October 21, 2021

NO CANADA, No Home & Native Land & No More Home in Australia For Max Igan

Canadian Gov’t Can Now Seize Private Property in the Name of COVID
Indians Flee From Canadian Army of Quaccinators
The Cookie Strategy
Stefan Verstappen
Rowdy Rebel Jamboree – Oct. 23rd, 2021
With Daryl Wayne & Co. 
 The Interpretation Act defines Canada as Canadian Waters Only
* Suggested by Ca-Nada *

Stefan Verstappen's Online Course
Richard Grove
Truth inc

HOSPITALS FULL With Quaxx Injuries!
Sixth Sense 
Give us your huddled masses yearning to be JABscinated
Dollar Vigilante

It's Time We Create Our Own Law
Max Igan in Acapulco
The Australian nightmare!
Truth inc
50+ Reasons The Earth Is NOT Flat
A Brief History Of The Flat Earth Society


Under Orwellian new health orders, the Saskatchewan minister may “authorize the entry into any building or on any land, without warrant, by any person in the course of implementing an emergency plan.” 

But it gets worse…

The Canadian government has also granted itself the power to “cause the evacuation of persons and the removal of persons or livestock and personal property from any area of Saskatchewan that is or may be affected by an emergency and make arrangements for the adequate care and protection of those persons or livestock and of the personal property.”


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Canada: Des Indiens s'enfuient dans la nature chassés par l'armée canadienne qui veut forcer les femmes et les enfants à prendre le vaccin.
Canadian Indians chased into the bush by the Canadian Army who wants to force quaccinate the women and children.

Certified nurse confirms justin trudeau and wife sophie faked vaccination on live tv


The Cookie Strategy
Jeff Rense Interviews Stefan Verstappen



Rowdy Rebel Jamboree – Oct. 23rd, 2021

I am formally inviting all of you to come out of your holes and embrace the freedom of private assembly that you were born to enjoy. My good friends Jimmy Coppolo and Daryl Wayne are throwing this one-day conference/social gathering free of charge for you, in celebration of the last vestiges of liberty this false paradigm of a legalist freedom-franchise will allow. Are you tired of the random videos and unknown voices of the armchair liberty movement? Are you tired of the patriot mythology and false history narrative thrown at you like a religious cult? If yes, then come out and join us for what may be one of the last chances you ever get to congregate and associate in the open. I mean that. The incredible and historical space Jimmy has rented, the Pitman Theatre in downtown Gadsden, Alabama has been reserved and the event is mostly planned. All you have to do is show up!

To those still spiritually awake and active, to those not afraid of their own shadow, and to those still able to break free from the molded lies we are constantly being set in, I say get off your ass and come out, meet and greet like-minded folks, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t!

Here’s the website: https://rowdyrebeljamboree.wordpress.com/

There will be live music between speakers, and who knows just who might get up and jam!

- Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
realitybloger  /  September 15, 2021

Truthfully, guys, this may very well be my retirement party. My back is permanently disabled and I want to get back into music. I’ve sacrificed enough of my life and health for this non-sequitur of a so-called movement and have almost nothing to show for it. If I can’t attract and gather 300 lonely souls together free for a day then I have no business making films or writing books and blogs that ultimately go nowhere and aren’t shared. I’m an encyclopedia, and no one reads those anymore. I’m shelved like Funk and Wagnall’s brainchild. I’m censored and so rely on you all to share my stuff, word of mouth, and that simply isn’t working. There is no underground. There is no resistance. We’ve allowed ourselves to enter into a dead end, like horses to slaughter. 
If anything the lack of turn-out proves my point, and that we all lost long ago. And so I’m going to spend my own money to show up with or without you and enjoy myself and party like it’s the proverbial 1999, because it is. I will probably sell an old guitar so I’m not broke when I get there. And no… I don’t think I will film it. Someone else might. But ya’ll don’t need more excuses to not participate in real life anymore, to ignore people in favor of digital hypocrisy (simulation). All we can say now to each other is “see, I told you so,” and that’s no reward at all. These weren’t merely predictions, they were predictive programing and we its propagandists. And now through our own sickening inaction we are beginning the miserable journey through those troubled times. 
It looks to me that many of you are already dead, spiritually, and thus bound in the consequence of physical decay. And so let’s just call this what it really is… this is the “we tried and failed” party; the “were fucked concession” convention, the “last chance is past” memorial foundation wrapping up its last vestigial meeting before closing its chapter of useful idiots and dupes and the trolls that love them. So do as thou wilt, for thanks to all of your silence and tacit consent, that will soon be the law. Until then, I’m looking forward to being with a few good friends to celebrate our self-perpetuated, self-fulfilling apocalypse. Consider this my potential pre-resignation.


Interpretation Act, 1985.
This Interpretation Act, under the definitions section, states clearly what “Canada” is (page 21): Canada, for greater certainty, includes the internal waters of Canada and the territorial sea of Canada; And again the definition that follows it is “Canadian Waters” and it is defined as: Canadian waters, includes the territorial sea of Canada and the internal waters of Canada; The key word here in identifying a grand deception is the word “includes”. Every law dictionary (and others) define includes as “to contain” and one of the universal common law maxims (principles of law) that Canada was founded upon states, for further clarity, “The inclusion of one is the exclusion of all others.” 
It is clear, with the definition of “includes” above, what The Interpretation Act defines Canada as. And it is even clearer when Canada is described as the exact same thing as “Canadian Waters”. So… What is Canada? A slave plantation, that's what. 
Have a look, and tell me,as kooky as it is Mister rex123; where is the lie in the lie that is Canada? Same corporate legal bullcrap in most every Commonwealth country. The USA has much the same problems except they have a little more legitimacy in their constitutional framework that has been deeply perverted by card carrying members of the inner temple and their banker overlords. Lawyers are scum of the earth.

BAR tenders drunk with stolen power
Know nothing of Justice and Honor
Their logic is twisted like their words
Their conscience is blackened, like their turds
 These liars are the scum of the earth
If the Interpretation Act defines Canada as Canadian Waters Only, sell your boats and head for the hills!
 And if you go fishing, bring a good bodyguard...

The Dollar Vigilante Discusses Flat Earther Deaths.
Max Igan Joins Jeff Berwick in Acapulco
"Doctors & Hospitals Kill You!"
Law No Longer Exists So It's Time We Create Our Own
 Max Igan – The Crowhouse Oct 20, 2021

The Australian nightmare!
Truth inc Published October 18, 2021
A Brief History Of The Flat Earth Society


The Earth Is NOT Flat, except for Saskatchewan.
 Rest in Peace Flatypus...


Smokey says: "Are you sure you don't want me to jump in and go fetch a big one for supper?"


Erik Paul said...

Excellent flat earf video, Volt, thanx!!

I posted it on Patrick Timpone's Fakebook page because he recently "came out" as a flat earf-tard.

Albert said...

The First 11 minutes of the "Perfect Triangle" was Good ......

and then a She-Boon came-on and "Larped": "I'm a 'Lady' ..." :-o

Albert said...

"Nature Nurture" ...

It can be (((said))): that someone CAN'T HELP being-BORN: a She-Boon !!!

Or that Someone CAN'T HELP having been "RAISED" as a She-Boon !!!

.... And that they are: TRYING their 'best' !!! :-o ;-)

But ......

The Whole-POINT of Being Rightfully-'PROUD': Of OUR: WHITE-European-ANCESTRY...

--> Is that: TRUTHFULLY and GRATEFULLY: WE are NOTHING-LIKE: Wretched-"Non-whites" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

Like the "chosen"-jews, and ALL of (((their))): 'Orc'-ARMY-"allies" ...

Gleefully SEEK to "vaccinate": ALL WHITES ... OUT of EXISTENCE ....

WE happen to THINK: That it would indeed BE: A GREAT-KINDNESS:

For Virtually-NO-ONE to be even BORN: A WRETCHED-'Non-white' / jew ...

Both For-THEMSELVES .... And ESPECIALLY for the-Entire-WORLD !!!

-----> The REALITY, though .... is that it is NOT actually: "DNA"-Genes, or "Upbringing" ....

Which is Behind these Wretched-Peoples ... being: WHO they-ARE !!! :-o

ie: Being BORN a hideous Monstrous burning-with-Vicious-Terrible-ENVY jew ...
-- OR being: "GROOMED"* for such a DISASTROUS-'role' to DESTROY: CIVILIZATION and ALL-that-is-GOOD! :-o

* ie jewish: Family-'values' and 'sexual-education'
(Sabatean-Frankists/Chabadlubavich etc)

Albert said...


jews actually have NO Refined / beautiful etc. Truly-ARTISTIC Abilities ...

A jew-child: SMEARS-Poop on something ... and 'PROUDLY' shows such 'ART' to his/her/its Mother ...

Mother: "Oh Gawwd Shlomo ... that's that's that's .... 'beautiful' 'Artwork' !!!"

Yes! -- One 'CAN'T' 'HELP': Having been BORN: a Disgusting Deranged jew (or 'Non-white'!) ...
-- OR Having been 'Raised' on the "non-white" "Traditions" ....

But, at the very-Least: 'WHY' exactly do we "NEED" to MULTIPLY their 'numbers' by the BILLIONS and BILLIONS and BILLIONS ??? :-o

Blacks don't of-themselves even GROW FOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!! -- So WHY FEED them ??????????????? :-o
-- THIS is NOT: 'Sustainable' OR: "Environmental" at-ALL !!! -- OR even SANE !!! -- It is indeed: "MENTAL"* !!!

*"Mental" -- British for: INSANE / Retarded etc!

inthemix16 said...

@Albert not sure what show. What i do know is the latest episode of Fetzer reading endlessly and how annoying it is, Guiseppe is one of the few that has the guts to say what needs to be said.
I might have pointed out in a previous post, on Tuesday broadcast Austin Brower pointed out that their are 102 Dual citizens in CONgres. There supposedly is at least 350k Military personnel that have been given the boot because they wont take the jab. This doesnt count how many may be Special opps, Navy Seals, etc and god knows they have a score to settle. At least 12 Raptor pilots.

Its not like this is 1930s were info is done via pigeon . Its not like information cant be had.. It baffles me why at least these 102 arent shitting in their pants every day. 350k to 102 utter pussies.

Austin mentioned something of a rumor of a ton of vets that have sent out some message publicly either seize and desist by this day..or life gonna get difficult. I have a hard time believing this but what i cant understand is why at the very least there would be a date to back the fuck off , or its one way trip to TelAviv and make it VERY CLEAR . your being offered the nice version . And the same with that punk ass Daniel Andrews. How is it he does not walk in fear pissing in his pants i cant comprehend.

102.. that Spec Ops could have fun with boys and girls and this shit is ova!

Give credit to Zeppie for having the guts to saying it on a show.

And just a msg to that fat fuck gov of Illinois. I do not have or know how to work arms but no matter what i will stand next to any Chi cop armed or not and back them up. Admiral Ackbar needs cuffs immediately . If you dont understand there will be only one survivor here your clueless..

inthemix16 said...

Volt. That was a sweet little Message with Grapes. Thank god someone got my point. It was never my intent to start something but just to point out sometimes you have to look at the forest not just the trees

Albert said...


Seems to be: that WE were MADE to be: SHORT and Short-Lived 'servant'-versions of the Wonderful-'GIANT': TRUE-WHITES ...

WE were MADE: To TAKE-CARE-of, and RAISE-UP: Our Younger More-Frail SIBLINGS and Old-Folk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--> Within OUR-OWN: Nations this works FiNE !!!!!!!!

As OUR beautiful Precious Children thus: GROW-UP / are RAISED-UP: To indeed BE: TRUTHFUL (Creative, Step-by-Step Hard-Working/Industrious) and (Generous KIND) GRATEFUL !!!

Thus a Golden-Labrador puppy, cared-for kindly ..... Grows-Up: To BE a Loyal and Grateful: Grown-Dog :-)

--> But one simply CANNOT 'Raise' a HYENA ... to be ANYTHING LIKE THAT !!!!!!!!
--> And it is WRONG and INSANE to Even 'TRY' !!! :-o

--> jews 'cleverly' KNEW: That: "Multiculturalism" and "Christianly"-"RAISING-Up" the "3rd-World" ...
COULD and WOULD Never even Begin to "WORK" !!!!!!!! -- But would 'simply' DESTROY: "Christian"-CIVILIZATION !!! :-o

jews "cleverly"-PUSHED:
Alcohol Tobacco and 'Drugs'
Sex Outside of: Marriage: for-Having-Raising-UP-Wonderful-Beautiful-Children
Gambling, "Insurance", "Protection", "Retirement", "Divorce-Settlements", "Entertainment", "Sports", .... "FREEDOM" ("Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité) ... USURY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (To "cleverly" STEAL: ALL that WE HAD !!!)

OUR Great ANCESTRAL-INHERITANCE .... was NOT literally-"EARNED" BY-US ........
--> But it was:Carefully-Generously-HANDED-DOWN/PASSED-ON to US ...

And it was "simply" OUR Great-RESPONSIBILITY and PRIDE: To "simply" NOT: Squander, Abuse, Degrade, THROW-AWAY or DESTROY such!!!

By (Oh sooo FOOLISHLY and Selfishly) "DOING": Meat, Drugs, Sex, Gambling etc...
And FOOLISLY 'TRYING' to "SHARE" or GREAT-and-PRICELESS Ancestral-"Christian'-Legacy:
("Pearls before SWINE!") .... WITH those who-COULD 'ONLY': UNGRATEFULLY: RAPIDLY DESTROY such ...
And Even OURSELVES !!! -- Literally-KILLING the "Goose that LAYS the Golden-Eggs!" :-o

WE were MADE such that Raised-UP as a Child with Kindness and TRUTH ...
BECAUSE of the "GOD-within-OUR-Hearts" .... WE Would indeed BE: TRUTHFUL and GRATEFUL !!!!!!!!!!!

--> And Step-by-Step: MAKE the World a BETTER Place for OUR Having BEEN Here!

----> THIS is "simply" NOT the case ... when it comes to: "non-whites" !!! :-o ;-(

Albert said...

*And FOOLISLY 'TRYING' to "SHARE" our GREAT-and-PRICELESS Ancestral-"Christian'-Legacy:
("Pearls before SWINE!") .... WITH those who-COULD 'ONLY': UNGRATEFULLY: RAPIDLY DESTROY such ...
And Even OURSELVES !!! -- Literally-KILLING the "Goose that LAYS the Golden-Eggs!" :-o

Albert said...

Regarding: Flat-Earth and "Tartaria"...

--> WE PUNY-Whites are NOT the "Pinnacle" but merely-SUBSETS / "worker-ant/bee"-"Gardener"VERSIONS ...
---> of the GREAT-WHITE-"Tartarian" 'GIANT'-World-Paradise-Truly-Awesome-CREATORS !!!

(Although to US: "Giant" means ALL: very very TALL-Humans ... "Giant" is more akin to: "Jin"/"Genie"/"Ogre"
.... As ALL: TRULY-GREAT-MEN (and Women!) of-OLD were indeed ALL: Very VERY BIG / TALL / TRULY-GREAT !!!)

Brian-Ruhe Monika and Mischa Popoff discuss many things ...

And Mischa BEGINS to EXPLAIN: How the TRUTH about "Tartaria" ...
and HOW: "Native-Peoples" NEVER "OWNED" the VAST-Lands of OUR PLANE .....
Is NOW: VITAL for Whites to KNOW and Now: even SURVIVE ...
and thus Standing-UP to-EVIL .... once again: To REBUILD Our Great-and-BEAUTIFUL: WHITE-World !!! :-)




Albert said...

Mary was a HUGE 'GIANT' ...

Jesus is DEPICTED in OLD-PAINTINGS (and Wood-Statues): As a "Fully-GROWN"-MAN-Proportioned: SMALL-Child in Mary's Arms...
(Most EVERYTHING of the Previous Epoch/Era was of 'GIANT'-Proportions, and MADE for Loooong-Lived HUGE-'GIANTS'!)

Possibly / Probably: Jesus REIGNED for 1,000 Years (OVER the ENTIRE-Earth) with HIS: "Glorified-Body" 'GIANT'-Disciples/"SAINTS" ...

And, ONLY Relatively-RECENTLY: For the LAST 200+ Years (Post-"Mud-Flood") ...

--> Has the World BEEN: A Rapidly-DETERIORATING/DEGRADING: "3rd-World"---HELL-on-Earth !!! :-o

Euphemistically for at-least 200+ years 'Human'-LIFE has been a "LEARNING-Experience" !!!

--> The "Lesson" being to BECOME once-again: TRUTHFUL-(Obedient-Little-Children) and GRATEFUL !!! :-o

UNLESS Children are RAISED-UP: To BE: TRUTHFUL-(Obedient) and GRATEFUL ..... nothing Good can be DONE WITH-Them !!! :-o

Ultimately: "Birds of a Feather ... FLOCK-Together!"
(This "SORTING" especially Occurs AFTER-Our-DEATH!)

The Intrinsically: Creative Good Grateful "SOULS"... can indeed be 'purified' and once-AGAIN: ENTER the Realm of the "AETHER"/"ETHER"/"ETERNAL" "non-Physical"
(Carbon-based life-forms [6-6-6] are very FRAIL and 'Mortal'! -- And Possibly SOME of the: "Energetic" are of SILICONE-base: thus being very STRONG and Loooong Lived, and truly-NOBLE!)

Possibly SOME of the mixed/alloyed/impure/contaminated: CAN be "cleaned-UP" / "Dusted-Off" and RAISED-UP too ....
(By "association" / Good-Guidance those who can-BEGIN-the-Journey ... Can BE: Step-by-Step UPLIFTED !!!
-- Those who are Wretchedly-too-"PROUD" ... those who "simply"-HATE-the-TRUTH/Light/Life ..... CANNOT be Uplifted!)

And those that "DELIGHT" / "Take-GLEE" in ENVIOUSLY: DEGRADING and DESTROYING Everything ...
--> Will GO: To be WITH: Others of the SAME Disgusting Damned Ilk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

--> Hence the jews' "clever" PUSH to DEGRADE: EVERYONE (With Drugs, Sexual-Degradation etc!) !!!
----> Which is ESPECIALLY Terribly-AIMED/TARGETED at: OUR Precious-WHITE-CHILDREN ...
in a bizarre TWISTED "loophole"-Definition of: "Gaining 'CONSENT'!!!": for the most DEGRADED and WRETCHED "Choices" !!!

WHITES/"Christians" UNDERSTAND that: Children's Precious-INNOCENCE: Should be PROTECTED by Their-PARENTS / "The Patriarchy"!

jews consider that: "8 is too 'Late'!" ..... and that CHILDREN SHOULD / MUST be "Groomed" ...
In order for THEM to 'BECOME': "CONSENTING"-Adults !!! :-o

(These 'rituals' entail: "Sacrifice", Cannibalism and Sexual-Defilement!)

Albert said...

All of these Deep-TRUTHS are somehow contained within the:

"Spiritual" Struggle / Battle: Between: GOOD-Godly-Nature-TRUTH-LIFE ... and EVIL-Un-Godly-Un-Natural-LIES-(Deceptions)-DEATH!

Men are Direct/Upfront/Truthful ... Women are Indirect/Subtle/Diplomatic
Men are Strong (Objective) .... Women are Weak (Subjective)
(Men LOVE Women, Women LOVE Children, Children LOVE Hamsters, Hamsters LOVE no-one!)

There are TWO 'Definitions' of "Good" ...

"Thinking" "Happy-Thoughts"/"Good"-Intentions
("The Path to HELL ... is 'paved' with 'Good'-Intentions!")
and --> Obtaining: Actually GOOD Long-Term-RESULTS !!!

Enigmatically, within THIS FRAIL Short "Mortal"-Existence .... in many ways a MOTHER's 'Hands-ON'-Approach to RAISING-Children ...
ie: One Simply-MUST: PREVENT our Precious-Children FROM: Running-infront-of-a-Car! or "Getting into a (((stranger's))) Car!"
Is MORE: "Pragmatic" TRUE! / LOVING !!! -- Children CANNOT always be: "Reasoned-With" ...
But indeed MUST be Firmly-TOLD: What is Right (to be DONE!) ... and What is Wrong (NOT to be DONE!)

A Father ultimately WANTS: HIS Children to GROW-UP: to be STRONG-Enough to: CHOOSE to: "Follow in HIS Footsteps!"
-- THAT done by-FORCE ... Working in Coercion ... will NEVER Obtain the HIGHEST-Achievements!
(And AFTER He-DIES / In His ABSENCE ...... the HARD-Won/Earned/Built-UP: Traditions will Otherwise: CEASE !!!)
-- Putting-Your-HEART-into-Your-WORK ... Not-only Achieves GREAT things .... but such Step-by-Step: Determination and Success ... is No-Longer LIKE Burdensome-WORK at-All !!!
--> But such BRINGS: True PURPOSE MEANING Accomplishment Fulfilment ..... and is WHAT OUR-Nature was indeed MADE to BE !!!

"The TRUTH 'fears'-NO: Examination!"
--> WHEN competing "World-Views" / Aims: are Openly/TRUTHFULLY Discussed ...
----> The BETTER/BEST Objectives are THEN Agreed-Upon (By TRUTHFUL-Parties!) and then: Step-by-Step: Cooperatively MADE-REAL/REALIZED!

"Friends" (Like BIRDS!) is Give-and-Take / Come-and-Go / "Free-Market" ... and, Like a Buffet ... as we have but a SMALL-Stomach ... we CHOOSE to EAT: What we LIKE BEST! :-)
("Money is a token-system: Originally-Meant to be USED by us: To PROTECT / Separate us from THOSE we do-NOT wish to deal-with: As FRIENDS!)
"Family" (Like BEES!) is NOT: "Chosen" ... and Being: GENERATIONAL-through-TIME ... is intrinsically: Hierarchical/Patriarchal.
-- "Family" is NOT really: Come-and-Go / "Voluntary" ... but entails OBLIGATIONS / Duties / Responsibilities / PRESERVING-Passing/Handing-DOWN ... But, though each Family-Member is-DIFFERENT ... by Working-TOGETHER ... ALL are of VALUE, and ALL BENEFIT and are MADE: Stronger and Happier by such too!

"MASTER"-Slave .... is a DIFFERENT system to Either: "Friends" or "Family"

Within a FAMILY, Generationally ... Control is Passed-Down ...
And there is indeed MUCH: LEADING BY-EXAMPLE !!!
Indeed, as Parents "Sacrifice" for 20-Years to Raise-UP: Their Precious-Children...
If ANYTHING: The Parents can be Characterized as Their-Childrens' "SLAVES"! ;-)

Step-by-Step Bountiful-CREATION is Intrinsically-GENEROUS and PRODUCTIVE !!!

In an APPRENTICESHIP System, LIKE Generationally-Within-a-Family, the MASTER-Craftsman: GUIDES and Step-by-Step: TEACHES and UPLIFTS his Apprentices ... until THEY-Themselves BECOME: POWERFUL Capable: "MASTER"-Craftsmen Themselves!

And, in the CASE Where an "Apprentice" is "simply"-INCAPABLE of EVER Becoming Actually-(self-actuatedly)-COMPETENT ... LIKE His-MASTER ...
--> It is indeed JUSTIFIED: That He REMAIN Obliged to WORK: UNDER-His-MASTER'S SUPERVISION .....

Albert said...

BUT, a "MASTER"-Slave "Relationship" ... wherein the "MASTER" is in-EFFECT: a WEAK-PARASITE ......
Well, in-order to Perpetuate/Perpetrate such an UN-NATURAL PARASITIC "Power"-Structure ...
--> The "Slaves" must by Various: LIES / Trickery be KEPT: In a "Slave" / "Subjective" Position ...
And: Instead of: LIKE within a Generational-LOVING-Family: Step-by-Step: RAISING-Them-UP ...
The-"SLAVES" MUST be Step-by-Step: Trapped, and Permanently: KEPT-DOWN !!!
(With Animals: Amputating-Off: Parts, or deploying: Chains, and Walls, limited-food etc.
-- As by Good-Nutrition: Ordinarily an Animal's BODY and "instincts": Upon Growing-Up: ENABLE Him to Become: STRONG and Autonomous/Free!)

The TRUTH of this-World is that LIFE is Massively-GENERATIVE !!!
-- EVERY LIFE-FORM: HAVING MORE Offspring ... than the Environment CAN Support ...
"POWER" in THIS World ... is Often about: KILLING-OFF: Other Living-Beings!

-- And Gardening and Farming are about:
GROWING the DESIRED Crops/Plants/Trees, and WEEDING-OUT: the LESS-Desirable!
And BREEDING the DESIRED Animals, and Culling-Off: the LESS-Desired ones!

The Sun's LIGHT: Gives LIFE to ALL of the VEGETATION ...
And Such VEGETATION hence is FOOD for ALL of the ANIMAL-Life!
Hence, in this cycle: Animals FEED OFF of Plants, and are Thus DEPENDENT ...
--> But PARASITISM ... is Quite DIFFERENT indeed from THIS !!! ........

Erik Paul said...

UPDATE: Timpone just removed the video!! What a cowardly little greasy spaghetti-bending meatball wop! A little too much truth! ZEE-RO respect.

CA-Nada said...

LOL good ppst VOLT!

Albert said...


Your Observation about Jim PAINFULLY-READ off: Long BS-Articles ... is very-TRUE !!! :-o

Giuseppe's "Perfect Triangle" Show is QUITE-DIFFERENT from Scorpio's "Scorpio" Show !!!

Today, I got 11 minutes into Giuseppe's show .... and, well THAT: "She-Boon" .... is MAYBE WORSE than:

"Scaredy-Cat"-and-"chris" COMBINED !!! :-o

Ref: "WHY" TRAINED-KILLERS: DON'T "REMOVE"-"with-Extreme-Prejudice": the few-((('bankers+minions"))) ...?

There are MANY Factors!

As CHILDREN in-order to enjoy a "soccer" game ... two Team-Leaders are Chosen: and Then Each alternately chooses Their Team-members ....

--> Each day the Team-Players are DIFFERENT ....... and yet: The Children DELIGHT in Being-ON the "Winning" Team! ;-)

HENE a LOT of "Dummies" once "jabbed" (and thus being: ON the 'jab'-TEAM!) ....... will "HAPPILY" say: EVERYONE MUST NOW be "jabbed" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

The Military is a STRANGE phenomenon !!! :-o

From the First 6-Weeks they are GROUP-Collectively-Punished: Into BECOMING: "Order-Followers" of their "Higher-Ups'"-COMMANDS! :-o

--> THEN, like members of a CULT becoming ... one-by-one "Dis-illusioned" ... they GO-OFF !!! (To "Drink" and "DRUG" themselves into Stupors / further-stupidity)

THEY MAY have "FELT" "POWERFUL": Flying in $Billion-Planes "BOMBING" Millions of (((rothschild)))-"TARGETS" ...
--> But, ONCE REMOVED from the Military-"MACHINE" .... LIKE a nut-or-bolt FALLING-OFF of a MACHINE ...
THEY are really Quite: Valueless / Useless / Meaningless / LOST .......

It is SIMILAR for the POLICE ...

-- WHILE in-Uniform ..... They INSIST that You: "RESPECT Their UNIFORM!" ......
WHETHER they are "Detaining" Murderous-Drug-Gang-Thugs ....
or maybe more often: "Foreclosing"-on-Folks'-HOMES for FRAUDULENT-(((bankers))) ...
or Beating-Up: Mask etc. "Offenders" ....

In-ORDER to even "BECOME" a "Cop" one MUST be "MINDLESS"-Enough to: "I'm 'just' 'Doing' MY-Job!" ...

Then, there is the "Manly" "White-Knighting" that MEN USED to DO !!! :-o

--> DECADES ago most All men: CEASED to GIVE Their Seat: To a Pregnant-Woman on a Train or Bus ....
NOW, it seems ... a ni88er can RAPE a woman for 30-minutes on a Train .... and the onlookers hold-up: Their PHONES! :-o

Yuri Bezmenov used the Term: "De-Moralization" ...

Tsun-Tsu Explained that the BEST Battle ... is WHEN youe Enemy is: con-vinced: NOT to even Fight-BACK!

WHITES .... in-order for them to HAVE: Their: RACE / Ancestry ... TAKEN-AWAY-FROM-Them ...
--> As WHAT THEY would indeed: FIGHT-to-the-DEATH: To PRESERVE / Defend ......
MUST have BEEN already: Step-by-Step "De-moralized" !!!

"Christians" SHOULD have UNDERSTOOD that: ONLY: WHITES CAN-even-BE: TRUE-"Christians" ...
-- And that THEY should NEVER be soooo Foolish as to be: (((con-vinced))) to Fight and Murder: OTHERS of Their "Christian"-Ethnicities!
-- ie THEIR Own: "Christian"-BROTHERS-and-SISTERS!)

Albert said...

For Decades a Father was ... through the (((courts))) "taken-to-the-cleaners" BY his Ex-Wife ...... and MORE than "just" HUMILIATED and Disgraced! (Folks now call it: "Divorce-RAPED"!)

--> ONCE You LOOK-Around and SEE Everywhere Folks INDIVIDUALLY being "MADE-EXAMPLES-of" ... and NOBODY: "Having Their-Backs" !!!

And ONCE You NO-LONGER even HAVE: Your-RACE, what to Speak of Ethnic-Family-Traditions ... to BE PROUD of, and STAND-UP for ...

And ONCE almost NO-Man can EVER Truly-"OWN" HIS-OWN: White-Family ...

....... And, Especially since the TRUE-(((ring-leaders)))-EFFECTIVELY-HIDE-BEHIND: Soooo many Protective-LAYERS of (Useful-Idiot)-"FRONTMEN .....

--> WHAT MAN is ..... INDIVIDUALLY LEFT ..... who CAN indeed Truly even FIGHT for ANYTHING which is of ANY TRUE VALUE to HIM?!!!
-- ie: His RACE, His Family etc !!!!!!!

----- THESE have been ALL Long-since ((("forbidden"))) to us by ((("entertainment"))) and ((("education"))) ...
-- We wouldn't WANT to be CALLED:
Racist--White-Supremacist-Neon-Naaatseees etc.... would we?!

MANY have been SAYING Lately: That the "Holo-Co$t-HOAX" ... and ("WWI" and) "WWII"-the-"GOOD"-War ... (((BIG-LIES))) ...

ARE indeed WHAT is STOPPING: Especially-AMERICANS ... from BEING: Truly PRO-WHITE !!! :-o

WE can SEE ... if we choose to even LOOK:

That Adolf-Hitler EFFECTIVELY UNITED the German-Folk to: Truly RISE-UP: And CAST-OFF Their Terrible-(((shackles/shekels))) !!!

--> And within Years Unemployment ENDED and Germany BECAME the STRONGEST-(and-HAPPIEST!)-EUROPEAN NATION !!! ...


--> IF "Truth-Leaders))) CANNOT even HAVE the COURAGE and DECENCY: To even "just" ADMIT: the TRUTH of "WWII" ...

Well, MAYBE the END of the ENTIRE-WHITE-RACE .... Began ...... and ENDS: with "WWII" -- the (((so-called))): "Good"-"War" !!!

Like MANY memes sooo PAINFULLY now "POINT-OUT": "WWII" and "AMERICA" was ultimately ABOUT: ((("trans/gay")))-"RIGHTS" ...

--> When (((they))) SHOULD have been "REMOVED" .... Through "STAR-GATES"-(situated-at-Shear-Cliff-Edges!) ....
............ Loooong Looooooong Ago !!! :-o

🌝 🌚 🌞

CA-Nada said...

ppst = post :)

Getting drunk in front of the wood stove :)

Grand Funk Concert June 1974 Fully Remastered 2021

CA-Nada said...

John Hiatt with The Jerry Douglas Band - "Mississippi Phone Booth"

Don't Think Twice. It's Alright

Delbert McClinton -Lone Star Blues-

You got the silver

Things have changed

CA-Nada said...

Here are more tunes I'm listening to these days

John Hiatt - "Over The Hill"

Summertime thing

James Hunter - Carina

When I Go Away

Bluest Blues Alvin Lee 1994

Ship of Fools - World Party

The Ballad Of Curtis Loew (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover) - John Hiatt & Moe

Billy Cobham - Glass Menagerie (Full)

inthemix16 said...

Look. I dont really expect anyone to give a rats ass what my viewpoint is but regarding this past days episode of Perfect Triangle..I have no doubt this person had some great insight which is why i held on so long but never ever in my wildest dreams did i think it would take so much brain energy to try and understand what a person who is technically speaking English. Could someone explain what or where that dialect originates so i know to never go there. Id get psychotic and need a straight jacket , as most think i already need, if i had to listen to that for an entire day. Guys, no doubt this person means well and has a great message but might want to ponder to make that the first and last time. That was utter torture to ones mind. Did i hear a some connection to Malificus ? This was from the land of ACH ? Look, you can spare me the "yea" at the end of every sentence. Its pretty simple you Brits, One night watching "Red Dawn" 10 times gathering wine bottles, petrol,10W30, and tearing apart your bed sheets. you to Aussies. this isnt rocket science..Sorry but that became unpalatable after a while . I tried to hang in there but just couldnt . That might have well been Portuguese on the understandable level though last i checked was English.

Albert said...


Albert said...


In some Hours Time: Scorpio-Show ...

Scorpio's Show is most-ALWAYS GREAT !!! :-)

Albert said...

Narius Landes (is VERY jew-WISE!) is a Lithuanian (Formerly in AMERICA) Presently in (SOUL-sucking)-Mexico ... WANTING to FIND Some-Like-Mindeds in a REGION of America where they can: STAND-together-for-the-TRUTH !!!



In His RECENT-Talk He MENTIONS What a SCHILL: "Max Igan" (MAX-Con-man!) is !!! :-o

--> I Recommend Folks LISTEN to Narius' BitChute Channel (He is an "excentric"-GENIUS! -- But Very-HONEST and Truthful indeed!)

I Listened to Harry-Vox'es Latest 1-HOUR with "Igoan" ... and "Igan" OBVIOUSLY LIES about MANY THINGS !!!
(So I DON'T particularly-recommend THAT-Particular Harry-Vox Talk! :-o -- Unless You "LIKE": "Punishment"! -- or WANT to SEE MORE of just-HOW-Much "Igan" is a LIAR/Schill !!! ;-) )

inthemix16 said...

@Albert thanks so much as always! Yes great call. I only caught the last 20 live and will have to get back later but what a treat to hear BB9. What a legend. To hear hes making a comeback was great news. ! The chemistry BB9,Scorp and Zeppie is fantastic .Damn Scorp, youve been here 2 months and you already bagged some tail. ? Thats one fast operator !
I guess Igan really did jet out of Australia. I dont maybe he finally had some mercy on those near dead dogs of his. He sure has a heart . So he left the Peacocks and chickens to fend for themselves ? I dont know..
You have another Link @Albert up there that sounds like a must listen..Just dont tell Brenden Oconnel . The less i hear him sqeeling "Whiteeeey""!
i may have mentioned earlier but one good story that there is hope for humanity. Bushcraft Bear had broken his camera and it seems pretty clear the gang rallied around himm and donated enough so he can get a new one . Every day i think that situation will die down it just gets worse.

Since yesterday there has been a total of 135 earthquakes. The volcanic cone is 200 meters high.


Im almost starting to think maybe Dutchsinse was on to something a year or 2 ago. If anyone has info on how DEW can actually charge volcanoes.

If you have never scene this its pretty amazing. Dutch is like this genius and comedian all in one. Hes doing a live stream and discovers DEW and the California fires.

Albert said...

I am at the 37 minute mark in the Scorpio Show ...

Mike-Gaddy "cleverly" Summarizes: "Socialism" ("Collectivism") vs "Individualism" ...

IF You HAVE A BIG-STRONG FAMILY ... "Collectivism" WITH Strong-"Individuals" ... is GREAT !!!

IF you have a Global-CRIME-(((Mafias))) System ... "Collectivism" AND "Individualism" ... is a "LIVING"-(((HELL)))


--> SEE the "clever" Mike-Gaddy SWITCH from the "WHO" of "Things" ... -- Which is the ONLY-IMPORTANT-ASPECT of a Nation's-Government-Structure ... NOT the Specific-DETAILS !!! :-o

To "ABSTRACT" (Non-"Racial") "Ideas" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Hence Though America Formerly HAD: 90+% WHITE Population ... and HAD a Pretty-HAPPY Lifestyle with HAPPY-WHITE-FAMILIES ...
-- Mike Gaddy "cleverly" "Explains" ... that America has-"ALWAYS"-BEEN: A "Socialist"*-Country !!!

*He Slyly: "Prefers" to not-even distinguish BETWEEN: "Communism", "Zionism", "Capitalism" etc. etc. etc...

POISONED-FOOD is, of course: 95% Good-FOOD PLUS 5%-POISON .... otherwise ... NO-CREATURE whatsoever ... would EVER actually-EAT it ----- and thus DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...


"RamBetter" (Narius Landes)


--> I Recommend Folks LISTEN to Narius' BitChute Channel

----> He is an "eccentric"-GENIUS! -- But Very-HONEST and Truthful indeed!

I have LEARNT a LOT from LISTENING to Him, and THINKING about What He is DESCRIBING !!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

When soooo much "Alternative" "Truthers" are NAUSEATINGLY "Repetitive" ... and Practically:

-- "I DON'T want to 'ENDURE' "Listening"-to THAT !!!"

Narius is FUN, Interesting, and Quite Refreshingly "DIFFERENT" !!! :-)

(And, if WE are TRUTHFUL to Ourselves ... WE are in MANY ways ... substantially MORE "foible-d" !!! ;-) )

Albert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Albert said...

Let's FACE-it:

... this "Individualism" "thing" ........

Well, NO-ONE "Likes" to be-TOLD: WHAT-to-DO ...

ESPECIALLY Nowadays ... and ESPECIALLY the REALLY REALLY-STUPID/["Proud"] .... "But I 'Repeat'-Myself!"

-- ie Nowadays there are indeed a LOT of: REALLY REALLY-STUPID/["Proud"] "People" .... who, of course:

DON'T "Like" to be TOLD: WHAT-to-DO !!! --- But, of Course, THESE very "People" are-INDEED the Very-ONES:
--> Who NEED to Be: TOLD: WHAT-to-DO ... and What-NOT-to-DO as-well !!!

"Rambetter" asks the Question: "WHY 'wouldn't' EVERYONE WANT: to IMPROVE-Themselves !!!?"

But Nowadays (the FOOLS') HUGE-"Egos" ... "REQUIRE" that the TRUTH ...
... and ESPECIALLY: the ("rude"/"HATERS")-TELLERS: of the TRUTH !!!
--> BE: "SILENCED" !!! :-o

Of course a CON-MAN (Mike Gaddy etc.) ... TELLING ("PROUD" Idiots!) "People" WHAT-THEY-WANT-to-HEAR:

ie: "Individualism" "Individualism" "Individualism" ...

Will FIND a LOT more "Suckers"-TAKERS ........

--> Than Someone TRUTHFULLY TELLING ("Apprentices") "People":

--> "At the moment / Presently: YOU are ACTUALLY: TOO STUPID ...


-- To be MAKING: Your-"OWN"-"Decisions"* !!!

*(((media))) (((advertizing))) (((ed-jew-cation))) and ((("authorities"))) ... are (very POWERFULLY) EFFECTIVELY:

"PUTTING" / "Injecting": Those "clever" ((("Ideas"))) of "Individualism" etc. INSIDE Your-DUMB-VAIN-"Heads"/"Brains" !!!

Telling the TRUTH ... nowadays ..... will NOT be: "MAKING" you very many FRIENDS indeed! ;-)

Albert said...

A MAN .... WITH a WIFE .... and Precious-Children too ...

--> Is NOT: an "Individual" .... NOR SHOULD HE be "Acting" as one either! :-o

WE are ALL HERE ... Because WE HAD: A Mother and a Father .... who were NOT soooo "Selfish" ...

As to FOOLISHLY "PROUDLY" "THINK" of Themselves as "Individuals" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

((("Capitalism"))) (SLAVERY to the All-mighty-(((Dollar)))!!!) ie: SELFISH-GREED .... Does-NOT: "Magically" MAKE "Individuals" "Virtuous" .....


is NOT "Socialism" at all !!! (Church-Run HOSPITALS etc: With Nuns-working-without-PAY-out-of-LOVE! etc. - were "Socialism")

NATIONAL-SOCIALISM: STOPPED (((communism))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UNTIL: Americans and EVERY WHITE-Folk ... ACKNOWLEGES that-FACT .....

--> WE have NO-HOPE of EVER Becoming-FREE From: (((democracy))) (((capitalism))) (((communism))) ... ie: WRETCHED White-Genocide "Working-to-Dig-Our-OWN-GRAVES" "clever"-"PROUD"*-(((SLAVERY)))

*"PRIDE" comes-before-a-FALL ....... and ... IF one NEVER-ever: CASTS-OFF: Such FOOLISH-"PRIDE" ....... one will "simply" NEVER EVER Be Truly-FREE ever AGAIN !!! :-o

"People" foolishly "PROUDLY" beLIEve Themselves to be "FREE"-"Individuals" ..... Grunt:
DRINKING their Alcohol / "DOING" their Drugs
HAVING their STERILE "Free-Sex"
and Gambling-Away their HARD-Earned-"Money" ... through various Types of (((USURY))) .... VAINLY "HOPING" to Become-"RICH" ... at Others'-Expense !!!

ONLY the-jew "won" "WWII"

and ONLY a FOOL even ((("WANTS"))) to BE: An "Individual" ...

--> Rather than to Actually be: a PRODUCTIVE USEFUL Generous HAPPY-MEMBER of a GREAT WHITE-FOLK !!!

FROM a Wonderful BIG-WHITE-FAMILY ... WITH a Wonderful BIG-WHITE-FAMILY of-Their-OWN !!! :-)

--> Without Beautiful-Precious-WHITE-CHILDREN ....

And WITH such ....... well WHO even "NEEDS" the Fantom-of-((("Individualism"))) anyway !!!? :-o

🌝 🌚 🌞

Right / Correct-(WHITE-"Christian")-PRIORITIES !!! :-)

-- NOT EVIL-SOUL-SUCKING: VAIN "PROUD" EMPTY "clever"-((("Platitudes"))) !!!!!!!!!!! :-o

Albert said...

*NATIONAL-SOCIALISM: STOPPED (((communism))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UNTIL: Americans and EVERY WHITE-Folk ... ACKNOWLEDGES that-FACT .....

Albert said...


--> Without Beautiful-Precious-WHITE-CHILDREN ....

And WITH such ....... well WHO even "NEEDS" the Phantom-of-((("Individualism"))) anyway !!!? :-o

Albert said...

By the Way ...

The "Rule of 'LAW'" BS ...

Police etc. ALWAYS only Ever: MADE-EXAMPLES of People -- To SCARE the Bulk / Masses of the People ...

"Rule of 'LAW'" BS ... was just a Crock to FOOL: "Law-Abiding"-WHITES ...

ESPECIALLY in-a-"CASE" Where the ((("RULING"))) has been sooo OBVIOUSLY: UN-Just !!!!!!!!!
(Or with ((("TAXES"))) etc!)

into NOT: RISING-UP: As-a-GROUP / "Mob" ...

-- Or in DEMANDING that Anti-WHITE ((("Policies"))) Be IMMEDIATELY-REVERSED !!! :-o

We can NOW: OBVIOUSLY-SEE: That There was NEVER the BS: "Rule of 'LAW'!" "The SAME 'LAW' 'applies' for the (((Rich))), or the Poor!" ;-)

-- As WHEN: "non-Whites" ... "PROTEST" .... THEY are ALWAYS ((("catered-to"))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

--> Police etc. ALWAYS only Ever: MADE-EXAMPLES of People -- To SCARE the Bulk / Masses of the People ...

There "simply" IS NO: BS "Rule of 'Law'!" ........ and Never WAS !!! :-o

.... And, as Bush HONESTLY-Stated: The "Rights"-"Enumerated" on Pieces-of-Paper ... are indeed WORTHLESS !!! :-o

--> ONLY our Own: WHITE Peoples / Ethnicities .... ARE, and Ever-WERE of ANY: TRUE VALUE to US !!!!!!!!!!!!

And anyone and Everyone! NOT: OF, by, and FOR: Our OWN Wonderful WHITE-Race ....... "simply" MUST be "REMOVED" from OUR-Nations !!!

"Access" to WHITE-People ....... is NOT a "Right" and CANNOT ever-BE a "RIGHT" ... for ANY: "non-Whites" !!!!!!!!!!

-- Ever AGAIN !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

A FOOLISH "Consistency" ... is the Hobgoblin of Tiny-Minds!"

Those WHO ... by-Merit ... Have EARNED / DESERVE Respect .... "simply" MUST: LEAD (By-Example!) and 'COMMAND' Their Peoples !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- And Those Not-(Yet!) Fit to LEAD ... Must indeed FOLLOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o :-)

What is all of this: ((("INDIVIDUALISM"))) (((Filthy-Disgusting-Foul-BIG-LIES))) !!!

Mike-Gaddy ..... "Not-'seeing'-Race" etc... is Either a FOOL ... or an "Agent" .......

..... and Nobody of ANY Years Experience/Seeing: HOW Blacks, and jews "Behave" ............

CAN even ever BE: THAT Darned 'FOOLISH' !!! ;-)

Albert said...

Scorpio Show:


Albert said...

Some ACH shows




Brizer and Jan Lamprecht:


Albert said...

Paranormies has ots of silly-banter .... but is Not PAINFUL to Listen-to!


Albert said...



Albert said...

Latest Perfect Triangle just Out:


inthemix16 said...

Yea Albert the BB9 and Perfect Triangle is always must listen !! They did a 6 hour show i would listen at least twice.
Fetzers last "Need to know" Sorry im so tired of one volume being on defcon 1 , other being on defcon 3 and the other being defocon 5. Cant deal with it . You mean to tell me there isnt software that equals all your feeds ? Bullshit. You cast is un-listenable in my world . Had to give huge credit to MARYAM HENEIN for bringing up La Palma and the angle of how it may be man engineered. Go ahead. Think its a joke but it fits the narrative. She brought it up and Chris and Fetzer just buried it. Shame on you 2. And youll go back to fucking around about Trump issues.

I know . Id love to take flak over this in the future. Bring it on. Watch the Simpsons thing. And the Jen Pataki crap. How did Simpsons just happen to show SW flank gone ?


Ya dropped the ball Fetz, Chris . Credit to Mariam to bringing it to attention

inthemix16 said...

btw .If any of you all are interested. Fridays Austin and Ted Broer Show was about a 5 year old replay. At first i rolled my eyes when i heard of the guest and topic. It was about the origins of Halloween. I could not put that down from beginning to end. wow. That was one truly for the ages.