May 25, 2024

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2024.05.25

Powers & Principalities Episode 350

Jewish Anti-Wokeism & the Trouble with MMT


Adanac said...


Adanac said...

EXPLOSIVE Evidence of Government Fraud

Part 8 - WTC - FORMER POLICE OFFICER GARY WATERMAN: International Government fraud.

Jumbo Patterson said...

Not once does this Waterman guy mention the Freemasons; the common thread through all of this double dealing; and which is a bit odd because Kent is a hotbed of masonry... plus he keeps on about Clifford, Epstein and Maxwell father and daughter; three of whom are dead and one is doing twenty years.

All of his 'linking' is rather vague, he is mentioning no names, everything he is 'exposing' is ancient news.

I think he has been put out there to scoop up the new wave of awakening plebs and lead them down the garden path.

He is making a lot of noise about being an ex-copper... not so sure about the 'ex' prefix there.

He also looks rather jewish.

Adanac said...

All good points and I agree with your assessment!

Catholics and freemasons are promoted at mami's too! It's interesting they are frequently calling out jews but overlook the origins of their own allegiances. It's well know both Catholic and Masons are cut from the same infiltrated cloth! Example, "content creators" like Timothy Kelly, E Michael Jones and others hold the Catholic religion up as noble, when it's clearly problematic in it's current state. There are some homegrown favorites here too with a strong masonic allegiance advocating for "truth" here too! Masons and Catholics were clearly infiltrated or created by the same Talmudic forces that have infested so many other so called sacred western institutions.

It is my opinion that they want to smash the current big money establishment at the middle manager level and institute their "kinder gentler" communist state. Most young people can't afford the basics that average people took for granted a few short decades ago. thanks to usury and tacit debt slavery. Those same people have no idea about WTF is going on in this world and to be fair, it's always been that way IMHO.

Adanac said...

"He also looks rather jewish." LOL! whatever that means! You mean like the hooked nose hand clutching stereotype?

Jumbo Patterson said...

""He also looks rather jewish." LOL! whatever that means! You mean like the hooked nose hand clutching stereotype?"

I'm in my sixties, I've lived abroad, travelled a fair bit and moved in cosmopolitan circles... you naturally develop an interest in anthropology and race... and as a result, I find I can pin down the ethnicity of an individual pretty accurately, just on appearnce, mannerisms and enunciation.

Watching this Wassermann character is like déjà vu to me... after the banking crisis of 2008 there was a similar mass awakening, and the 'establishment' trotted out a similar bunch of 'pied pipers' to lead the budding young rebels down dead-end streets, to waste their time, make them lose interest and dismiss the real shenanigans that were taking place.

It is like he is reading from well rehearsed script, rather than engaging in spontaneous discussion.

Jumbo Patterson said...

On your other point, yes I think that all of these groups derive from the ancient mystery religions, which precede the Talmud, even. I believe that the tribe we know as 'the jews' were possibly a creation of an older tribe of Medians/Medes from Northern Iran/Azerbaijan.

Adanac said...

"I'm in my sixties, I've lived abroad, travelled a fair bit and moved in cosmopolitan circles... you naturally develop an interest in anthropology and race... and as a result, I find I can pin down the ethnicity of an individual pretty accurately, just on appearnce, mannerisms and enunciation."

I do not have the same ability you have as a Canadian. I have met people in the past and some were not a surprise others were. There have been lots of converts from Europe too. Historically I've not been all that interested because Canada thanks to Pierre Trudeau, started pushing multiculturalism and throwing money around to implement it in the 60's, "his" policies changed the face of Canada. P. Trudeau also destroyed Canada's public bank in 1974, when he handed Canada's bank over to the BIS. Canada has never been a sovereign country and has always been a corporate slave plantation with it's masses of ignorant free range farm animals. Canada's only legitimate charter is the Hudson's Bay charter of 1670.That charter of course was created in the city of London by the "company of adventurers". All the rest of the constitutional carry on here has been a fraudulent shell game.

Britain has always been a financial services hub that has not really produced much else other than financial services, LOL I'm thinking of Jaguars and Vacuum cleaners? no?

Jumbo Patterson said...

"Britain has always been a financial services hub that has not really produced much else other than financial services"

Utter nonsense, from the Industrial Revolution until WW2, Great Britain was huge in industrial output... admittedly, it was facilitated with financing from the City of London's magic shekels and the mercantilism imposed on it's colonies.

Don't forget that the Anglo-Saxons are ethnically German.

Adanac said...

Exactly Britain has always been a parasite sucking wealth from slave outposts like the "Dominion of Canada" and all the other "common wealth" countries" and you can include the USA in there too, but it is a more historically occulted financial arrangement.

Adanac said...

You Brits put up with all that gay royal culture and let the Talmudics set up quite an operation with no challenge for since what? The 11 century? I'm not exactly sure! Remember this story?

Prince Charles cancels statue unveiling after catching Covid

Adanac said...

Terrence Howard Forgets His Script on Joe Rogan Experience

Jumbo Patterson said...

You are part of the problem, mate... constantly sowing division with your naïve, uninformed nonsense.

I've got a better idea, how about we work together to do something about it?

Adanac said...

Jumbo, I don't mean to insult you, but the truth hurts. The thing I've come to realize is, the only solution is operating with personal responsibility and choosing and executing your contracts wisely. The Covid experience has shown me that there will be no working together, except in enslaving us all further as the masses lap up rules "for their own good"! Humans are selfish creatures that are only interested in what's best for them. The ability to "spot a jew" is of limited usefulness. The rank and file jew has been mind controlled just like the any other dumb ass who flies the corporate flag of their corporate farm.

Do you believe in Monarchy and empire? Britain has been a parasite on the rest of the world via the City of London for a very long time. The muggles who live outside the city of London have been impotent and failed miserably is stopping the bankers who live in a region that is not technically part on London. There is nothing naïve about my assessment of Britain. My lineage is British and Scottish. My line came to Canada in the first or second wave. So I come from a long line of Canadian slaves LOL. We have all been turned into corporate entities yet we can't seem to challenge that as a collective. Why? It's because these contracts are always sold to us with some benefit that is eclipsed by the obligation. We are ignorant and agree tacitly time and time again. We have learned to accept crumbs as a collective a long time ago. Instead so many people here a fixate on jews when the problem is our own lack of personal responsibility and testicular fortitude. It would be nice to see people stand up in our own lives and challenge our long standing personal and collective contracts by being part of the "body politic".

Jumbo Patterson said...

There you go again, with your simplified uninformed opinion.

The whole of Europe was overrun by the Normans, the reason they chose us for a base was because as an island we are pretty impregnable.

The whole of the West has been overrun by jewish banking following 'bolshevik' revolutions, ours was in the 1640s, 7% of the English population were wiped out trying to resist it.

These bastards have been pulling this stunt over and over for thousands of years. They are not so easy to beat.

I recommend that you quit watching all of these cointelpro assholes that you keep posting links to and delve into the true history of who these bastards are and where they come from.

How can you expect anyone to take you seriously with all the nonsense that you espouse?

Jumbo Patterson said...

Oh, by the way, as you said yourself, the Canucks didn't even put up a fight, they just let some degenerate commie prime minister hand over Canada's banking system on a silver platter.

Jumbo Patterson said...

In a common law land, you can step out of their system any time you like, just be careful what you sign your name to and be aware of your rights as a man. Karl Lentz did a lot of shows explaining, in layman's terms, the difference between legal and lawful.

Good luck educating the 'collective', most of them are as thick as shit, lol.

Adanac said...

The only ones that have ever been in control are the bankers. You don't need to be a jew just come from a long line of psychopaths.

"Good luck educating the 'collective', most of them are as thick as shit, lol"

"I've got a better idea, how about we work together to do something about it?"

Well in all the nonsense I was espousing above I addressed these points,

People are dumb and unless its going out on the street with a packed lunch holding a sign
asking mommy and daddy gov to change their mind, they are not up for it.

Their is no Common law in Canada, there is no common law anywhere really. We can go on and on back and forth about that too, but I'm not all that interested. It's on each and every individual at the end of the day.

Jumbo Patterson said...

Criminal cases are common law by default.

Statute law can be countered by building your own common law case at the Court of King's Bench.

But if you listen to Lentz's old shows, there is no need for it to get that far. You learn how to avoid all of that BS.

Adanac said...

I've not listened to him before. I have spent years on similar material and gurus and in a nutshell it's all contract within lets pretend legal framework that keeps reinforcing your legal identity. Yes we can invoke common law but it's on a case by case basis and almost always at the individual level. These systems that are in place on every corporate farm on earth are designed to maximize full control of their human resources. Why are we not seeing huge class action law suits challenging the fraudulent Birth Certificate? Why with all the people like you and me that have a least a fundamental knowledge of the legal fraud not able to get a massive class action against the slavery system that currently exists within the legal framework? In many of these cases you see the judge make the case for the defendant and dismiss for other reasons.

Cal Washington here in Canada has proven the BNA act is a fraud and it was repealed long ago with The Statute of Westminster 1931.

Canada was never confederated and we are a vassel state that bows/belongs to the City of London. However curiously CANADA appears on the SEC EDGAR site as a corporation registered in DC. Any common Wealth country has the same game going on within it's corporate structure. True common law is based on the notion of "private property crimes" or crimes against a man or a woman with true injured parties. Not statutes that redefine a man as a Driver, Voter, Taxpayer, Officer or some other legal corporate fiction that they want you to accept as your play piece.

There is no property if we use debt notes. A bank note can only discharge debt. We can not pay for anything. A note by definition is a promise to pay. It's the big reason that allodial title has become a legend in our current times.

So following some guru shows how impotent we are because we should all know who we are but we do not. These notions of money, banking law, real estate, insurance etc are all crooked sidelines for the people most of you like to call jews but sadly there are many good common WASP's knee deep into selling their own birth right and their children's birth right for a mess of pottage. You know like that famous biblical account of Esau and Jacob. Even the way people invest money for their ROI. Pretty jewy don't you think? LOL What a tangled web! We have lost our way and forgotten who we are. That's just the way "they" like it!

Adanac said...

EDGAR Search Results for CANADA

Adanac said...

How is that for nonsense Jumbo?

Adanac said...

Are you a patriotic Brit Jumbo? LOL I missed this comment you made above.

"Oh, by the way, as you said yourself, the Canucks didn't even put up a fight, they just let some degenerate commie prime minister hand over Canada's banking system on a silver platter."

I totally agree!! I do not identify as Canadian. I guess i insulted the Brit in you huh? People at this point, or even the last 100 years are beyond hope!

Jumbo Patterson said...

The majority would not want out of this system even if you explained it to them... it is too interwoven with their way of lives.

My point about common law, is that on an individual level we do not have to engage in their system... we have the option of stepping out of it, anytime.

But if you partake of the benefits of the system it less easy to step out.

I wasn't insulted at all but I like blame to be apportioned where it is due.

Whenever atrocities have been carried out by 'the Brits', I can assure you that 'the Brits' knew nothing about it, and when they found out about it there was uproar, for example, the Boer concentration camps in South Africa.

'The Brits' have themselves been victims of atrocities carried out by these bastards... they built the workhouses on swamps in order to kill the inmates off quicker.

Only in recent years have we had any semblance of a decent standard of living; prior to the 1950s the majority lived a near-starvation existence just barely scraping by.

Tell me how we are supposed to stage a rebellion while surviving on a diet of bread and dripping, living in cold, damp slums... made to fight each other for a day's work for a pittance of pay.

The two world wars saw a deluge of propaganda, brainwashing and coercion... the young men who went to sign up for the first, were so malnourished that the 'establishment' had to up their food rations to get them fit for service... close to a million never came home.

The second world war came so close on the heels of the carnage of the first, that no one was willing to sign up. It wasn't until they had been convinced that Hitler wanted to invade Britain and was gassing the jews to death, that they reluctantly relented.

The 'karens' of the day would wear a yellow feather until their fella signed up.

So don't blame 'the Brits', blame the sneaky joos and their masonic shabbos goy.

Adanac said...

I understand Jumbo. There are several problems with just stepping out of the system as I'm sure you understand. The social Insurance number here in Canada is required to work for an employer. Yet you need to apply for one! We are not at consciousness level to change this system! In Canada the SIN was created in 1963 and in 1964 it was tied to the income tax act. It was introduced as a government pension scheme that promised a better pension than private pension plans. Guess what happened there.

So if you want to step outside the system you must be self employed. However if you want to engage in commerce with some city, once again they have perfected ways to convince most that they are obligated to get licences and collect government taxes as officers for the same old piece out shit middle managers for the demons who run this place.

Stepping out of the system is truly hardcore and I have respect for anyone who can walk that walk wholesale!

It seems now we are moving into some other system that is going to bring their game up a few notches on top of the current scam!

Anyway, nice discussing this with you brother!

Adanac said...

16 Tons - Tom Morello