May 19, 2022

The blind white light of sodomy


How homosexuality destroys civilization
by creating multiple personality disorders
which guarantee permanent confusion
among sodomized slaves controlled
by subversive sexual saboteurs.

Ladies and gentlemen and all other pronouns in between. Welcome to puppet world, where there are no more mothers nor fathers, no sons nor daughters, not even men nor women, but only fecklessly fickle flesh units destined to aimlessly stumble down creepy corridors of degenerate horror designed by the deranged inventors of disambiguation (which is a word invented by Jews to permanently scramble your brain).

Disambiguation! You see the word all over Wikipedia, the ever changing Jewish registry of false impressions. It’s a noun, meaning the act or process of distinguishing between similar things, meanings, names, etc., in order to make the meaning or interpretation clearer or more certain. The hidden trick of its deliberate deception is the use of such a word achieves exactly the opposite of its intent. Instead of clarifying subjects, it confuses them, a truly brilliant maneuver by the obfuscators whose task is to jumble language, confuse thought and thereby impede communication. Word sense disambiguation supposedly helps determine which meaning a word has in any given context, but it really only sends people scrambling to find a dictionary to find out what it means and then wondering what has happened to their befuddled brains.

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Albert said...

I Think that MY Analysis of: (((homo))) "Secret Societies" ... is MORE to-the-POINT !!!


What I've been "Pondering-Brainstorming-Upon" ... is the: "Demon-Possession" "Mind-Control":

Of: "Homo-sexual" "Grooming" of very Young Children !!!

--> THIS is the "SECRET" ... of ALL the variously-NAMED: ((("Secret-Societies"))) !!!!!!!!!!! :-o

(BB9: "Freemason's": Horse-with-TWO-Riders: The Older-Guy-BEHIND-the-Younger-boy!)

Each ((("Homo-sexual"))) "Grooms": 100s even 1,000s of innocent--very-Young-Children:

And, the "Initiation" of (((his))) putting-(((his)))-penis up-their-butts ... FOREVER-BINDS: Each and EVERY 'one' .... of these new-"recruits" TO: (((their)))-(((HIVE-MIND-Collective))) !!! :-o

"Demon-Possession" ........

Freddy-Mercury: As Eric Explained in an Hour: ACH Discussion: Literally: "LAID-OUT":

His Life's Story: ((("Initiation"))): in the very lengthy and very VERY: Well-Known: "Bohemian-Rhapsody" ...

Except: it was Soooooo Obvious-and-CLEAR ... that His ((("Producer"))):

"Cleverly" Swapped: The FIRST THREE Verses of this Story: to-the-END !!! :-o

Freddy-Mercury: WAS an Actual: Roman-Catholic-RAISED: Italian-Boy !!! :-o

But, when Young: His (((Music-producer))) ... "Initiated" Him INTO the ((("Cult")))

"Mama-Mia !!!!!! ... Let Me GO !!! ... (((we))) WON'T Let You GO !!!

(His "Sticking a 'GUN' to a boy's HEAD ...'pulling-the-trigger' ... and Now: HE'S 'DEAD'!"
--> Is Freddy's Later: "Initiating" a young Boy: "Mama ... I just KILLED a 'man' ..." [ie: KILLED HIS-SOUL !!!])

The "Moon Landings": Have the "Freemasons" with 33 ... PLANT their "American"-FLAG ... to CLAIM the Moon as-(((THEIRS))) ...

WHEN someone conquers: NEW "VIRGIN"-Territory: By: "Planting one's 'FLAG'" ... one NOW: "OWNS" such !!!

(Also: When a "Freemason" MURDERS a Whole-Family(s) ["Wars"] ... He CLAIMS to NOW: "OWN": ALL of THEIR: Property !!! :-o )

Thus as in OUR: Formerly-HAPPY: Civilized: Western-"Christian"-"WHITE" Societies:

A New-Husband: By Literally-MARRYING: His MAIDEN-Blushing-New-Bride: Literally-BECAME: HER "Owner", and She Thus BECAME: Part of HIS: FAMILY now! :-)

--> By Loyally-Devotedly: MAKING: Beautiful-Adorable-WHITE-Children, and "Painstakingly": Day-by-Day: Loyally RAISING them all UP ...

ie: OUR: "Heterosexuality": OUR: Wonderful: MUTAL: FAMILIES, and supplemented with: (Literally!)-"free-market"-FRIENDS ...

Truly LOVING: and Step-by-Step: TRANSFORMATIVELY-UPLIFTING: Truly: Generous and CREATIVE: Wonderful Societies:

--> Were HAPPILY: BOUND-Together BY: TRUTH, Loyalty, Gratitude, Mutual-HELP, and TRUE-Lifetime-"Hands-On"-LOVE !!! :-) :-) :-)

So: The (((OTHER))) ((("SECRET-SOCIETIES"))) are FORMED, and irrevocably-BOUND-Together in a Merciless-(((HIVE-MIND))) ...

((("REPRODUCING"))) Like ((("Slime-Moulds")))

--> Literally BY: EACH ((("homosexual"))) "initiating" (many many!) Young Children: into the ((("Mafia"))) ((("community"))) ... of: "Butt-'Sex'" !!! :-o

Albert said...


"Homo-Sexual" does NOT actually "MEAN": "Having-'Sex'-with-MEN" !!!

--> It Actually MEANS: a ((("homosexual"))) "GROOMING": (Many Many!) Young Children: BOTH: Boys and Girls !!! :-o

And, BY (((him))) "Planting"-(((his)))-Penis: IN-their-"VIRGIN"-Butts:
BY such an ((("Initiation"))) ...... (((he))) LITERALLY: (NOW, and FOREVER!) "OWNS" their-BUTTS !!! :-o

Such a ((("homosexual"))) is certainly a "DEMON" .... and ALL of these NEWLY-"REPRODUCED"-"Minions" ... Literally: BY Such:
Become: ((("Demon"))) "POSSESSED" !!! :-o

As in "Homogenized"-Milk etc: The "Homo" in "homo-sexual": ACTUALLY MEANS: "MAKING": ALL the Children, who are "GROOMED" BY-such:
--> INTO: the-"SAME": Accursed-Damned-'Cult'-(((GROUP))) !!!

Thus, as WE: "Christians" ... HAVE: LOYAL Truly-LOVING: FAMILIES and FRIENDS ...

"jews" "freemasons" "elites" "royalty" "jesuits" "illuminati" etc: CAN NEVER EVER even HAVE: Real: "Friends" or "Families" !!! :-o

(((their))) "peculiar"-((("system"))) of: "BECOMING-GODS": ONLY Obsesses WITH: "MASTER-SLAVE" ... and: Literal-Butt-'Sex' !!! :-o

--> LITERALLY: THIS: ((("MASTER")))-Slave: and: NOT ever-Again: HAPPY-Mutual-Loyal-LOVING: "Christian"-Families-and-Friends ...

----> IS (What is to BE!) the: "NEW World Order" !!! :-o

(((you))) 'simply' MUST: OBEY All: of (((your))) ((("Superiors"))) ...

... and, as (((you))) work-(((your)))-way-UP ... ALL "Below"-(((you))) ...

--> 'Simply' MUST: OBEY: (((you))) !!! :-o

The LINE of: "Adamic"-(Shows-Blood-in-the-Cheeks)-"WHITE"-"Christians" (With OUR Happy: TRUE: Family and Friends) ... are Like: "Lambs" / "Sheep"

The LINE of: Cain, Esau-Edom (HATE us 'with-a-VENGEANCE' !!! :-o ) (With (((their))) Miserable: ((("MASTER")))-Slave ... are Like: "Wolves"* ...

(*Though, as a pretext: 'Things' are "voluntary" and "by/with-Consent" ... "Wolves" MOSTLY PREY upon: The "tasty" innocent-Tender: "Lambs" !!! :-o )

Signifier said...

I found this essay a very good example of male hysteria. It's based on a lot of ignorance of sexuality. Male pedophiles who prefer male children are called homosexual pedophiles. Homosexual pedophiles are NOT the same as homosexual males who do not prefer male children. The conflation between the two breeds this hysteria, and what's more -- there is no way on God's green earth that 10 percent of the population can cause the fall of an entire nation. It's white heterosexuals who are not breeding that is causing the downfall -- and it's the Jews who use the gay movement, use pedophilia, and use black people to create chaos. On the whole, this entire article just wreaks of irrational fear, hysteria and ignorance. Oh, I know there are going to be attacks now lobbed at me for not joining in on the madness and the hysteria, but doing so will only prove my point: you're a fool if you believe such a small portion of the population is responsible for your moral crises in America.

Erik Paul said...

Kaminski serves up a veritable smorgasbord of LOOSH!!!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Interviewing Deprogrammers: In the House of the Strong Man Sodomy is the Key