Talmud, et al.

As well, the jews, made the "Amalekites" their enemies, and to them, EVERYBODY is an enemy. They transposed what they, the jews, were/are, to the Other. Who the hell were the Amalekites, anyway?