November 24, 2022

No Agenda Episode 1506 - "Dr. Whoopi" - 2022.11.24



Sean said...

Have a kike-free turkey day, mericuh!

Dr. OriGinal Larry said...

If anyone saw the NA newsletter, there was a take on the Thanksgiving holiday I had not heard before. If I had the skills I would post it here. Maybe Zap can do it? I will be listening for that in the show.

Adanac said...

CBDC and the Fed's Plan to Weaponize Money

Albert said...

Vaxxie Vaxxie October 2022 By Dr Graham Lyons
Vaxxie, vaxxie, so obsessed

Wore your mask and took your tests

Still got Covid, every strain

Spike proteins inside your brain.

Short of breath at 24

"Dr Fauci, gimme more!"

Proteins tangle and misfold,

Amyloidosis taking hold.

Swollen heart at 25,

"Thank Moderna I'm alive!"

There's no cure for microclot,

Getting worse with every shot.

Heart attack at 26,

Prayed to Pfizer for a fix.

Vaxxie, vaxxie, death is lurking,

Doctor says "That means it's working."

Died of SADS at 27,

All good vaxxies go to heaven.

Obituary headline noted

"Anti-Vaxxer dies of Covid."

His family is quite upset,

But they're alive, at least on net

And, they say, "It's for the better,"

Without the vax "he would be deader."

Panzerfaust said...

This America's Frontline Doctors grifter bitch buying million dollar homes and running up credit card debt on donations should be gassed and ovened.

Panzerfaust said...

How to fix The View