May 10, 2021

The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2021.05.07

James Henry Fetzer (born December 6, 1940) is a philosopher of science and conspiracy theorist. Since the late 1970s, Fetzer has worked on assessing and clarifying the forms and foundations of scientific explanation, probability in science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of cognitive science, especially artificial intelligence and computer science.

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inthemix16 said...

Ive learned over time to have great respect for Jim. Hes earned it despite the fact that there are some things we all dont necessarily jive with him on. But please, someone tap him on the shoulder and get him off reading news articles verbatim. ?? I think id rather listen to an hour of Scardykat than him reading on and on. Just paraphrase Jim. Your audience is smart enough. They will get it. It sucks the life out of your show and really undermines the knowledge of some of the great guests. Im guilty of it all the time but , try the less is more way of going about it.

Fakk said...

Fetzer and Giuseppe did a good job putting forward the alt-news point of view, ie. anti; vaccination, masking, totalitarian track/trace etc. McCairn said little more about the bio-weapon aspects of covid1984, just that 'gain of function' techniques had probably taken place in labs for 'dual use' civilian and military applications. McCairn seemed more supportive of wild/zoonotic characteristics of the 'virus', also he still favours masking and mass covid vaxx shots.

McCairn stated that precise examination and dissection of the covid1984 disease agent (virus or whatever the hell it is) using modern lab tools is taking place on a 'daily' basis, so apparently the idea of the 'virus' not having been isolated is incorrect. He also mentioned the website and the youtube channel Housatonic Live;

McCairn PhD, seemed genuine enough imo, on the April 30th Perfect Triangle programme, this time he was more obviously sounding like Fauci, Gates et al, ie. the covid 19 pandemic is real and deadly, continue forced masking, continue lockdown/isolation and continue mass vaccinations. It seems McCairn may either be a sinister deep-stater promoting the official covid narrative, or he may be a genuine whistle-blower, aware of a deadly bio-weapon agent release (deliberate or accidental) but obviously unable to talk about the germ-warfare or depopulation details.

Fakk said...

The Raw Deal 21-05-07 Jim Fetzer and Giuseppe Vafanculo with guest Dr. Kevin W McCairn PhD

Latest Papers authored/co-authored by D.R.A.S.T.I.C. Members

Or was it a laboratory accident after all?

Ep 83.1: Dr. McCairn responding to “SARSCOV2 stab is a vaxx and not gene therapy”

Housatonic Live; youtube channel

Sarge said...

Further proof Giuseppe is not to be trusted. Instead of going in for the kill on this idiot Dr pushing mRNA gene mutation who had to read from notes, he just gave him leading questions to further push his bs. Rabbit Giuseppe now wants to be middle of the road? God hates the lukewarm. Paul would have torn this fraud apart.

I'm surprised everyone has been taken in by Giuseppe. This is the same shit all throughout history, when opposition gets strong send in the crypto Jews and shabbos goy to move it back to the jwo. Weinerts kids are Jews, you really think he wants the jwo to fail? Giuseppe whose last name mocks you all has worked his way into every legit truth teller on Rev radio and they're all fooled. I hope at least fetch will sniff out the rat

Chains said...

This is a Talmudic Banker operation. The FED/BIS/international banking houses run this world and control the narrative of this fake pandemic, with the use large corporations.There is no question this is a of fake pandemic. Where is the populous on this? Well the majority are getting vaccinated of course.

There may or may not be any truth to the vaccines acting as delayed death shot. I suspect they are just buying time and picking up speed to smash this runaway train.

We are slaves that have contracted into our own slavery as corporate fictions from the start with the help of our parents. In this capacity you have no rights. You live in a matrix/overlay and figuring out and processing the implications of this larger commercial scam stealing your identity is beyond the common man's reality. It's your responsibility to remove yourself from this system and you have to be willing to die for your convictions. Get yourself right with God. The living man, as a legal fiction scam is getting more and more traction. It could be a contributing factor to destruction of our individual "sovereign" countries. In most cases they never were sovereign from the start.

The bottom line is you are a creation of man if you accept your legal fiction or should I say you reject your real divine creator. Your ignorance should not matter in the big scheme of things but once you have been alerted to this scam, continuing in it becomes more spiritually problematic. No? You could argue there was no full disclosure yet it is there if you look.

It's just that we do not read the law with the ability to decipher the legalese. The statutes always redefine the living man into some other type of legal fiction such as "DRIVER" for example. You will find the redefining of the natural man in every statute you look into. Some other name Like "driver" "owner" "taxpayer" etc that removes the natural man's god given rights. You apply into every statute with your signature to get the privilege it grants. With it comes the obligation/duty to perform under the terms set out in the statute. The basic natural law and common law concepts laid out in old lawful documents such as the Magna Carta are nowhere to be found in these statutes. In order to invoke these kinds of older British common law you need to know who you are. Like I said before, most common wealth countries where set up as colonies and still are. Canada where I live is a pathetic joke of nation. Australia is the same and if you examine them all I'm sure you find them all to be slave states from the start.

Courts are shutting down and are using CCTV etc and if you are in court you need to wear a mask. Where is the real man in this process? One is hiding behind a mask and the other is a digital facsimile! They are going for it and each one of us need to understand the we are individually responsible and we have to be recognized as men to have any power. I think the power created by that collective move would be much more powerful than any violence small bands of dissenters could create. Furthermore any movement with violence while not understanding you are a legal fiction/ Slave will undoubtedly end with it's new beginning into a comparable new and improved slave system.

I posted the below link the other day in another thread here, but can't remember where. I first saw it a year or two after it happened. It's titled "Revelations of an Elite Family Insider" It could be complete bullshit but i found it interesting and I think you might find it interesting. I reread it last week and enjoyed reading it.

Fakk said...

According to his comments, McCairn PhD apparently works in microbiology labs in Korea and/or Japan. That was one of the first 'scoops' about the plandemic in early 2020 - that the bio-weapon virus had actually come from a Japanese lab and was taken to China to be dispersed at a military sports event that US. athletes were taking part in. Somewhat cohencidental maybe? McCairn even mentioned those games in the interview.