May 21, 2024

Gaza is on my mind



decree said...

The sign is not bad but just a part of the eye opening, next would be to realize and connect history, not isreal got kicked out of 109 countries 1030 times, not the zionist no, it was the JEWS. Thats the problem most brainwashed "judeo-christians" have, they rather find new terms with mafia and globalists but never name those Jews... sure there are very few good Jews, Makow Atzmon Yehudin und maybe 10 more, but thats already it, you have to generalize Jews jsut like they generalized us germans after ww2, otherwise you lose.

decree said...

Did you listen Devon Stacks last Insomnia, heavy blackpill but i agree with him, its sad but Hararis quote about give them games and drugs and you got the most important warrior age of 20-30 year old all busy now gaming and spamming retarded emotes on twitch all day and taking drugs, the masses of 20-30 year olds are all to busy to stand up.
the link its also on rumble

this episode justifies his name blackpilled, but its the truth sadly, we will not win anything as long they "entertain" our best warrior ages with games and drugs.

Jumbo Patterson said...

If world jewry was unhappy with Netanyahu's behaviour, surely it would be a piece of cake to just 'take him out'.

Jacob Rothschild was critical of Nutty before he died, was he just paying lip service?

If anyone could have stopped it, it would be him.

Great points, decree.

Albert said...

Yes! :-) all 3 good points :-)