October 14, 2021

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2021.10.13

Powers & Principalities Episode 220

Dr. E. Michael Jones returns to Our Interesting Time to discuss his article Jewish Nazis. We talk about how Zionism and National Socialism are actually kindred racial doctrines.


zapoper said...

So I'm listening to the show I posted during the weekend and Tim said that he was sick. This explains why he was not doing any shows for a while.

Albert said...

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Albert said...


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AdolfRichtar@gmail.com said...

EMJ is brain dead catholic cocktard on steroids.

Henry said...

....so is Kelly. He just echoes Jones' catholic cuckoldism

dltr said...

Good grief that E. Michael Jones. And then the false dichotomy that you have to either 'choose Jesus or Hitler'. He can make this claim only with the support of the fantastical caricature of the National Socialists which the 'zionists' constructed from exactly zero evidence over the past nearly 80 years.

He does realise that Germany at the time was vastly Christian and that Hitler and the National Socialists, far form being 'pagans' or 'atheists' or what have you, were very much of the country they were born in and trying to save. For heaven's sake, the Catholic Church at the time lauded what Fascism was doing in Europe as a rejection of the genocidal 'revolutionary spirit' of the cosmopolitan commie filth. They praised Hitler as the hope of the European people and the Church. And yet here we have this child of the hippy generation Jones, his brain warped with post-war racially egalitarian guff, presuming to represent some sort of culture war against 'heathens' of all stripes.

Mike Smith said...

Hey @dltr

Mike Smith said...

Mr.Jones, did Germans claim to be "racially superior"?

Panzerfaust said...

Has EMJ ever been challenged in a debate?

inthemix16 said...

Any of you all aware of this ? This is so strange. Jen Jen the little circling back Engine doing Press conference today. One of the Press ti tutes asking here a question on i think a ABC feed , as soon as she mentions "National Emergency " it goes to La Palma for around 2:30 min. Then words after . .... Rogue intern? Intentional ? Fake ? Sure is some strange coincidence if real .just sayin.

Government Feed Cuts To La Palma During Jen Psaki Briefing During Talk Of National Emergency!?!?*


another one.

Here are the video details in case anyone is interested.

October 13 2021

Reporter is asking about supply chain issues.
“Is there any consideration that the president would declare a national emergency, have the military help...” at minute 12:45-46 (saying national emergency and military help)



And plays the erupting volcano
From minute 12:47-14:39

Then at 14:39 it cuts to still shot of “abc news livestream coverage. Tv Canarias” sign to 15:47.

Then pszaki comes back on “...and meat and any goods that they want. He understands and we all understand that daily costs, as much as wages have gone up, as much as unemployment has gone down, as much as a lot of progress has been made on the economy, he understands that these are issues that are impacting people in their day to day lives.”


dltr said...

Certainly EMJ would be aware of the fair criticisms of some of his thesis. He's intelligent enough to be able to understand them i'm sure. Given this, one has to think that he's too proud to deviate. I don't like how he makes obviously fallacious arguments to defend his positions though, this leaves a bad taste. Lying is a sin, you won't get into Heaven that way Jonesy.

zapoper said...

When I listen to EMJ, it sounds to me like he believes what he says.

Mike Smith said...

Hey Mr. Jones,
I recommend 'WW2truth.com'

dltr said...

@ mike smith, thanks.

Panzerfaust said...

EMJ is guest host on FFWN. At this point I can't stand to look at his raisin head much listen.

Panzerfaust said...

Looks like a 90 y/o Alfred E. Newman

Amanda said...

Tim Kelly/Joe Atwill
Episode 221: Powers & Principalities: Episode 220