June 23, 2022

Israel Provokes Russia - Gonzalo Lira + Do Unto Cops As They Do Unto You - HighImpactFlix + MAADS - Good Citizen + The "Intellectual Dark Web" - Rebel Wisdom

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Will Russia defend Syria? That was a Russian red line...

Assad was winning but the Americans are still stealing oil and fuel in the east of Syria.

 This Is Going On
MAADS: Misfit Angry Audiences Detecting Slaughter
The Quaccines are Working as Intended?

In early January after the depopulationists approved the poison shots for children I published a piece comparing Nazi war crimes against children to the CDC, the FDA, and western “liberal democracies” committing war crimes against children.

There is hardly a difference in the outcome between the two, only in methodology. Lining children up against a wall to take a bullet or forcing them into “showers” is so 20th century. Genocides of the past never ended, they were simply rebranded as “following the science”, which meant following the population control and eugenics science. Killing intentionally can take many forms, from poisoning food, air, water, and medicines to selling women's rights activists abortion as liberation.
The level of evil on display is as great as anything that appeared in the 20th century, perhaps even more diabolical because it is global, and cloaks itself in the opposites of its true form so innocent unsuspecting people walk right toward it. Where there were once mass graves, mass starvation, and extermination camps, there are today or in the near future going to be untold numbers of barren women, further declining sperm counts in men, and much more “sudden death”.
Coming to terms with this agenda is not easy. It can shock the psyche of anyone liberated from their perception-managed Matrix, but such is the burden of declaring independence from the prison of comforting ignorance through accepted and prepackaged delusions.
The SADS truth is that soon nothing will be shocking. All this is to be expected as part of the Silent War depopulation agenda, which isn’t only being waged through “SADS” but also through infertility induced by vaccines.
This Is Going On
MAADS the vaccines are working as intended? Misfit Angry Audiences Detecting Slaughter.

antivax    on May 26, 2022 at 8:32 pm

Q.K.    on May 26, 2022 at 11:24 pm

To antivax. I always read your postings and love them, it is very hard to disagree with anything you say my friend. I want Babylon (USA) to go down and hard too, but in reality the Babylon (Biblical Babylon) already went down and hard. Babylon the Great was Biblical Jerusalem, who the Romans did a most beautiful job destroying in AD 70. I love reading about how they got their just deserves. 
The Romans are on record as to having exterminated (well, the jews did help them a bit too offing each other), but in the end, the Roman destruction of Jerusalem resulted in the elimination of 1,5 million jews. Not fake holo-hoax figures, but real, verified historical figures. I don’t want to say too much about the holo-hoax, because of course we all agree it happened exactly as we are told, because in many places you can go to jail for a simple disagreement. 5 years in Germany. So, yep, those poor jews suffered really badly and that holo-hoax was really terrible. It was terrible, it was a job terribly badly done, should have been done much better.
Bryan said (January 12, 2013):

It's funny how so many marvel at our so called illuminated ones as such genius. If they're such geniuses, why's the world so screwed up? Oh yeah, that's the genius part.

What it is, is more akin to inbred immaturity. What they're doing is easy if you do everything opposite of what everyone else expects. If you methodically lie, cheat, deceive, conspire, you can be like them. There's no magic, or genius to it. We should disabuse, dispel ourselves of any such illusion, and realize its utter childishness, destructive immaturity.

It reminds me a bit of movies like Children of the Corn.

Their deliberate destruction is a form of blackmail. They hope we will submit to their "world government" if they promise to stop.

chesterton    on June 3, 2022 at 1:06 pm:

A good rule of thumb is that if the narrative is ‘contradictory’, over complicated and irrational, it is usually bullshit…and you are being played for a fool..

the court ‘jew’ Kissinger is actually spelling it out for you.. Of course the ‘people ‘ who run the farm aren’t nearly as monolithic as ‘they’ would have you believe.. they like to terrify the peons with windy tales of their omnipotence and technological prowess (most of it nonsense) but it seems a certain subset are getting a little nervous, under the pall of unforeseen consequence as Greater Powers come into view.. because even the best laid plans can cascade out of control..

and the imminent immiseration of such maggots ..is always something to look forward to…
and relish..
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Just like Kussoff, the only thing to ever come out of this asshole is bullshit.

So long Kussoff! Have a nice fit and don't forget to bring back the books you borrowed...


ruxpert said...

Cynthia Chung on Ukraine, NATO, the Cold War, the JFK Assassination, Nixon, Watergate, Operation...
by Our Interesting Times
June 22

Albert said...

There ARE: Similarities, and DIFFERENCES !!!

--> Being even SANE .... and as we GAIN LIFE-experiences and Looking-BACK: Begin to SEE: Patterns and Become-WISE ...

Is about APPROPRIATELY Seeing: Similarities, and DIFFERENCES !!!

For-Example: ONE of two Twins murders Somebody ... --> THAT is a BIG-DIFFERENCE, even-though: Most everything-else may be almost-the-Same !!!

The "French"-Revolution: Featured the "clever"-(((LIES))): Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ... French for "liberty, equality, fraternity"...

I give the Obvious Example of: Giraffes, Lions and Hippos ...

--> We can KNOW:who is WHAT: Because of the Obvious-DIFFERENCES !!!

SAYING: That: "ALL animals have 4-Legs .... and are (thus) the-"SAME" ...

Is about as 'Bonkers' as "cleverly"-'emphasizing' that:

--> We are 'ALL' "sinners" .... especially when Someone has BRUTALLY-Murdered an Innocent-Victim !!! :-o

Usually after the terms: "EVERYONE is ..." or "... ALL the SAME / Equal !!!" ... some absolutely INSANE:

"clever" Brazenly-(((LYING))): "Whoppers" will ensue !!!

THEN, after all of the "SAME" "clever"-MIND-(((shit))) ... comes:

"EVERYONE must be judged / seen: INDIVIDUALLY!!!" :-o

Let's be HONEST: It is NOT at-all WISE: To just LISTEN to WHAT: someone-SAYS: And then to Evaluate: What they just SAID! :-o

--> IF WE even-KNEW: just a tiny-tiny-FRACTION: of WHO Robert Phoenix IS,.... or even just ONE thing: that He has DONE, or SAID: Outside-of-THIS-"Presentation" .......

----> We would then OBVIOUSLY-KNOW: That NOTHING that HE says should EVER be even LISTENED-to ... what-to-Speak-of: "Taken-Seriously, and considered ... even-for-a-Moment !!!

--> Judge a "Tree" ... by its "FRUITS" !!! :-o

Like my Above EXAMPLE: We SEE that: 1,000 out of 1,000 "Tartarian"-Statues small, Bigger and HUGE:

--> ARE ALL: "WHITE" in Features ... Especially Their-NOSES !!!

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WORDS each have DIFFERENT Meanings !!! :-o

--> Hence MY "Joke": That the Very MOST: "Hateful" "Racist" "Supremacists":

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Albert said...

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Albert said...

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Albert said...

The LATEST Dr Peter Hammond is on "WWI" ... and is WELL-WORTH the Listen !!! :-o