May 13, 2021

NWPCU: Kosher Cannibalism with Mike Sledge 2021.05.12

Mike Sledge in 2013

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Archie Titus said...

Good on Mike Sledge.
Once Jew wise always Jew wise.
Was listening to you on Mami's years ago. Good to be listening to you again on Mami's.

Only listened to about the first 20 minutes but what you're saying I couldn't have said any better myself.

No doubt about it, it's a great time for all us millions to be Jew wise!

Feelstupidyet said...

Excited to hear this. Sledge is always entertaining. I'm sure he will eventually fuck it up again.

Albert said...

Wow! 🙂

-- I haven't HEARD this Guy Before!

and thus it Particularly Seemed LEADING-Edge !!! 😮

-- Some VERY IMPORTANT Points !!! 🙂

THIS "Networking" to IMPORTANT Up-and-Coming: (j)-TRUTHFUL: Information-Sources ...

Is WHY we "Fixatedly": CHECK-OUT what "Mami's" HAS to Point-Out:

All Day ... EVERY Day !!! 🙂

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...


Fetch: "I GOT Covid, Folks!"

and He SHOWS that:

Jim-Fetzer is VERY-Naive on Polly-Ticks ... in-COMPARRISON !!! :-o

Mike-Gaddy's Insightful POINT, Which Scorpio HIGHLIGHTS:

--> Is That: IF Americans WEREN'T "Allowed" to "VOTE"-the-Two-Party-PRE-(((SELECTED/Kosher-Certified))) "Left-Right" ((("REPRESENTATIVES"))) BIG-(((SCAM)))

--> The ((("MAFIA"))) Organised-CRIME (NOT-LISTENING-To-US-[Except-to-'Fine-tune'-(((CON-Troll)))])-Tyranny ...


-- Young and Old etc.... :-o

🌝 🌚 🌞

inthemix16 said...

Copy @Albert. This guy was great. Hilarious to .
Speaking of changing source of who are exposing themselves.. Why? Why do people keep referring to Zionhedge aka CNN - Light as a credible source. ??
Feces hitting rotating motor in Gaza tonight . Is there one non heeb tweet ?

"Israel's Defense Ministry had earlier in the day called up close to 10,000 reserve forces and put a freeze on troops departing their assigned posts for military leave. This after Israel's media began widely reporting that the Defense Ministry has put contingency plans in place for "all-out war".

Make it anymore obvious Mr. Durdenstein?

And when Hezzbolah shows up they will be running home crying like they did in 06

Calling Iran, Calling Syria.. Dr Fine,Dr Howard,please pick up the white courtesy telephone. Your table is ready

What will they do ? Hamas surely depleted IronDome if anything else.

Could Hamas be the tripwire? They had to know this might be it.