February 04, 2023

The Scorpio Show 2023.02.01

Dave Scorpio welcomes Daryl Wayne and Cal Robbins

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ruxpert said...


When Jwish Piranhas Attack Each Other


Albert said...

Have NO Doubt about it:

THIS Chapter 10 of George-Lincoln-Rockwell is indeed a SUPER MUST Listen !!! :-o


:-) :-) :-)

--> IF WHITES Do-NOT Survive .... there will BE: NO Civilisation (as WE KNOW it!) Whatsoever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

OUR Survival DEPENDS upon FACTS ...... NOT: "Clever" "Fair" "Theories" / "Theologies" / C"warm-Fuzzy"-"ideas" :-o ;-)

Albert said...

I've been Running-out of Listen-Material many days now!!!

So I will begin: Alex-Linder's Mein Kampf as Linked-to HERE:


:-) :-) :-)

The Great-Guy "JewBergStein" has Linked to, and Re-Uploaded: MUCH Great Content !!! :-)


(By the Way: I Feel that MUCH of the GRIMM-Portrayal: Of the Pre-War South: Is SLANTED-"Liberal"-BS !!! :-o
-- George-Lincoln-Rockwell's TAKE-on-RACE ... is SPOT-ON !!! :-o

-- And ("like" it, or Not!) Much of what: Alex-Linder Says about "Christianity" Simply-MUST be VERY-SERIOUSLY Considered too! :-o )

Adanac said...

Hey Albert,

Why do you think GLR moved to DC? Do you think it's possible he was a tool?

Albert said...

@ Adanac

:-) :-) :-)

I Listened to: this 2-Hour talk with Amandha-Vollmer Last-Night ...


(The "DMSO" Talk which, I had Listened-to: the night Before .... actually had some interesting content!)

The Last Hour+ was her going-on-and-on F***ing etc! :-o .... Not Pleasant-Listening at-All! ;-)

But, it was still: interesting .... because She was FREELY "relating" Personal-Attacks ... etc! :-o

She is a Single-Mom-with-ONE-child-(born-in-India) (Which she Refers-to: as: "Her Family") ...

She has been: Trans-vestigated: She's: A-Man-Dhuh !!!!!!! ;-)

She has been Called a (((shill))), and in-it-for-the-Money: "Yummy"-for-12-Bludgering-Sponging-Years! ...... ;-)

The QUESTION of IS someone ((("controlled"))) etc. is Intriguing ....... ;-)

I am Pretty-sure: That YOU say: the Adolph-Hitler was "controlled" too! ;-)

I heard Malificus on Monday's Limeys say the same ...

--> I have "Observed" that: English, and Maybe-Canadians-(?) ... can't Give-Up: Their "We were the 'good-guys' in "WWI"+"WWII" .....
ADDICTION ..........

----> For THEIR very-LIVES !!! ;-) Surrounded by: MURDEROUS: Man-Eating-nigg-noggs ........ But, "at-Least": They're "Not Speaking GERMAN!" ;-)

I have Listened-to:

Most-ALL: of Kyle-Hunt's weekly-Uploads ....... it is Interesting: Hearing how: Most-EVERYONE is a "Shill"* .....

--> But I've Recently Listened-to: "Handsome-Truth" ....... and, it SEEMS to-ME: that the FLYERING: is ACTUALLY HIGHLY-Effective !!! :-)

I LIKE Listening to: (In France)-"Enochered" ..... and He played a short-Compilation (French but with some English-Subtitles) ...

Of how Former rothschild's-Banker: Macron .... was 14, and His TEACHER 39 (With a Spouse + 3 children) ...

When they Had-"Sex".... it Turns-Out: that "Bridgette" STILL HAS: "Her"-PENIS !!! :-o ;-)

I don't KNOW that much about George-Lincoln-Rockwell ........

--> But, so Far: EVERYTHING which I have HEARD of Him, Especially What He TAUGHT: Has CLEARLY-Taught ME: Soooo much,....

and is Totally-SPOT-ON !!! :-)

Alex-Linder can very very-RUDELY: Just Keep-on-and-on-and-on: Talking-OVER: Most-EVERYTHING which: Monika, and Alfred even TRY-to-SAY ....

But, certainly Alex's added-Commentary: to His READINGS ... Really-ENHANCE the Listening-Experience! :-)

--> So I will be REALLY Enjoying: Listening: To the Alex-Linder: Mein-Kampf !!! :-)

By, the way ...... Chainsaw ....... YOU have always been VERY-FRIENDLY towards Myself ......

-- But, do You REALIZE: That YOU-too: can come-Off: As "Funny" in YOUR "Leanings" too?!

eg: RACE is NOW: Very-OBVIOUS, in-your-Face, ....... and the very-MOST-PIVOTAL Topic-EVER !!!

-- Our VERY-SURVIVAL now-DEPENDS: upon THIS CLEAR-UNDERSTANDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----> And, Yet: You-Yourself ... Seem to: STILL "DENY"(?): that ni88ers are .......... simply-put: "Feral"-MONSTERS !!! :-o

* Using ONE-word .... for Most-Everything .... greatly-REDUCES it's very-MEANING !!! ;-)

(I had something that the Asterix was FOR .... but, I seem to have Forgotten it Specifically! :-o

-- Maybe it was: That I quite enjoy: the "Transvestigation" Possibility: That "EVERYONE": is the Opposite-Sex to what is ((("media")))-"portrayed"! ;-) )


Albert said...

By the way:

Someone commented below the Chapter-10 GLR Alex-Linder reading that:

Alex + Jan-Lamprecht are FUN to Listen-to ..... EXCEPT for Alex's PUSHING: of ((("bitch"-coin))) !!! ;-)

A-Man-Dhuh opined: something about: Us USING: our-"OWN"-Electronic-Currencies .....

--> to AVOID the ((("middlemen"))) ........

-----> I have NO-IDEA HOW: ANY f these Systems could be "TRUSTED" however ........ !!! ;-)

-- I have experienced how: Most-EVERYTHING is "Cult"-Like !!! :-o ;-)

I am quite-Glad: that I am now coming-OUT: of the "Scorpio"-"CULT" now ......

I sometimes even Listen-to: some GOOD-Content: from Giuseppe ... to "deprogram"-myself! ;-)
(It seems: that Giuseppe was the "Half" who had been actually-DOING: Most of the WORK! :-o )

--> I am GLAD for "Scorpio's" recent-Comment: About ME: "Being 'Off-the-Rails' ...."
-- For Even QUESTIONING: "Ex-Agent"-Mike-Gaddy's: "Just the 'FACTS'": "Takes" of the "South" .......

----> Much of WHAT Mike-Gaddy SAYS too: is "DENYING"-RACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o :-o :-o

YOU, Adanac, might LIKE Him ........... ;-)

But, be AWARE: that Mike-Gaddy: is an "Ex"-Agent !!! ;-)

;-) ;-) ;-)

(By the way: "Apparently": I myself am "Possibly": A TOTAL-DRUG-ADDICT/Alcoholic ...... "because" ...

--> I have "noticed" that: Mike-Sledge has some "Problems" ....

And ((("fraud-ianly"))): "Because" I have ALSO: "Noticed": that ((("Secret-Societies"))) "Secret" ...... is BUTT-"Sex" .........

--> Maybe I LIKE"/"Enjoy"/Focus-My-Entire-LIFE-around:
The "irresistible"-"Pleasure": Of HAVING: MY Butt-Hole: Totally-RIPPED-APART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o


-- I don't THINK so ....... !!! ;-)

I have been: a Milk-Butter-Vegetarian, for 42+ years now .....

and I am Pondering: that PART of jews' "camouflage": Is Tricking: WHITES to: Eat-"Meat"-(Pieces-of-Rotting-Corpses!) .....
-- Because: Like nig-nogs .... jews Cannot REALLY BE: Milk-Vegetarians ...... (((they))) are indeed "LIKE": "Wolves"/"Vampires" .......

and WE ... are indeed LIKE: Nice VEGETARIAN-"SHEEP" ...........
--> And, if it WASN'T for being ((("TOLD"))) to Eat-"Meat" ........
--> WHITES could Happily EASILY: AVOID ALL: Drugs, Weird-"Sex", Gambling/Sports-"Watching" ......... etc! :-)


Albert said...

Oh, and My POINT was that:

IF: WHITES were: Milk-Butter-Vegetarians ... WHITES could EASILY-AVOID: ALL "vices" ...... (Drugs, weird-"Sex", Ni88er-ball-Addictions, etc!

--> And, hence: FULLY-INHERITING: Our-Loving-Parents: HOMES, etc........

WE would not-"only": BE FREE: from (((their-"usury"))) ........

--> But, indeed VILE VICIOUS "Twisted" Obviously-EVIL-jews .......

with (((their))) CHILD-"grooming" and BLOOD-"Drinking" ..................

Would, Like Any OTHER: Bloated-HIDEOUS-EXTERNAL-parasite:
-- BE: Easily: Spotted/Discerned ...... and very-Enthusiastically-"REMOVED" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

:-) :-) :-)

Adanac said...

This is an old weary world Albert.

Humanity needs it's heroes. Unfortunately that same hero worship blinds so many from the truth. A truth that is often not hard to see if you are willing to take the time and effort to look honestly. The "ni88ers and the jews" are the big problem, right? It would be a utopia without them, right? LOL Is it really just that simple? I think not. I think we are suffering from collective psychosis. Have you ever heard of Wetico?

Do you think that narratives have the power to enslave large ever increasing swaths of people? What did Covid teach you? Yes Hitler was was just another in a long list of characters that were a creation of the same old power structure. We really are not that bright as a collective.

The legal/corporate person, Usury, Democracy etc is something humanity is to weak to overcome, Blaming the jews is all so many people have in the gas tank. It's not going to get you far. How are we going to fix The legal/corporate person, Usury, Democracy etc?

Yeah transjengas and the gay agenda are yet another manufactured demoralization of our "culture". It's artificial and I think Yuri Bezmenov makes a lot of sense in his old talks on cultural subversion


The biggest scam is that these countries we love to belong to are really politically sovereign nation states LOL As far as I can see they are human management farms with enough flags to wave for every dumbass!

spoonful said...

Dave's analysis of why the Ukraine war is kabuki theater makes the operation seem as simple as GI Joe. The hypothesis that if the war was real, Putin would have ordered a shock and awe like brave General Norman did in Iraq is just an unsupported conclusion. The West has been baiting Russia since 2014. The quiet man Putin remained so until the time was right. If one actually examines this history and the actual kick in the nutz Putin is giving them right now - look at how they squirm - I'd say 2023 is gonna be a good year.

Albert said...

@ Adanac

:-) :-) :-)

Wow !!! -- Are YOU "Grizzled" !!! ;-)

-- I have been Astounded by the Assertions of: "Everyone's the-Same / "Equal" for a very Loooong Time !!! :-o

--> ALSO the: "Everything's the "Same"!" ... "Logic" !!! ;-)

Maybe TRY this-Approach:

I TRIED to "Marry" an Indian-Girl (she was 28, and I 31) in Indian 30+ Years ago .......

My Bitter-Mother sort-of "Reverse-Psychology: DOOMED: Me TO-such .... after Sourly Saying: "What do You want to do THAT for!?"

Well, I had been a Vegetarian since 19, (I became a Hare Krishna at 20) and Had Never-Kissed-a-Girl ..........

(And I had SEEN how: Women whose-HUSBAND had MADE them into Vegetarians ...... once somehow-"Disgruntled" .... would even DELIGHT: In Again Eating-"MEAT"-(Pieces-of-Rotting-Corpses!) to-"Rub-His-NOSE-in-it!")

So THOSE were MY Simple-Criteria ....... --> Hence: "Logically" (EXTREMELY-FOOLISHLY!) I ended-up TRYING what I DID in India ...

("Funnily" Enough: --> IF I had ONLY-CHOSEN: Candidate-THREE, instead of FIVE: I May Very-Well have Been: VERY-HAPPILY Married with Children ... to THIS-very-Day! :-o )

But, anyway ..... "What does Not KILL You ..... will MAKE You STRONGER ...."

"By all-means MARRY ... if You Get a GOOD-Wife, You will be HAPPY ...... if You Get: a BAD Wife, You will become-a-Philosopher!" ;-)

I have SEEN Throughout-MY-Life (And we have ALL Also SEEN: With the Con-Vid-(((scam)))!) .......

That Even "just" ONE-Criteria (Eg: "Vegetarian", or Not-"On-the-Market-for-20-YEARS-already"! ;-) ) ....

GREATLY REDUCES: ones "Options" ......

And, TWO .... well, That Reduces a WORLD of "Possibilities" .... down to Almost-Nil !!! ;-)

Yes! -- It is FAR-Easier to ((("trick"))) someone .... than to afterwards convince such-a-Mark's-"EGO" .... that They-Have-been-(("(FOOLED"))) !!!

But, in the END ..... also ..... the WAY that WE: Perceive/"Filter" the World .... ultimately: GREATLY Affects: "Our"-World !!! :-o

I was "locked-in-a-Toilet"-(And STARVED !!!!!!!!!) for 6-Months (Because a "Friend"-from-30-Years-Before: "Decided"-to-DESTROY-MY-Life .... "because" HE Didn't-LIKE: The T-shirts which I Had Had-Printed .... as was Giving-Away: Literally in-the-100s .... for-FREE: to Any Hare Krishna I could Come-Across !!! :-o

Well, I can REALLY "Relate" to: Monika + Alfred .... as I have "EXPERIENCED" such too !!! :-o ;-)

Albert said...

--> Have YOU Listened to How-"POSITIVE" Alfred IS NOW???!!!

(Like HE explains: ONCE one has SEEN: the TRUTH about: jews, and "non-WHITES" ... One Realizes that WE Actually-HAVE: EVERYTHING to LIVE-for and WORK at Making-REAL, once-Again! ;-) )

YES! -- One CANNOT "change": the SOLID-CONCRETE-"CAGE" one is "Locked"-INSIDE ...
--> BUT, One can CERTAINLY: CHOOSE: Whether to become-"Broken" .... or "Defiantly"-NOT !!! ;-) :-) :-) :-)

For Almost the Last-TEN Years now .... I have Asked-Myself a Simple-Question: "Is it BETTER: than Being "Locked-in-a-Toilet" !!!? ;-)

--> I NOW HAVE a Fridge: FULL of CHEESES !!! :-o :-) :-) :-) ;-)

(And GREAT Internet + Browser-Window-Personal-Sellections!)

And, Last-Night I Made Platters: of Sliced from-MY-Garden: Tomatoes-Sliced+Himalayan-Salt, Fresh-Red-Chilies-from-MY-Garden, Sliced-Red-Bell-Peppers, ...
+ THREE Types of nice Cheeses: "Montery-Jack"-(sort-of), Swiss, and Creamy-Brie !!!

+ some Tulasi-("Sacred-Basil") ... because I FIRST: Offer Everything: To Radha-Krishna, and Krishna WANTS: Tulasi on EVERYTHING! :-)

--> And, THEN ... some Minutes-LATTER: I Peacefully sit-Down: a RELISH such! :-)

--> Yes! --> MY LIFE: Is NOW: CERTAINLY-BETTER than: "Being-Locked-in-a-Toilet" and STARVING !!!!!!! :-o ;-)

(Like (((bullshitter-Gatekeeper-Michael-Weiner-"Savage"))) used to QUOTE:

--> "Living-WELL ... is the BEST 'Revenge'!!!" :-) :-) :-)


Adanac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adanac said...

Quite a bit of extreme life experiences in that post. A post that failed to address anything I asked you! LOL Are you sure you aren't still metaphorically "locked in a toilet" LOL

ruxpert said...

Yep. When we stop getting distracted on distractions and unite on the accountability we are looking for ... everything will run better, more efficient / less-waste/Harm, increased Justice.
IT's so simple but we are so corrupt, the cancer of corruption is so heavy saturated we are infected with it ... so much so we can not see to harness the most simple thingk, what we are otherwise supposedly seeking so emphatically, yet sabotaging IT at every step toward IT!
I think our vision is clearing, to some degree at least, I hope!
Amen Brother! ;-)

ruxpert said...

the occupants :: hindsight / insight

FinnMccool said...

Why ???

FinnMccool said...

Why are such posts being fucking deleted???!!! - what kinda free speech forum is this then ???

Adanac said...

This one is for you Albert.

Take a slip on the "Giant Slide" !


Scorpio said...

@Spoonful - I appreciate your criticism of my analysis but I don't think you have accurately accessed my conclusions. While it is true that Russia has many good reasons to have enacted this "war" given the 5 waves on NATO expansion and the phony revolution that toppled the last pro-Russian government, I am trying to look at this from a level beyond any of the facts presented to us by the MSM news and the pro- Russian propaganda. I honestly think Putin is in on the scheme which is not a popular stance but it is how I am reading the tea leaves so to speak. So much of the Alt media has become cheerleaders for Russia and Putin, much they same way there were cheerleaders for Trump just a few years ago.

Did you happen to see the recent pics of Putin wearing a red Kaballah bracelet at the recent summit in Asia? His mother was from a Jewish background and he actually owns an apartment building in Tel Aviv. The whole cold war 1.0 was a fraud and this is simply the sequel. America defended communism in WWII and then supposedly within a few years, Russia became our greatest enemy. Sorry, but I'm not buying it any more than I am buying Cold War 2.0.

Putin's days are numbered on the world stage. He has been offered a graceful exit from power and will be allowed to keep the vast fortune he has amassed. Jewkraine will be destroyed as much as possible, with as many Ukrainian casualties as possible and we will soon witness its rebuilding in the image of Blackrock complete with smart cities, a green economy and flashy Las Vegas style casinos as the new elite Jewish carpetbagger class moves in, along with plenty of diversity.

This so called "war" is just a cover for skyrocketting energy costs, high inflation and to keep the spigot of Magic Shekels wide open and endless cash flowing into military budgets both in NATO and Amerikwa.

Adanac said...

Yeah it only took a few weeks to understand how fraudulent this war is.

Along with the Federal Reserve's shenanigans through the plandemic, Government aid into Ukraine is being used to prop up and maintain a failing USA. It at least gives the illusion that it's somewhat business as usual. It's pretty obvious IMO.

Adanac said...

A blogger on Mamis back in july and august was passionatly contending Putin is his own man. I said he was controlled by the bankers and their central bank was controlled. He countered with the following post.

"Here is a complete list of all Rothschild owned and controlled banks.
Russia is NOT part of that list.

Complete List Of Rothschild Owned And Controlled Banks

To which i responded

"Yeah I've seen that on several sites. My point is that it's very likely BS. There is a major narrative being sold to the populous. No? The Russian Ukraine bullshit is only one movement of a larger Symphony. I was kinda interested in the beginning but can now see it's a lot of the same old BS.

Only 21.7% of Russia’s Central Bank reserves are deposited in Russia. The holders of the rest are spread out over several other Rothschild owned participants. No?

Who Holds Russia’s Central Bank Reserves?


As I said if you think Big bad Putin has taken care of the banker problem, i have to say it's highly unlikely.

Please explain the meaning of story linked above from the Global Research site.

It seems to explain more than just an omission from jellyfish news etc. no?"

Adanac said...

Here is Kurt Kallenbach's Podcast “New Word Order”: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1867003

If you want to listen at Crrow777 check out the episodes below.
(these are 2 hour episodes. First hour is free.)

For a crash course listen to episode 183, 188 and 195 to start!

The rest of the Kurt episodes: 208, 248, 258, and 402.

here is the link to his shows on crrow777


I think he is really on to something here.

ruxpert said...

I'm currently listening to
Episode #55 BULLSHIT (Part One)

and Without commenting on content: 'the title' reminded me of:
On Bullshit:

Panzerfaust said...

Ukraine war is fake #1 source

Adanac said...

i always wondered what you looked like Panzi. By the look on your face it looks like you arealways ready to suck a dick! LOL