April 11, 2024

Fallout 2024

 So this thing just came out the pike and after watching the first episode I can not stop laughing. Vault 33 and of course white man bad. Women are stronger and better and have more stamina. LOL

They like to play good old songs like Rense would play from the 40s-60s but they show you gore while you are listening to it.

At some point there was that thing that had tits and a mustache too. LOL

Maybe I'll be flagged by the kosher google AI for hate speech. 

In any case I'll report back after watching more episodes but so far this latest Hollywood bullshit is getting unwarranted praise.


zapoper said...

Of course the negro is highly moral.

decree said...

i liked the fallout game series, thats where the amazon prime series originated, but i boycott this woke shit. Even i got amazon prime, cause sadly i cannot get most things here anymore as they destroyed them during covid.

zapoper said...

I didn't even know that it was based on a game but that explains much.

I'm up to episode three and I can't stop laughing when they bring out the tiny jew "Moises Arias". I mean to be that small and have a huge "jewish" nose like he does is fucking hilarious.

I'm starting to understand why this show is getting praises though. If you are oblivious to the social engineering it is a well crafted show with surprisingly good effects.

zapoper said...

OK. I'm up to episode six and this is the funniest thing that I've seen in years.


How were they able to keep a straight face while filming this and how many takes did they have to do? ROFL

zapoper said...

BTW. What's up with her eyes, she looks like a batrachian. LOL