November 29, 2023

THE LIES OF THE JEWS + WITH FRIENDS LIKE ISRAEL, WHO NEEDS ENEMIES? - TRUETUBE +🐐RageCast 397: KÄMPFEN HEIßT LEBEN + Expect to Self-Rescue - Jeremy MacKenzie + Terror Attacks, Power Grid, China’s Pneumonia Outbreak, IA2030 - Eyes Is Watchin + Toronto Cops Raid Protesters’ Homes - Henry Makow

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To live is to fight — to fight is to live

 Expect to Self-Rescue
In All Thy Sons' Command

 Like most Canadian cities, Toronto is a Masonic shit hole

“Between 4:30 and 6 am Wednesday Toronto police raided the residences of seven individuals alleged to have been involved in putting posters and fake blood on an indigo bookstore on November 10. According to a summary of the police operation posted by World Beyond War, eight or more officers participated in each raid.

Police knocked and quickly burst through doors, often without properly identifying themselves. All residents in the houses were handcuffed, including some elderly family members and parents in view of their children. Doors were broken and the police confiscated laptops and cellphones, including some provided by employers. Some of those charged were kept handcuffed in the back of police cars for hours.

 So...Is adrenochrome only good up to 100 years old?

To live is to fight — to fight is to live
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Expect to Self-Rescue
In All Thy Sons' Command

People die on the street everyday as underfunded and overworked responders look on helplessly. Meanwhile, endless billions flow to Ukraine, Israel and Haitian abortion clinics.

I grew up in the 1990s as western popular culture had already begun, unbeknownst to myself, a tragic and deadly downward spiral around the drain. I would ponder what the future would be like when I reached adulthood and beyond. What diseases would be eradicated, what kind of life affirming technology would be born, my imagination at what progress could look like was wide open.

What I did not expect was that popular films like Robocop depicting a crime ridden hellscape of violence, drug addiction and despair would be much closer to reality than any of us dared imagine. You can take a ride to the downtown core of many Canadian and American cities as you read this and see for yourself - if you dare — it certainly isn’t ‘safe’ to do so by any traditional understanding.

The decay and entropy isn’t just noticeable. It is pervasive and encompassing as an advanced cancer that is eating away at the soul of our nation completely unopposed by the powerful. San Francisco which was once a beacon of American success and pride to the world has been reduced to a free movie set for anyone who wants to create Robocop fan films. What’s worse is when Emperor Xi Jinping of China arrived for his recent tour of his newly acquired vassal state the powers that be sprang into action as to not be embarrassed and cleaned up the downtown core in impressively quick time proving that the state certainly can act on these dreadful situations — they simply didn’t care to until it was in their interests to do so.

Therein lies the problem.

The powers that be across, dare I say, the entire western world simply are not concerned with the plight or day to day lives of the tax cattle they pretend to represent. What they are concerned with is enriching themselves and accumulating as much power and resources as if our homes are nothing more than a going out of business, 85% off everything must go sale.

They certainly had little to no problem giving themselves raise after raise during the pandemic years while declaring themselves “essential” and simultaneously pointlessly shuttering our economy that caused irreparable damage with heavy handed mandates that will be felt for generations to come. That is to say nothing of the medical fallout that will cost billions in not only the limited medical care resources we have but the catastrophic hit to our workforce in people that were injured, killed or made un-employable by vaccines and the accompanying harebrained ‘mandates’.

At the same time as our nation is being gutted from the inside out from a completely out of control drug problem sweeping the nation and killing in record numbers, a suicide epidemic that dwarfs all known records and runaway cost of living our military had its best leadership gutted and removed from the top down due to frivolous and outrageous political attacks, all of which have been proven to be unfounded thus far. Our police forces at all levels turned on their own officers that dared speak up for the Canadian citizen.

This is the new, ‘built back better’ Canada.

The age of the Yes-Man.

Wayne Eyre the communist sympathizer had no issues imposing un-ethical and atrocious mandates on the Canadian Forces that crippled its operational capacity and dealt blows to morale so severe that I wager it will never recover. Several other candidates for appointment to Chief of Defense were passed over in favor of Wayne because they would not tow the party line. Wayne does though. Enthusiastically.

But wait! There's more! Everything must go! Going out of Business!

As if all of that weren’t enough I have yet to even address the most serious and destructive problem of all that complicates, exacerbates and amplifies all of the above problems and far more.

The sustained, planned and intentional mass migration of third world economic migrants to displace and replace the increasingly reviled ‘old stock Canadian’.

That means you, whitey!

Maybe you’ve noticed. Maybe you haven’t.

Those that have the courage to look will find that anti-white hatred not just in Canada but around the world has reached extreme levels never before seen in history. Men women and even children are daily victims of anti-white prejudice, hatred and full blown attacks and murders. A recent example is the murder by a mob of non-whites of an American teenager for trying to defend his friend from the same beating. Two other children in an Ontario school were filmed on video suffering a beating from dozens. Another was filmed in a bathroom being slammed into a wall, kicked in the face and stomping on his skull.

This is just what is being caught on video and even that is too much to keep up with in any regularity. Ireland’s Conor McGregor weighed in (someone put him in touch with Keith Woods, please) on the latest senseless murder of an Irish woman by migrants who have no business even being in Ireland.

I am a father. I have three young children. Seeing these horrifying images and stories of our most innocent and precious resources we will ever have being assaulted, raped, murdered and butchered is awful. Seeing the same government body of thieves responsible for the earlier nightmare go out of their way to pretend it isn’t happening is worse.

I am duty bound as a father, no matter how unpopular or unwelcome it may be, to stand and speak out against the out of control hate mongering against our children.

I need to be able to look my children in the eyes as they grow up into a world that increasingly hates and reviles them and be able to tell them I was not silent and mean it.

George Floyd, a recidivist criminal with a lengthy record of violence and thuggery is hoisted up as some kind of martyr for racial justice while a 5 year old boy can be murdered in cold blood is swept under the rug with hardly a yawn from mass media.

Oh, you didn’t hear about Cannon Hinnant? Aug 9, 2020

These stories are everywhere, daily. They are intentionally suppressed. Even the victims families are pressured into staying silent lest they be “racist” while the imbeciles on television are lauded for creating empathy Olympics for hardened criminals that belong in a realized contemporary version of “The Running Man” more than on our streets.

It’s in this environment of burgeoning anti-white hatred that endless scores of people from anywhere in the world but European ancestry, the founding stock of this country, are brought to and treated to publicly funded displays of how everything that has ever gone wrong is whitey’s fault.

Vancouver “Art” Exhibit educates the public into the new dystopian normal of blame whitey.

Canada currently has the fastest changing demographics in world history. Outside of a war with Genghis Khan who would kill all men and take surviving women as slaves, no people have ever been displaced faster.

If you’re expecting anything to change under a conservative government, think again.

Pandering Pierre Poilievre and his conservative party have fully embraced the ‘diversity is strength’ and other mindless sloganeering that translates to an official state policy of anti-white programming.

Canada has over 41 million people in it. Over 1.1 million are currently ‘unaccounted for’ and could have come from anywhere. When I graduated high school in 2004 the population was around 30 million. Today, close to 25% of the country was not born here, belong to a rootless diaspora that are not assimilating into the Canadian way but rather carving out neighborhoods and entire towns and cities for themselves. The conservative party has numerous members boasting Sikh heritage and affiliation while addressing their constituencies in Punjab rather than English or French.

These are the same folks demanding their own ethnostate of Khalistan and are not too shy to declare violence is always on the table to achieve their aims. They did blow up Air India Flight 182 in 1985 for example with more gangland killings spread across the country that our pandering politicians would rather use to virtue signal their support for the “new Canadians” than to speak the outrageous truth that our country has become nothing more than an economic grievance zone for strangers. Our police and community resources aren’t enough for our own citizens to be looked after, now we have to deal with the international beefs of competing gangsters and statehood aspirations?

Police struggle to contain and separate competing factions of Indians inside Canada. Is this the cultural enrichment we were promised?
Another instance of ethnic violence as Eritreans from competing tribes battled each other in the streets across multiple Canadian cities this summer. This is what your ever increasing tax burden is being used to contend with.
Most recently and currently in vogue is yet another instance of cross-cultural-ethnic grievances that have nothing to do with Canadians but everything to do with our safety and wallets.

These problems are not ours to deal with but yet our ‘leadership’ forces them upon us to deal with while they vacuum up what remains of our treasure for themselves. Oppose them and you will be labelled a racist or worse.

I don’t care.

I care about the safety and security of our children first and foremost, as it is their birthright paid for IN FULL by the blood of countless men and women who gave their lives too young in war or worked into the ground to build, maintain and fund this country.

Men like my father and his, women like my mother and hers didn’t toil and struggle their entire lives providing for their families and communities so we could hand it all off to economic migrants from third world countries.

I’m quite certain I can speak on behalf of many men of my generation that stepped onto that plane to Afghanistan that our thoughts were not “Gee, I hope we do a good job so Palminder, Kamari and Muhammed can have a good shot at pushing my kids out of the way for spots at the job fair!

Would it surprise you to know that Europeans are less than 9% of the worlds population ? White’s are the only race that are expected, as the Vancouver Art Exhibit will explain, to internalize and accept guilt for existing.

We are reproducing at a rate of 1.3 children per couple, far below the required 2.1 to maintain a population. At the same time, the imported ‘newcomers’ are boasting fertility rates of 6 and 7+.

The current government has explained we need half a million more per year, not including temporary foreign workers and students. The government in waiting of pandering PP challenges he will bring more immigrants, faster, legally.

Nary a word is ever given to the average blue collar Canadian worker or family. In case you missed the trucker convoy that was overwhelmingly ‘old stock’, it wasn’t defended or supported in any meaningful sense by anyone in Parliament. To this day we have political prisoners. We have frozen bank accounts. We have ongoing crusades against the brave men and women that dared speak up for themselves as the only home they have ever known, the home they are native to and born into, the home built by their parents, grandparents and ancestors is rotting away and being sold off to the highest bidder.

There was no referendum.

We were never asked.

The streets of our country look more and more like third world dumpsters everyday. Hotels and accommodations across the country are being filled to capacity with housing developments under construction rapidly to fill the need. You’re paying for that too as our own citizens live on the street.
If the situation wasn’t bad enough, our own youth are being weaponized against themselves in promoting anti-white hatred

India or Khalistan?
Palestine or Zionism?
Liberal mass migration or Conservative mass migration?
We cannot afford this financially. We cannot afford this physically. We cannot afford this.
In a world where virtue signaling is the currency of the day — every group, culture, religion and ethnic group has formal organized representation for its own in-group interests.

As they should!

It’s a good thing African-Canadians are recognized and represented.
It’s a good thing Muslim-Canadians are recognized and represented.
It’s a good thing [INSERT CAUSE DU JOUR] are recognized and represented.

If you dare recognize and represent the in-group interests of Europeans then prepare to endure a hurricane of hatred, derision, threats, de-platforming, de-banking, physical attacks or worse.

Just this past month Nationalist politicians in both Germany and Spain suffered attempts on their lives.

One stabbed with a needle. Another shot in the face.

If you want to fast forward to a future where a socialist, “damn those evil white people” future looks like — look no further than South Africa where truly unspeakable murder and terrorism of the White Boer population continues and now brutal sanctions aimed at starving the remaining rural resistance is established.

And our enemies call us cowards as we boldly face these threats knowing we are putting a target on our backs.

For all of this and for our children’s sake, I would suffer it all and I have no regrets.

Welcome home, Canada.

We are funding and supporting every interest under the sun, but our own. In fact, our treasure and efforts are being used to undermine them.

If we do not proudly represent ourselves and organize, if we do not re-moralize the Canadian man and woman to stop being doormats and become active participants in the stewardship of our own future we will assuredly be shoved aside and crushed.

We would deserve it.
Nature is cruel, but it is fair.

What will the next museum suggest be done with the ‘white oppressor and colonizer’ when the ‘minority population’ becomes the majority in the next decade?

Our fates are our own and sometimes a fight simply cannot be won. Such is life. We can only hold ourselves accountable for our own actions and decisions.

If the choice is surrender to an uncertain and hostile future — or struggle and suffer for only a 1% chance at salvaging a dignified way of life, I would proudly die struggling to give my sons and daughter that chance.

The only ‘side’ we need to choose, is our own.

We only have one life to live.

For the spirit of my ancestors and for my children, I refuse to live mine as chattel in our own home.

In all thy sons, command.

- RD

 Expect to Self-Rescue
In All Thy Sons' Command

Ireland has had enough





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