February 06, 2023

A devastated woman has revealed a “hidden problem” in Australia that has caused a shocking change in her once “normal” husband.

A shattered Queensland woman whose husband was rapidly radicalised during the pandemic is sharing her family’s story about the dangers of online conspiracy theories.

The woman, who is aged in her 50s and who spoke to news.com.au on the condition of anonymity, said she was speaking out to describe the “other side” and show what it’s like “being married to a person that has changed since Covid”.

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And then there is this one: 

A woman in Western Australia is speaking out after her “gentle, kind and loving” husband was rapidly radicalised by conspiracy theorist extremists.

The woman, who spoke with news.com.au on the condition of anonymity, explained that her husband was first introduced to several common theories by a relative around five years ago. However, things “really started escalating” during the pandemic after he fell in with a group of people she described as an “anti-vaxxer cult”.

“My husband and I were happy. He’s a gentle, kind man, but very gullible and easily led,” she said. “Five years ago, he found the crazy world of conspiracies.

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Adanac said...

I'm quite happy being seen as a lunatic in these times by the "sensible majority"

Scorpio said...

...and then on March 4th, 2021, her husbund stumbled upon Grizzom.com also known as Mami's shit. This is when things took a really dark turn. Her husband started to believe that Jews not only controlled Hollywood but banking, the media and had an undue influence upon society. "i couldn't take the anti-Semitism," she said in tears as she reached for a kleenex. "It was horrible and it even got to the point where he thought the holocaust didn't happen and that Jews orchestrated 9/11....It was bizarre..."