December 06, 2023

🐐RageCast 400: KLOWNERY IN 4K - Raging Dissident + Parasite Attacks During ‘Truce’ - Abby Martin + Parasite Supporters are Monsters - Vernon Coleman + Top 10 Misconceptions About Conspiracy Theorists - UAP + Realities of health - Prof. Denis Rancourt + They're not your friend - Morreno




Vernon Coleman
How long will it be before anti-semitism becomes the regrettable but default condition for billions of caring and morally responsible citizens of the world?

“Jews who think Israel can do no wrong will fill the internet with anonymous abuse and threats but the fact is that Israel is now the most wicked nation the world has seen for generations, and those who claim that Israel is entitled to defend itself (and, by some perverted, obscene logic entitled to bomb refugee camps and hospitals and slaughter babies with impunity) are living in a moral desert way beyond contempt.”

The wickedness of Netanyahu and his cronies is now blatant. The result of their black-hearted, ungodly killing is that anyone who supports or defends Israel is a disgrace to humanity.

Israel's supporters, blind to human suffering, will doubtless defile the internet with anonymous abuse and threats.

What they fail to realise is that their blind wickedness merely makes things worse and helps build the global storm of anti-semitism which is building and which will, I fear, soon be unstoppable.

Those who love Israel should join the rest of us in condemning Netanyahu and demanding an end to the pitiless slaughter of the innocent.
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Cancelled, banned, slandered, debanked, jailed -- 400 episodes of a mental breakdown later we are doing better than ever. Canada though, not so much...

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Parasite Attacks During ‘Truce’: Will West Bank Explode? With Abby Martin
 Brian Becker is joined by Abby Martin, creator & host of the Empire Files and director and narrator of the documentary Gaza Fights for Freedom, at

Parasite Control Of Major US Power Centers
Journalism Is About FACTS And These 'Flyers'
Each Present Nothing But 100% Factual Data
It's Time To Learn Who Your Controllers Are

Professor Denis Rancourt makes a private conference on the realities of health, as an introduction to the International Crisis Summit  of Bucharest (18-19 November 2023).

00:01 The title of the talk is: "Realities of health" or "Mega phenomena in health".

01:16 Psychological stress and social isolation are dominant determinants of an individual's health.

03:07 Humans as social animals always organize society in a dominance hierarchy and this is a characteristic of human societies.

04:54 The degree of authoritarianism and violence in society help stabilize the dominance hierarchy and that structure will by nature always tend to totalitarianism.

08:42 Medicine is a massive killer and the medical establishment is an institution that maintains the dominance hierarchy of the society.

10:18 All-cause mortality seasonality across the planet (Northern hemisphere, Southern hemisphere, equatorial regions) is a phenomenon still not understood today.

13:37 All-cause mortality increases exponentially with age with a doubling time of 9 to 10 years and this is a fundamental biological feature of human societies.

15:46 Vaccine-induced all-cause mortality increases exponentially with age with a doubling time of 4 to 5 years and this is a toxicology-related phenomenon.

"Just a little email from associated advertising agency of a foreign nation, offering compensation in exchange for positive reputation management. No big deal."

Happy 400th Anniversary! I baked you a cake, your favorite: Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake.

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