June 12, 2024

RAGECAST 466: Perfect Disaster - Raging Dissident + Crucible - Jeremy Mackenzie + Antisemitism Is All We Really Need - Salamandren, Eskimos & Indians, Jan Lamprecht, Bill Hicks, ScottRoberts

Jeremy Mackenzie
With Jan Lamprecht

Jeremy Mackenzie


In the upside down world of Canada, these weak negligent criminal fools are heroes while Morgan and I are terrorists!

The CBC is a bastion of journalistic integrity, and the people are simply brainwashed by Russian propaganda!

The police are selfless heroes and not a self interested gang of toady millionaires!

Tim Houston is a celebrated leader with impressive chops in handling a crisis and not a timid little man and poser paper gangster with a four dollar haircut!

Robert Strang is a hero and not a man that abused his position and authority to silence dissent, neglected his duty to do no harm to the public health and followed the siren call of money and adulation over his sacred obligation to stand in the best interests of Nova Scotians!

Too little too late for scores of dead and injured at the hands of a negligent and criminal regime that extends from Halifax, to Vancouver, rooted in Ottawa. This tiny partial accounting paints a grim picture of the potential depth and scope of the damage done while these treasonous scum award themselves regular pay raises and give themselves trophies.

CBC and others erroneously reported, in damage control, that it was we the defense that caused the case to fall apart with too many delays. If that were even possible, ever criminal defense in history would be a delay strategy until the time keeper calls the game.

In reality, the state went above and beyond into the realm of criminal mens rea, to “win” a game they had no business playing in the first place. They stifled and stymied and denied access at every turn for this inevitable outcome in order to avoid any of these sensitive subjects coming into the public conversation.

Morgan and I, unlike the province of Nova Scotia, RCMP, CSIS, Tim Houston, Robert Strang, Shelley Deeks, Public Health and the Department of Justice believe you as taxpaying cattle that support the fat cat lives of these wealthy stooges deserve to know the truth about what you’re paying for.

The truth can sometimes be ugly and harsh.

We are governed by traitors and criminals that use their power to jail and silence their citizens.

When I began this crusade against corrupt state power I began it as a fourteen plus year Infantry veteran armed with nothing more than my mouth and my heart that explodes hourly with love and power for my family, friends and community. It commands me just as my Colonels did to march forward, head up and eyes open towards confrontation with the enemy on behalf of our people. I had no criminal record and had never been convicted of a crime in my life.

I am still that Infantry veteran. I still have this big mouth and it has afforded me a large following across the nation of some of the best folks I’ve had the privilege to know and call friends. The ferocity of the fight in my soul has not been tempered but instead emboldened and galvanized by the mind numbing crucible of mind games and lies I was subjected to. My experiences have only strengthened my resolve. My love for our people that have stood by and supported me at some of the more difficult periods of my life has transcended to the ethereal. What was intended to break my spirit only forged a more resolute, robust one. You would hope after so many hundreds of years, the Crown would have learned by now that breaking the spirit of the highland Scotsman is an impossible task.

Unlike in the past as a confused 20 year old who believed I was fighting for Canada in some vague nebulous way, I know now who I belong to and who my people are. To do what I can to deliver them from the grips of these wretched people has been the greatest blessing of my life. I have never felt more content and satisfied with my path.

At twenty three wins and no losses, I do not have a criminal record despite their best efforts.

Whoever tells you that you cannot fight the man and win is either blackpilled, a coward, or both.

The slow march forward has picked up to a light run.
I am not finished.

See you in July.


- JM

With a record of 23 wins, no losses from Pictou, NS...


CBC, stop calling me or my lawyers.

No one wants to talk to you. You're a hostile enemy institution that has done more to kill Canadians than anyone in Russia ever has.

The only thing I'm interested in helping CBC do is die.

Is that clear enough?


Porky the Arsee MPig

Brant tells Mike and I about his experiences teaching Eskimos for a few years as well as teaching Indians in an Indian reserve in America. We discuss these people and what it is like for Whites to teach them and deal with them.

I also tell the story of Sun City, aka Sin City in South Africa during Apartheid when a local Jew, Sol Kerzner created a Las Vegas in SA where lots of things, that were illegal under White rule were allowed in this independent Black Homeland and how Whites used to go there. Jews tap into the weaknesses of Whites.


decree said...

for a different view here from a smart balanced black dayzofnoah


he talks alot about transhumanism, old covid, bird flu, vaccine and the nigger short video
i lsiten to him quite some time, maybe the smartest black i know, but sure i does not name the jew as he streams on youtube, but he also does not kiss the jew butt like noagenda does

cjag said...

Just a heads up guys...

I have noticed in my travels, over the past couple of weeks, more white men seem to be waking up at a good pace...needs to be faster, though.

I find that certain words work when having a quick chat with white strangers my age or older...even younger dudes, in their 30's-40's

Time is now for making things very aware in public, with white people...

from Ontario

Ed in Salt Lake said...

'Days of Noah' has been around awhile. He has definitely produced some solid content over-the-years!