May 05, 2021

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2021.05.04

Tim Kelly on Vendée Radio

Dr E. Michael Jones, Tim Kelly, Mike from Restoring the Faith media and Steve Cunningham join a panel discussion on 'the Apotheosis of Oligarchy' in 2021 with reference to the oligarch capture of nearly all western institutions; 'the ecclesiastical structure' (part of the human hierarchy of the Catholic Church), the media, corporations, medical authorities, the courts, cultural bodies, 'NGOs' and of course political and government organisations.

They examine this 'full-spectrum dominance' through a variety of cultural, political and spiritual lenses.

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Panzerfaust said...

Every single time EMJ says Europeans identifying as white is handing over victory to those who are destroying European civilization but no word on African descendants identifying as black.
Also that comment by Mike who states he would rather associate with black Catholics than European pagans.

Albert said...

"Also that comment by Mike who states he would rather associate with black Catholics than European pagans."

Yes! :-o

ANYTHING ... but WHITES having the FREEDOM to NOT "Associate" with ni88ers !!!

"Access" to WHITES is a "Human"-"RIGHT" !!! :-o

"Kissing-Upto": Murderous Barbaric ni88ers is soooo demeaning!

... And yet: "Christians", "non-racists" and the-"woke" Don't SEEM to SEE it! :-o

Archie Titus said...

Allow me to put a finer point on "European pagan".

If it means he be a covidiot who believes Jews in 21st century Europe are God's chosen people and are good for Europe, and is happy to support Jews advancing fringe minorities to engage in all kinds immoral activity claiming Christian morals is hate speech and discriminatory.

I say the company of a black Catholic is more agreeable.

I enjoyed the show and Should listen to it again.

Panzerfaust said...

Everywhere Jews went they were preceded by Christians.

Panzerfaust said...

Didn't hear anything about white genocide, population replacement, forced migration assisted by Christian and Jewish religious NGOs but maybe I missed it.

Albert said...

@Archie Titus

To "Reduce-to-Absurdity"-"EXTEND"-Your-Point:


"I 'Agree' that Floods of black/brown-"Immigrants" should-Not be Coming-IN-"Illegally"!

-- WHITE-"Christian"-Nations Should be black/brown-Hordes-FLOODED-"Replaced": "LEGALLY" with "Christian"-browns/blacks!

ALL that "Matters" is that "we" are NOT: "Racists" or "Non-Christian" !!!


Dr. OriGinal Larry said...

EMJ cannot seem to make it through an interview without uttering the word "Logos", just an observation of a habit that I find irritating.

Erik Paul said...

Especially irritating the way he pronounces it.

Panzerfaust said...

Does anyone know how Fetch is doing? I tuned in to his scheduled 2nd hour today and heard a female show host.

Scorpio said...

Getch is doing much better - planning on doing part of his show on Sat

Scorpio said...

^^ *Fetch

Panzerfaust said...

Thanks Scorpio