May 20, 2024

RageCast 456: PHIL'S FREE CHOPPER RIDES - General Jeremy MacKenzie + Canada: Life in Prison for Thought Crimes - Iron Will Report + EISENHOWER'S DEATH CAMPS - Cybergnostic + Dokumentarfilm über die Todeslager in Rheinwiesen

 8:25pm EST
* Suggested by decree *
IWR News for May 17th

This week in news that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear:

• Canada: Life in Prison for Thought Crimes
• CBC Stacks the Deck
• Liberal Government Granted Vaccine Exemptions, but Not to the Public
• Our Crippled Health Care System: Will it Collapse?
• Canada Needs to Build One House per Minute; For Seven Years
• Study Shows Lockdowns Make Kids Stupid
• Green Costs More Green: Debunking Cheap Renewable Energy
• Scientific Journals Sunk by AI Generated Papers
• Vaccine X: For Diseases that Don’t Exist Yet
• How Much Were Doctors Paid to Push the Covid Shots?
• Gates Admits Self-Assembling Nanotech in Shots
• Pfizer Employees Got Different Vaccines than the Rest of Us
• Health Authorities Admit ‘No Data’ to Support Mask Mandates
• One Fake Food Too Far: ‘Food Waste’ Coffee
• Tinker Bell Gets Fired for Being ‘Body Conscious’

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* Suggested by decree *

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Freewheeling_Franklin said...

Fagcast - let’s all look up to a general who sent countless young men to die in Jewish wars and Hitler in the same post. Only in the mentally ill alt media can such blatant contradictions coexist. What a dead end to send viewers into

Voltman said...

The intensely ignorant, stupid, blind and disgusting sack of shit who calls himself freak-whining Freaklyn had to come around AGAIN and prove how much of a goddamn shithead he is. His alleged "comment" was dumped in the trash bin where it belongs. What an ignorant and spiteful piece of shit he is.

decree said...

WHat we really need is indeed a charismatic leader, jews do everything no alpha stands up to lead, at least in germany i see only betas, often laden with guilt complex from decade long brainwashing, look at our poop smearing politicians, or look at Bill Kaulitz i just noticed him cause he is making alot advertisement, they brainwash this feminin beta male into german brain normalizing this disgust

look at him

can only shake my head how they brainwashed the germans into this self hate not only hate the own mind but hate the own body and try to be maximum not masculin, and sorry for linking tiktok, i think this is part of it too, cancer to our society. I am avoiding it but if you search this retard the tiktok results are all over the place

zapoper said...

If Freewheeling_Franklin would have at least listened to one of Jeremy MacKenzie's broadcast he would at least know that he's not a General. LOL