March 13, 2023

FINANCIAL CONTAGION - ­čĆ┤RageCast 315: SAFE AND SECURE - The Chemical Plan - Thriving Through The Great Reset - Major Distractions - EyesIsWatchin, Dollar Vigilante, Stefan Verstappen, Woodward TV & The Boatrawker: Where The Sheep Have No Brains



A general comment about the bank failures - Jim Stone

Silicon Valley Bank paid out huge bonuses to top people minutes before the "collapse" that was therefore obviously planned. The FDIC will protect the small people but anyone big who was there won't get enough to make a difference, they are toast. Some big companies will go down over this.
Rumor has it that the dominoes will now fall and that from the ashes a new government cryptocurrency will be born, but we will have to wait and see because before that happens everyone has to be on board, at this point we might just be looking at a lone case of corporate greed/scam/whatever. Bonuses paid minutes before the collapse???? RIGHT.

John Tory stepped down as Toronto Mayor leaving a major role to be filled in Canadian politics. Chris Sky (Chris Saccoccia) joins me as a very special guest host where we will talk about his upcoming Mayoral campaign, the many times that HE has been accused of Controlled Opposition and what he thinks of the Canadian political landscape in general.
What is Happening in France?

Podcast #8

It is a long video, the most relevant part where the judge is asked to dismiss is at the 24 minute mark.
It is not our fault, the government TOLD US to do it - The difference between a first world country and a "banana republic" these days is how well the face is polished and how well corruption is implemented as a functional working infrastructure. And lack of ethics piled on top of intent to do harm to everyone, at least banana republics know they need their citizens alive and in good health.
Jim Stone
It's been a year since our community was founded, and I give a brief recap of all the amazing things we have been doing. I hope this will be an inspiration and remind people of all the things they should be doing to survive "The Great Reset".
 Iran judiciary says 94 Americans accused in Martyr Soleimani’s assassination case




The weakest, most idiotic and selfish people to ever live are currently in charge of making all the important decisions so please rest assured when they tell you that everything is going to be fine. They would know, and you can trust them.

Taking The Diagolon Dogs Along


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