March 16, 2023

JEWISH BANKING CARTELS PLANNING THEFT OF ALL BANK DEPOSITS - Harry Vox + SillyCon Valley Banksters Have Epstein Connection - Amazing Polly + Ohio, White Noise & The Power of Words Over Things - Truthstream Media + EAST PALESTINE NIGHTMARE - Wardo Rants + Atlantis - PhilosophiCat



!! "This is The Plan" !!
Harry Vox 

Atlantis: A Dangerous Myth?

"I happen to love Graham Hancock's books on the search for a lost civilization, so I was pretty excited to see Netflix's new show, "Ancient Apocalypse", presented by Graham Hancock himself. However, the legacy media and academia are far less enthused than I am. Let's take a look at why." - PhilosophiCat

The asset stripping of the American people has gone into the latest phase. The controlled transfer of deposits from the American people to the Jewish banking mafia has shifted into high gear. Things are moving very fast. Protect yourself and your money.
They had a rally in Washington today - RAGE AGAINST THE WAR MACHINE.
If they ever actually expressed "rage" against the fundamental enemy who controls all the peripheral subordinate enemies, they would lose everything. So everyone quivers at the thought and attacks phantoms instead. They will even go so far as attack anyone who does have the courage to confront the real enemy. And they will fight to demonstrate to this real enemy that they can be trusted to play nice and never once offend this real enemy who can crush these people in a second. Everyone has to play nice with the real enemy, while that enemy eviscerates every hope for the future.
  "Censorship is the tool of those who have the need to hide actualities from themselves and from others." - Charles Bukowski
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Thanks for all of these. harry Vox is always on target.

Anyone know what happened to Daryl Bradford Smith? Is he still around? He's the one who woke me up to all of this and now the financial system is finally coming down.

ggallin said...

Daryl Bradford Smith moved back to africa with his black wife, hes retired now

ggallin said...

does anyone remember this with daryl bradford smith and eric huffshitt