February 22, 2024

Beyond the Official Narrative with Richard Kary 2024.02.21

Richard is joined by co-host David Scorpio.

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zapoper said...

Serpico is a jerk man! lol

decree said...

Hah now i got the jerk one, what a caller.

zapoper said...

The second caller denied me a smart comment on here because I had figured out the whole "Serpico" thing. What a weirdo that first caller was.

Freewheeling_Franklin said...

Michelle Obama has AIDS - lol

Albert said...

"Alfa Vedic" Looks like a jew ...

Steve Falconer Looks like a jew ...

[ (((andrew kaufman))) is a slimey-jew at anarchopulco with them too ... ]


... It "turns-out" ... that it is "NOT" the jews guys !!! ;-)

I'd LIKE to HEAR Scorpio's critique of this "slick-talker" !!! :-o

:-) :-) :-)

Albert said...

Datt FAG-ni88a (near-the-end-of-the-show) BEE like soooo much "SMARTER" den ME !!! :-o


Datt FAG-ni88a NEED to be PAID: $$$-Millions for Datt genius-SHEEEET !!!

Gibbs ME DATT !!! ... crackaa !!! :-o


Ebil-WHITEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

WE wazz KANGS 'n' SHEEEET !!! :-o


ProfesssOOR to YOU !!! .... RAY-cisss !!! :-o


SHEEEEEET !!! 'n' Sheet! :-o

Mo-Fo !!! :-o


SUM MY "best" "Teachers" were ni88ers !!! :-o


Sean said...

Haha! Boy, it’s getting more clownish with the crises callers. the first one plays many crises caller characters, including “CB”,who calls into the hoax busters and many other characters going back to the Renegade broadcasting days. Remember guys! Don’t let them steal the selection from actor drumph! Elections are REAL! Drumph is an outsider!!

Jumbo Patterson said...

Well it is a relief to know that Reb has got the situation under control, that we can relax and leave it to him and his meth-head chums, lol.

He phoned in to Will Repillem's call, telling everyone to make threatening calls to a couple of high level DC numbers... what a crank.