May 21, 2022

Sorry guys, just came back online

  Long story short but a tech guy from my ISP had to come in my apartment and change some copper wires that were so corroded that they had turned green. Missing some Rense recordings etc. BTW. It all started last Sunday but Wednesday  was when it all went to crap.

  What is funny is that on that same day I replaced my cpu heat sink with fan for a new one. In the mean time one of my modems reverted to its factory settings. When the hell does that happen ever? LOL

  Anyway, I'll be posting again.

P.S. the new movie called: Everything Everywhere All at Once 

Is not good at all. I'm not kidding you guys. I'm used to watching their bullshit and being able to discern but this movie is a whole new level of brainwashing. I would call it brain raping and was not able to go over the 35 minute mark. For the first time in my life I was worried about the effect it would have on my mind and turned it off.

Now for some old French Canadian music that is still good because of the melody. Never mind what he is saying, in today's world this would probably be called: "Toxic Masculinity" ROFL



zapoper said...

So when my phone came back online I called Voltman and it turns out that he never saw the movie Goodfellas. He is in for a treat.

I rewatched it and thought: "How could they do a reboot of that film?".

It would be hilarious. No "toxic masculinity". So I guess it would be a bunch of fags and women of all races running around with a couple of black males pretending to be at genius level doing what?

Remember that women and black males never do wrong so i guess that the whole movie would be a bitch-slap contest.LOL

CA-Nada said...

The Flag of Parley

Why waving the Canadian flag is for the ignorant slave class.

Erik Paul said...

Nice music, Zap...too bad the lyrics are incoherent jabbering.

ruxpert said...

Scott Ritter's Switcheroo:
"Why I Radically Changed My Overall Assessment"
Mike Whitney - May16 • 548 Comments

May 14, 2022

CA-Nada said...

Scott Ritter is a fishy dude. Look a little closer at him...

zapoper said...

@ Erik I can only imagine how it sounds to people who don't understand French.

Kossoff said...

are you going to post anything?

CA-Nada said...


CA-Nada said...

My initial opinion was your phone was just picking up other phones but after watching the above, I don't know what to think.

CA-Nada said...

A comment on this phenomena from another thread. I seldom use my cell phone and I'm a bit of a Luddite so i have not checked this out.

"After plenty of testing this out I can 100% confirm that these mystery MAC codes only appear where someone has a track/trace app on their mobile it on/off.
Dump the app & the MAC address disappears every time.."