May 12, 2021

High Noon with Chicago Brew 2021.05.12

Hour 1: Audio clips of the Pipeline Bullshit.

Hour 2: Audio clips from the Tore Says Show.


inthemix16 said...

Brew.. Good show. Worth the listen. You upping your game. Was very "West loopy". GTFO and in holding pattern. Not payin that coin to be in Admiral Akbar's jail. Would you go back ? Burbs blow chunks. Im miss that Jewel at Kinzie and Desplains were it was same thing as soft porn on a June afternoon. !Good to hear you see thru that Russian Boogie man bullshit. Yes. I cant rule out hes part of the tribe but if you connect dots, we would have been in this shithole , long time ago if it wasnt for RuAf . If Syria went down, in 2015, think were we would be now. This shortage shit a 3rd grader could have predicted a long time ago. I think, Ukraine,Holomodor. Im surprised those hit and run boyz that use red line back to Englewood havent made an example of that low hangin fruit at State and Lake . No media, no CONvid. Keep up the good work!

BREW said...

Thanks @inthemix16

It went fairly smooth. Two hours is not enough time, per usual, to get carry out everything I want to get to, allowing the show to hit multiple subject matter.

And there was 4min I had my mute button on, as i made commentary off the Natural News articles • something I had no time to repeat, let alone recall what I said, as I am 100 unscripted • HaHa

Anyway • Thanks again • Glad to know I have one listener in this vast space.

Take Care • ttyl