March 25, 2023

Saturday Snack Shack with Blackbird9 - 2023.03.25

Noticing Patterns With Mr Steven Douglas Whitener II

Frederick C. Blackburn (also known as BlackBird9) studied engineering to become an electrical engineer and had a career in IT. He had a Top Secret clearance in the USA. He gave lectures to: Military and Naval Intelligence personnel as well as NSA, CIA and FBI personnel about cell phone and other technologies.

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Albert said...

I just Listened to this EXTREMELY-INTERESTING and GREAT Talk !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

--> NO-ONE: Can Listen to it ....

-- and Not: Honestly-ADMIT: that there are DOZENS of Points .... which ANY-of-us Hardly-even-KNOW! :-o's-100th-birthday:2

Albert said...

That "New Format" show was soooo much Better than:

"T9" way way back yonder, "T8" way back yonder, etc. BS !!!


:-) :-) :-)

Panzerfaust said...

Why do you point to other podcast in comments?

Panzerfaust said...

THT hired a Reputation Management firm to shill on multiple platforms but the glows were booted off RBN lol

Adanac said...

Fakest Cri$i$ Actor Performances of 2022.

The world is a stage.