November 25, 2022

You Screwed Up, You Trusted Us Vampires and Holodomor Deniers - Snippits & Snappits, November 23, 2022


Brain Addled ADL Vampire, Jonothin Greenbatt,
Welcomes Quack Scene 😱



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Unknown said...

I know here i have been critical of Col Douglas McGreggor regarding that "little shit country in the med" I wish i knew if he were either clueless or intentionally stupid. That being said i do think this interview with this Polish dude was probably by far his best ! I cant forgive him for seemingly not understanding who did 9-11 but like Richie From Boston always says i digress. I give the Col credit because it seems he adjusted his message knowing his audience is different , than when he is on with Judge Napalitano . This is very informative in many ways, with so may justified angles. If someone has a way of getting this to Dr Rafael , please do cause id really like to hear his reaction to this Zap, maybe you can post this cause your really good with posting what is needed and besides, most at Grizzom has no interest in being the ugly American lol
oooh oooh and btw. I dont mean any disrespect to anyone but is it me or Zeppie's shows feel more like the Shamwow info mercial over and over . To the point where im loosing any need to listen . I know , ill be told just dont listen ,which is right. I could listen to a Maryam Henein cause there is nothing like a hot, intellectual woman , or a Harry Voxx and even former porn star (wait did i say that ? i mean actor not "star" Handsom truth but one more Robert Pheonix and im done. Anyone else laugh so hard last time he was on we heard an hour and a half about mindless gibberish and then we got the sales pitch why we should contact him. For what ? Anyone. That dude seems like a nice guy but brings absolutely nothing .Zero! Dumb me i forgot its an info mercial Im not trolling anyone or trying to be mean. Its just my .02 and dont expect anyone to give a shit. Anyway be worth the time to watch.
and PS . gentlemen Yes. this does exclude the gay hasbaras here. Those ukie girls get it. Broke girls are fun girs and well leave it at that


zapoper said...

Giuseppe has gone full on bullshit artist. He now has charlatans on. End of story.