June 14, 2024

🐐RAGECAST 467: CRUSADE - Raging Dissident + “What’s The Government’s Water doing In Your Taps… In Your Pool… In Your Glass? - Visible Origami + Right Perspective Radio with Davis Lurmann #044 + Activist Persecution in Australia

Soon… it’s going to be all about The Water. Here is only one of the nasty little schemes that the Israeli-owned and operated United States government is up to. They’ve been at this sort of thing for a long time. Decades ago… they glommed on to Colorado Rocky Mountain High and attracted The Liberal Mindset… to a former bastion of Conservatism. The next thing you knew… rainwater catchment was illegal. It’s the government’s water. It’s not your water. Today The Government’s Chemtrail Industry is telling you it’s not your sky. It’s the government’s sky.

 What’s the government’s water doing in your taps? What’s it doing in your pool? What’s it doing in your glass? You better get it out of there.

Of course, I use the word government euphemistically. The Government is a wholly owned subsidiary of the international bankers, who also own a piece of the action… in every area of business enterprises. World bankers knew that they needed an independent country… with sovereign rights… in order to get around criminal charges… given the way they do business… so they used a lot of historical fabrication… to orchestrate the theft of land… that already belonged to the indigenous folk who lived there, BUT… who had no ability to defend themselves against invasion. This is what happened over time.

    Anaughty Mouser on June 13, 2024 at 10:16 am

Yes you are completely right. Everything and I mean everything negative that is happening around the world is being caused by the international central bankers in an attempt to side step their coming total loss of power when the present fiat system implodes because of unrepayable interest on the debt the bankers caused by printing trillions of dollars out of thin air and charging interest to everyone using this fiat money.

35 trillion dollars of debt can never be repaid. The debt is increasing by 1 trillion dollars every 90-100 days.

Their fiat system is about to collapse and with it all the bankers’ power. No one including them, can stop the economic collapse. No one including them know how the world will operate economically after the collapse.

They are desperately trying to implement digital IDs as a way to maintain their power after the collapse but people of the world are correctly wary of everything coming out of the very people who have enslaved the world for hundreds of years.

To get people to embrace digital ID and thereby CBDCs, they are using the threats of WW3, pandemic 2.0, vaccine passports, climate change, food shortages, water shortages.

Their problem is that more and more people in the world are saying no to many or all of the threats.

Without a digital ID for everyone and CBDCs for everyone, when the economic fiat collapse comes, they know they will lose all their power over the people.

The world which comes after the fiat collapse is unknown to everyone including the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Wallenbergs and the other central bank families.

The world coming is unknown to everyone, but the present international banker families will no longer be in power (over all people, all corporations and all governments) as they are now for a short time forward.

    lewis jones on June 13, 2024 at 10:20 am

“They” (Blacks) “are not all stupid”. This statement is making a polarity out of intelligence, when it is really on a spectrum, same as height. I tried to explain this before, but Vis thought it was funny to call my insight “stupid”. On AVERAGE, Blacks have less intelligence than Whites, and a country with a lot of them relative to Whites will be less intelligent. Vis often speaks against Polarity and should appreciate this insight, not scoff at it.

    TheyRLying on June 13, 2024 at 1:36 pm

It is the establishment class which owns the central banks along with the Rothschild dynasty behind the scenes. Henry Kissinger was their most prolific and effective agent provocateur sallying forth with their biggest ploy ever to loot Western civilization, which was to open their prodigy nation, communist China, for free trade with the West, in conjunction with the “Kissinger Report” (NSSM 200) to radically reduce global population. Obviously the China one-child policy which was instituted 2 years after trade was officially opened with that nation in 1979 was a condition of not just trade with the rich creditor nations of the West, but for the giant outsourcing from the West to China of capital, technology, entire industries and hundreds of millions of jobs.

People still don’t get it. Within 20 years of so-called “trade” with China, each of our nations was transformed from a creditor nation to a debtor nation. Notwithstanding, the view of Paul Craig Roberts, the so called “balance” for the huge trade deficits was not sustained by the US dollar being the leading world reserve currency, where China like Japan had to buy US treasuries and also US dollars to pay for fuel. There never was any “balance” and the people who invested so heavily in China did so to get filthy rich using our markets for all of the low-cost goods, which bled us of manufacturing, real jobs, and put our governments into a spiral of massive deficit financing (i.e. ETERNAL DEBT). This was all foreseen beforehand by those who plan at least 50 years in advance, and now claim to own over 85% of the assets on the globe.

They knew damn well that deficit financing was not sustainable and that all of the unbalanced outsourcing would have to be rectified by a massive reset on a global scale, where the hoi polloi of the West would just have to “stop living beyond their means” and have wage parity with the third-world low-cost workers, who were now producing most of the products they consumed.

This despicable international investment and owner class are those we now see in Davos repeating the UN “sustainability” and WEF mantras that by 2030 for the good of the planet we (i.e., “we in the West”) we will own nothing, but we will be happy (i.e., “all borders will be open in the West to the rest of the world, so that everyone of the working and drone classes will be equal and at one with the rest of the world”.).

Meanwhile, the tribe has carted most of its profits off to Israel and other enclaves leaving us with the massive debt and being so corrupted, dissociated, and demoralized by the media and the governments they control, that we cannot even reproduce ourselves. Rothschild’s China, meanwhile has copied everything which works in the West for economic gain, even to reproducing sections of the Talmud for “success” in business against the goys. They also ate the fruit of the poison of the Kissinger birth-dearth tree, but are using the same method as in selling their manufactured goods to us, which is to export in droves their young single men from their one-child families to the West in order to find wives, and also likely to follow the example of the tribe and to try in exclusive ways to dominate everything.

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"During a trial at Winchester crown court, the jury was told about detailed diagrams of the synagogue on his phone."

So the jury was not actually shown any evidence, but only "told" about it.