June 08, 2024

President Nayib Bukele: Seeking God’s Wisdom, Taking Down MS-13, and His Advice to Donald Trump - Tucker Carlson


0:00:00 Intro  
0:04:47 Bukele’s Formula to Save El Salvador  
0:09:50 The Satanic Side of MS-13  
0:16:28 Bukele's 3-Point Economic Plan  
0:28:41 Is Western Civilization Dying?  
0:50:10 Will Donald Trump Get Elected?  
0:56:09 Bukele's Advice to Trump  
1:00:03 Americans Moving to El Salvador
Meanwhile... back in the clown asylum...
The Jackass fills the air with Bidenomic Shit
Alphabet Head is an Ashkenazi Drug Pusher
El Salvador gets this bright, bilingual, articulate, demonstrably talented leader, and we have a guy who falls up stairs while his son smokes crack and buys guns.

Having such a bright president is a miracle in today's crazy world.

The fact they call him a dictator is crazy

Tucker leaving Fox News is the best thing to happen in a long time.

I left El Salvador in 2001 because of gang violence and poverty. A Salvador without gangs was a dream, now it’s a reality. All my siblings and I are actively planning our return to El Salvador in the next few years. Returning to live in El Salvador has always been our dream. Thank you Bukele for giving us our country back. Bukele has saved thousands of lives. He truly deserves a Nobel prize.

This man is an absolute legend. He has done the Impossible and with God has made his country into a  beacon for the rest of the Western World.

President Nayib Bukele is a leader who truly cares about his country and his people. It is clear that when you put God first and pray for an outcome a miracle is given. He has used his power and intelligence for the good of his people. He is an example of what a true leader can do.

This man is a true leader. He did wonders for a crime ridden murder capital.

My mother and father fled from El Salvador during the civil war. I was born in California and my family never wanted to take me because they had so much trauma and the country had gotten worse with the gang violence. My mom and I are planning to go next year it will be her first time going back in 30 years. We are so excited. Bukele has changed the minds and hearts of so many people that had lost hope.

What a common sense leader. Like he said, you don't need critical thinking skills to stop violent criminals and make your country safe. You just do it, by whatever means. Our entire government should be mandated to watch this man's interview.

I am an American. My grandfather immigrated here from El Salvador, despite my family being relatively wealthy in El Salvador, because of the wars and lack of safety. He thrived here in America despite not speaking English upon arrival. Now that President Bukele has made El Salvador safe, my cousin and her family are moving back to El Salvador in the coming weeks. I would consider doing so if my lawyer license could be applied there. Thank you, President Bukele. And thank you, Tucker, for giving him a stage. 
Damnnnn. With Bukele now???  Tucker is the GOAT of journalism.



Unknown said...

Yes, but in USA we have gang Antichrist-666 and they own the white house, pentagon, Jewstice system all media, .... and for most they own the VOTING machines so you can't vote them out just White people have to rise up and kill them all- the Antichrist-666.

Unknown said...

Yes and fuck Trump and his jewish Antichrist-666 masters.

cjag said...

Good ole Cucker Tarlson...

Much like the idiot over the pond, George Galloway...

Like Cucker these men are now heroes for the working man...

Go on, ask them about 911, and who did it...

While you're at it ask them what they think of those who questioned 911...

If you can't meet these two men personally....just use the interwebs to see what they both said in the past.


Cucker, born into in his tennis whites...

Galloway, born with a bottle a scotch and and acting career...

from Ontario

Unknown said...

never heard of the guy, but knowing how the kaballah circus works, I think Bukele gave it away with "we build back better, uhm, or whatever"

Freewheeling_Franklin said...

Allow crime to fester out of control on purpose necessitating mass arrests and police power. The “conservatives” will cheer with glee and many conspirotards will join the fray. Rinse and repeat

Jumbo Patterson said...

They have been building new prisons in the UK and handing out stiffer sentences of late.

My concern is that further down the road, they could be releasing and recruiting the most violent psychos, whilst locking up political dissidents instead... as we have seen elsewhere.

cjag said...

Big box stores.

There is a reason why they are all the same looking.

When the shelving is gone ,they are completely wide open spaces.

All of them can be converted very fast...

Bring in the fencing, barbed/razor wire, dogs and armed nut jobs ,and nobody is going anywhere...

from Ontario

Freewheeling_Franklin said...

^^ Amazon warehouses would be even better because there are no windows on the bottom story, only narrow windows near the roofline

Jumbo Patterson said...

Some of them new shopping malls are looking awful gulag-like too, lol... or is that just conspiritard clickbait.