January 21, 2023

The Roundtable #44: Clayton Morris, Alexander Mercouris & Gonzalo Lira

Frank on January 19, 2023:

Everything they do, they do in fear of us. WE are the target because we pose the threat, yet here we all sit, our tails between our legs, showing them that they have nothing to fear because we are all castrated sheep who refuse to fight these dastardly psychopaths whose entire existence depends on THEFT.

Basically, what they are saying to us all is this : “We are going to do whatever the hell we want to make as much money as we want as fast as we can, and all you little pissants are gonna keep your goddamn mouths shut. If you so much as speak out against us in any way, you will be dragged through a gauntlet of OUR making, and trust us, YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE IT.”

Question : are you all really scared of these underwear-shitting freaks ? These old rich thieving rat bastards and the whores who service them ? Do you not realize that all you have to do is stand up and say NO, and these rotten diseased scumbags will recoil in absolute fear ? There’s 3000 of them and 8 billion of us. They don’t stand a frickin’ chance. But we must reacquire our WILLPOWER !!
michaelpaulbo on January 19, 2023:

As the vaccines/boosters become more compulsory, the “vaccine” will become more dangerous…

The endgame here seems to be the routine syphoning-off of bank accounts (first, and other assets later as the underlying legalities congeal around this effort) as people die-off—-or later become “confiscated” after becoming “medically dependent” from vax-injury, thanks to the widespread use of roving goon-squads preying on the helpless. The buzzards will swarm in as these “helpless” disappear into “nursing-home like medical facilities”.

Special Report: Medical profession implements WHO digital diagnosis code for the unvaxxed
Leo Hohmann – leohohmann Jan 17, 2023

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