June 04, 2022

Operation Scorpio 6/4 2022

          Operation Scorpio #113 - Guest Dr. E. Michael Jones

                                                Topics include:

                                1) Back To Back Secret Meetings 
                                2) From Conspiracy Theory To Reality
                                3) Errand Boys Sent By Grocery Clerks to Collect On A Bill
                                4) From Farm Boy To Financier 

                                                        Speak Free Radio 

                                                      Twitch.TV Link


Albert said...

Just to Re-Iterate the Point ... which has been Pointed-Out Before:

EMJ says many things about the jews .......

but Doesn't SEEM to have 'NOTICED':

that: ni88ers are:



Extremely-RAPEY-VIOLENT ... 'spontaneous' DESTROYERS! :-o

... Like 'children' ........ except ... NOT Really !!! ;-)

REAL Children soon: Step-by-Step: Grow-UP: And Become-LIKE, or Even Excel Their Beautiful-WHITE-Parents !!! :-)

(ni88ers perhaps, to some-extent, when greatly-Outnumbered: "Monkey SEE, Monkey DO!" Imitate ... to some-extent!)

ni88ers are LIKE: 'children' .... who are 'Profoundly'-'RETARDED' ..... and FREQUENTLY: TRY to, and 'succeed' in: Brutally 'Mercilessly'* KILLING-You !!! :-o

*They Actually gleefully ENJOY: Your Tortured Cries of PAIN, Anguish, and the Horrible-END-to-Everything-that-YOU-Painstakingly-Worked-Towards and CARED-About!

--> IF: "WE are 'ALL' 'children-of-God'..."

Well, then: Lions, and Tigers, and VICIOUS-Hippos, and Stinking-Giraffes, and Rats, and Leeches, and Tapeworms, and Boulders-Rolling-Down-Hills to FLATTEN your Houses ... 'ARE' too !!! ;-)

--> LIKE I have 'joked' Before:

The DICTIONARY, and "Dictionaryists" ... IS / ARE:

The very MOST 'Racist' things .... as They "HATEFULLY" CLAIM: That Every single WORD: Has: A Distinct, and DIFFERENT MEANING !!! :-o

--> The ULTIMATE in "VILE"-"HATEFUL": "Discrimination" !!! ;-)

Albert said...

*Oh, but 'simply':

Put them in 'classrooms' ...

and 'Teach' Them: "Christianity" ....

and, in just 1-2,000 years ... THEY will be: 'just-'LIKE'*: Beautiful, WHITE-"Christian"-Europeans .....

*Except that They will STILL BE:



Extremely-RAPEY-VIOLENT ... 'spontaneous' DESTROYERS! :-o


hans said...

whats the archive link???????

Albert said...



el greco said...


this is best link to save for the new site

Kossoff said...

Thank you

RickB said...

Good call-in segment.

KnownUnknown said...

Thank you for not posting Rinse, that garbage liar. The only guests he has left hate him - you can hear it Erika's voice she just wants to be done with that crap

hans said...

thanks @ albert

hans said...

thanks el greco

Dr. OriGinal Larry said...

Thanks for the link, El Greco