November 12, 2023

I'm sure that it is a coincidence (Update, All fixed)

 My PC power supply just blew and the earphones were super low. Fuck all that shit!

See you later guys!


Panzerfaust said...

I'm going in endless loops virus scanning my conspiracy HDDs that work with Kaspersky Boot Disk, rescuing data, having the backup SSD all of a sudden deny me access or even change ownership back, running Testdisk, back to Kaspersky Boot Disk, now moving the files I was denied access in Windows to another drive. It sucks fuck the NSA fuck Unit 8200.

Panzerfaust said...

I always have a spare power supply in my box of computer junk, a habit from the days of racing online with a hugely overclocked liquid cooled AMD65. Think about getting a spare.

zapoper said...

I have two other computers besides this one so I do have spare parts. On top of it I did have a spare power supply new out of the box but I was just too tired to swap it last night. When it blew, I went to my neighbor's apartment to create this post and went to bed.

zapoper said...

BTW, the other two computers have similar motherboards as this one with the same chipset which means that if I have a catastrophic failure on this one, I can swap the hdd on one of them and have it boot up my OS.

I have not used anti viruses in years man.

Panzerfaust said...

Thanks Jews.

Kaspersky published a detailed report Monday about Equation, which it considers the most advanced group of attackers to date and whose activity spans back to 2001 and possibly even to 1996. Even though the company stopped short of directly linking the group to the U.S. National Security Agency, there are significant details that point to such links.

One of those apparent links lie in similarities between the Fanny worm, which has been used by the Equation group since at least 2008, and the Stuxnet worm, which according to multiple news articles and books that cite unnamed U.S. government sources, has been developed by the NSA and Israel's intelligence services.

Fanny is a worm that spreads through USB thumb drives with the goal of gathering intelligence. Its focus appears to be the mapping of air-gapped computer networks -- networks of computers that are isolated from the Internet.

decree said...

How does a PSU blow up, i had one time in my 30+ years with computer blow up a condensator in a PSU and that was the cheapest China PSU, but your own desktop you should always build in quality PSU. And stop it with Kapersky, any anti virus crap is snake oil.