January 30, 2023

RIGHT OF REVOLUTION - Raging Dissident + Nikola Tesla & Free Energy - Redacted History with Clayton Morris + Talk About The Jews Or Lose - E. Michael Jones + Living in The Private - Hammer Head Garage + Ukraine And Rothschild Financial Vultures - Era Of Light + Meta Data - Rob Braxman + Jeremy MacKenzie




The Grinch WHO Stole The Earth
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Need to Know News (27 January 2023) with Joe Olson
Jim Fetzer
 As COVID Narrative Flips, Remember Anti-Vaxxers Scrubbed Masonic Connection


Justin Trudeau used the Emergencies Act to crush public protest last year. Part of the process for the act is to hold a public inquiry to determine whether the government was justified in invoking the act itself. The verdict of which will be handed to Trudeau's Cabinet under the veil of secrecy from the 6th of February until the 20th of February where many things may occur and the public would have no privy or right to know about.
Keith Wilson joins me to discuss what this means.

We've chosen our side, and we wouldn't change a thing
Jeremy MacKenzie

Nikola Tesla had a dream of providing free power to the world. He had working plans to create limitless power by harnessing, magnifying, and distributing the electrical energy located within the earth itself. His test machines showed that he could tap into stationary waves, the electricity created by the earth's vibrations, allowing him to send energy through the earth and air. But suddenly that technology vanished off the face of the earth and along with it all of Tesla's  documents and plans. This is the true history of why Tesla's technology was redacted.

Ukraine And The Rothschild ‘Financial Vultures’ Family
by EraOfLight
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Pfizer's Big Secret EXPOSED!
JP Reacts
315K subscribers

Meta Data. An Extremely Important Privacy Threat. Can't Be Ignored!
Rob Braxman Tech
If you understand how intelligence agencies work, you will see that these state organizations rely on a particular set of data called Meta Data. And because of the indirect nature of meta data, the typical normie is made to think this is not much of a threat and that we should focus on the actual data.

This incorrect focus has resulted in such major privacy breaches even when people use supposedly secure solutions like Signal or encrypted email.

You need to really understand the meta data threat so you can respond to it. This video will give you tips to eliminate up to 80% of your meta data with just a few steps.
With two full years of running this system, I have more perspective on it now than before and in this video I give a full tour and share everything I have learned. I also answer a bunch of common questions about solar and my system in general.


ruxpert said...

MIT Expert on Drug Safety Calls for Immediate Withdrawal of mRNA Vaccines:

“Clearly the Most Failing Medical Product in History, Causing Unprecedented Harm”

Make Big Pharma Responsible – Bill H.R.9366
Congressman Introduces Bill to Hold Big Pharma Liable for Injuries Caused by Mandated Shots
Jan 30, 2023


Pfizer Busted - Planning Another Pandemic


Exposing the Truth Behind Mass Deaths from COVID Vaccines:
Dr. Peter McCullough Joins Infowars In-Studio

Albert said...

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Albert said...

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Albert said...

I have just Listened to: these Two Parts:



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Noor al Haqiqa said...

I got hacked last night and am FUCKING too miserable to care about anything else at the moment. EVERY goddamn image and gif I have saved over the past 17 years... every fucking one... gone. My settings were messed around with at the same time. I feel so deflated right now. Defeated. Every fucking one. gone. sitting here crying.

Techie came over and we did all we could but there was not much to do. What was gone was gone. Music folder untouched. Fractal Arts not on desktop survived with only a few hundred images disappeared.

Maybe 10% of my old stuff is on a hard drive but everything else. Gone. Went to bed and all was well. Woke up to find a new screen saver and... the folder of all photos and images, gone.

The new blog is coming along well but this is a setback I will never fully recover from. Much of what is lost now is... gone forever. It is like the fucking Sanhedrin came in and removed everything simply because it was attached to material they don't approve of.

Excuse my ranting but ... I am beyond tears here. I don't know how to redirect my anger/frustration/sense of loss.


Adanac said...

Sorry to hear that Noor. That blog is dead, but you can still create and breath new life into a new creative, current affairs comedy adventure! There is no shortage of material these days!


Scorpio said...

Noor- Sorry to hear that. All you can do is start a new Blog and make sure to back everything up on a flash drive after every post.

Albert - you are off the rails. Take a breath and a break - lol
You have no idea what you are talking about.

Amanda said...

Highly recommend looking into the work of Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova, both recommended by Dr. Mike Yeadon. Watt, a paralegal, has done a great job digging into the changes in public health laws and regulations that paved the way for operation covid hoax:
Katherine Watt: In Her Own Words EXPOSES THE 'KILL BOX'
And from https://ratical.org/PandemicParallaxView/ALwKW-DomesticBioteroProg-110422.html
Here's how she explains our current reality:
"I was on a legal strategy and information call yesterday with Sasha Latypova and some others, and the discussion turned briefly to how difficult it is for many people to wrap their minds around the horrific truth that the US Government, functioning as a front company and project manager for the owners of the Bank of for International Settlements [†][††], is working to ruin and prematurely end the lives billions of people around the world, and has made a very good start to achieving the mass murder campaign’s goals since launching Covid-19. "

Her substack is here: https://bailiwicknews.substack.com/
Key post here: https://bailiwicknewsarchives.files.wordpress.com/2023/01/kill-box-presentation-1.pdf

Sasha Latypova interviews Katherine:
Discussion with Katherine Watt on American Domestic Bioterrorism Program
More from Sasha here:
Intent to Harm - Evidence of the Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder by the US DOD, HHS, Pharma Cartel

Good summary of their work here: