June 17, 2024

RAGECAST 468: PIGS AT THE BEACH - Raging Dissident - israel the Rogue Terrorist State - Is Judaism Incurable? - Craig Nelsen + Govt-Funded CENSORSHIP Factory Shuts Down! - Jimmy Dore + Never forget what they did to us - Nitroglicero, James Traficant, Philosophers-stone



"I clicked on a title, Hurt - Don’t Heal the Antisemite, and whoa. The psychopathy of the Judaic zealot can still come as a shock. I think it’s the extreme distortion of reality Judaism engenders and the intractable nature of the irrational hatred it demands of its victims that makes it so shocking—so difficult for us, the targets of that hatred, to comprehend.

The article by Lee Kern is, first of all, another of the recent rash of exasperated-Jews-throwing-up-their-hands-and-giving-up-on-America articles signaling the approach of the “utter destruction” phase of the Jehovan cycle—the phase in which Jews strip out the remaining wealth and leave the burning ruins en masse.

The future of Jewish safety is not in teaching the world to be better people - but in teaching them to watch their step. We need to stop attempting to teach our haters to be nice to us, but rather teach them there’s a cost to their transgressions.

You will think what we tell you to think. You will say what we tell you to say. Your history is what we tell you it is. Or you will pay (but it’s the Jews who feel threatened).

Putting it bluntly: we need to teach the world that we will fuck up anyone who tries to hurt us.

Grandiosity is another marker for psychopathy, Mr. Teacher-of-the-World. So are violent revenge fantasies.

That is the lesson we need to be pushing. It matters not one jot that they know where antisemitism leads for the Jews.

And where does your imaginary persecution lead, Lee Kern? An imaginary holocaust?

We need to show them where antisemitism leads for them, the perpetrators of antisemitism. They don’t need to know what happened to the Jews in Auschwitz so much as they need to know what happened to the Nazis. They need to know the Nazis got fucked up, killed and destroyed. They need to know that Germany got levelled, destroyed and went up in flames. They need to know that German bodies and minds got broken beyond recognition. Antisemites need to know what happens to the antisemite - not the Jew. And we need to show them.

So, along with an explicit call to slaughter those with the wrong opinion concerning Jews, we have another frank admission by this turd. The war against Nazi Germany wasn’t a war defending freedom and democracy against tyranny as we were all taught. According to Lee Kern, it was a war on behalf of the Jews to punish Germans for their antisemitism. How come that wasn’t stated at the time? It’s almost like Lee Kern’s people are manipulating us from behind the scenes—tricking us into sacrificing our blood and treasure for their cause. I wonder whether Lee Kern will allow us to know that.

Is Judaism Incurable?
 She can't call them antisemitic

Hanibal directive and other typical jewish lies
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The Hannibal Directive, which the IDF denies ever existed, says that it is better a dead civilian hostage or soldier than to be taken alive because, in the latter case, getting that person back will be very expensive once hostilities end and negotiations start.
Burn israel Burn
I need an arsenal
Bildspel Engelskurl


Albert said...

Hi Voltman :-)

Just a General-Discussion on: "Let it Happen" versus: "False Flag" (DO it, and then SAY: Someone-Else: Did it!) versus: "Drill Gone-Live" ...
The Joe-Biden being "Elected" SHOWS the POWER that the ((("Media"))) has ... by Simply SAYING that Something "Happened"! ;-)

a) "Just" SAYING that Something "Happened" is the "Tidiest" way to: ((("Media"))) PUSH a ((("Narrative"))) !!!
(Hence the saying: "Politics" is "Hollywood" ... for UGLY-People! ... Yes! "Politicians" READ-from-Scripts, and FRONT for (((Agendas))) !!! (It seems that: "Gulf-of-Tonkin" is (a) not even (b)! ;-) )
b) "Drill Gone-Live" is VERY-Similar, except the "Drill" Provides MORE: Useable Footage etc! ;-)
c) "False Flag" ... DO it, and then SAY: Someone-Else: Did it!
--> It SEEMS Now (Hindsight is Always 20 / 20) that "Pearl-Harbour" was US-Navy: Blowing-Up-"Scuttling" a number of Obsolete-Ships, and "just" CLAIMING that: Almost 3,000 Sailors DIED ... and CLAIMING that: the Japs 'ad DONE-it! ;-)
(So, as the 3,000 Sailors'-BODIES LEFT: a few-feet underwater-inside-ships, MEANS: NO REAL-Bodies! "Pearl Harbour" was (b) !!! ;-) )
d) "Let it Happen" ... Yes! IF a German-U-Boat ACTUALLY: Sunk the Lusitania ... then THAT would be: "Let it Happen" ;-)

--> But, as one can EASILY-Understand: It is FAR FAR EASIER: To "just" DO / RUN-an-Entire-Psyop ... than to: "Let it Happen"! ;-)
--> Hence MOST: ((("Media")))-Promoted/"Covered" "EVENTS" ... are NOT: "Let it Happen" even! ;-)

As Ole-Dammegard etc. Point-Out: A "Drill Gone-Live" GUARANTEES to ALL: Law-Enforcement, Medical-Personal etc. Participating-in-such: That NO-ONE will be ACTUALLY-DYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

(Thus these: "Drill Gone-Lives" are EASIER, as these are: Fully-Controlled & Choreographed/Edited from-"Beginning-to-End", AND where there are NO: REAL: Legal-Trials Where: Relatives-of-REALLY-DEAD-victims: SUE for Compensation-Damages, and in the course of these Legal-Processes: Obtain: Full-Disclosure of FACTS/TRUTH!)

Tamarillo said...

What are you smoking Albert that I need to stay away from?
You really need to get a life.

Jumbo Patterson said...

Handsome casanova gets struck off.


Ed in Salt Lake said...

He's been smoking that killer "Labrador!"


Chainsawmiller said...

Dave Chappelle has been REPLACED but Roseanne Barr won’t admit it


zapoper said...

And when we sometimes talk on the phone you actually sound like a well rounded individual. ROFL

Chainsawmiller said...

"on the phone you actually sound like a well rounded individual"

LOL It's a front, I'm an agent for B'nai B'rith!

It's an interesting video. The other video was too with Jim Breuer. It was scripted and strange. I think most entertainers are set up as corporations. There could easily be all sorts contingency plans around these corporate comic music movie and political celebs. Sometimes they may be able to pull it off sometimes they can't, no? I'm not saying it's true in this case but it's interesting that it's happening. Is it just promotion? IDK

Freewheeling_Franklin said...

The flat earth conspirotard without a filter strikes again with more nonsensical bullshit completely detached from reality rofl

Jumbo Patterson said...

Anyone know what happened to the original AJ?

zapoper said...

"LOL It's a front, I'm an agent for B'nai B'rith!"

I KNEW IT! lol

Chainsawmiller said...

Here is the original AJ LOL
Just add the AJ grit to his voice.


Chainsawmiller said...

I'm waiting for FF to show up with his filtered millennial quasi-PC ramblings. Where are you FF? LOL

Jumbo Patterson said...

"Here is the original AJ LOL"

No, there was a real AJ, he was a young Texan guy who chased up the local corruption, had a local radio programme, I believe.

Here, I've dug it out of my dusty archives... ten minutes in to part 3:


Full documentary, 5 parts:


Chainsawmiller said...

It was a joke JP.

Jumbo Patterson said...

Perhaps, but mine was a question; does anyone know what happened to him?

Chainsawmiller said...

So the current Alex is only a reasonable facsimile?
Do you think he was replaced JB?

Jumbo Patterson said...

Have a look at the archive part 3, it is definitely not the same guy... the switcheroo must have happened around 1997.

Chainsawmiller said...

I've heard the rumours I just thought he gained weight, not unlike Dave Chappelle.