May 13, 2024

🐐RAGECAST 453: FORECAST, NOT DEADLY BY' - General Jeremy MacKenzie + Jim Breuer Talks About What Happened to Dave Chappelle + Freedom to Seek the Truth Was All the White Man Ever Needed - Salamandren + The Jews & Their Lies-Harry Vox + The Boatwrawker

7:45pm EST



Rawking the Boat one song at a time!

Rawking the Boat one song at a time!


Freewheeling_Franklin said...

Fagcast: Military pukes and Hollywood gossip

Voltman said...

What an intensely ignorant, stupid, blind and disgusting sack of shit you are wee willie.
If you were anywhere near me, I would smash your useless fucking skull against the nearest brick wall with glee.

Sean said...

I ❤️ Mami’s shit.

Jumbo Patterson said...

Great appearance on infowars:

zapoper said...

Thanks for the link Jumbo.