June 15, 2024

Saturday Snack Shack with Blackbird9 - 2024.06.15

Noticing Patterns With Mr Alfred Schaefer

Frederick C. Blackburn (also known as BlackBird9) studied engineering to become an electrical engineer and had a career in IT. He had a Top Secret clearance in the USA. He gave lectures to: Military and Naval Intelligence personnel as well as NSA, CIA and FBI personnel about cell phone and other technologies.

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Albert said...
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decree said...

maybe last good show on RBN, i like Mike Gaddy too but his slave topic yday was a snore fest and always its the "bankers" yes yes

decree said...

way too positive, nothing will unfold, all will keep sleeping and those who wake up will pretend to sleep.

i lsitened a 2005 podcast with Eustace Mullins and Jeff Rense, Mullins was euphoric, it happens people are waking up, things will change very fast now... yes yes i see, nothing happened in 2005 and nothing will happen now, the big majority will help the parasites will will keep going, jews build too many failsafes and conditioned the masses so there can not happen anything. Its jsut this tiny handful of maybe max a 1000 who listen these new young national content, sure if you think these max 1000 are the great awakening, they can maybe flyer a bit and pray its not illegal soon, which will come just like in europe.

Keep on dreaming.

Sean said...

C’mon man!
With the unity and strength of the 30 or so, chads, who comment here?
How can we lose? With leaders like Albert, and a man so brave, that he calls himself “unknown“.
Dude, we are winning already.
We will triumphantly mow diagalawn, together on gold plated riders!
FUCK YEAH- to victory and beyond!

Chainsawmiller said...

Woah! you forgot about Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Remember you were on the front lines there Sean LOL And that in too!

Chainsawmiller said...


Freewheeling_Franklin said...

Please ban Sean immediately

Freewheeling_Franklin said...

Btw I was just watching a WWII documentary and a lot of the footage looks fake

Freewheeling_Franklin said...

Why does the alt media venerate a guy who was stupid enough to be locked up 3 or4 times for the same stupid shit good lord lol

Chainsawmiller said...

"Please ban Sean immediately"

This is the second time you posted this. Do you have a crush on Sean FF? LOL
You are just like Chester FF!


Freewheeling_Franklin said...

Good gif you are in stupid son of a bitch - lmao

Chainsawmiller said...

"Good gif you are in stupid son of a bitch - lmao"

And you are such a good judge of stupid! right? Read that sentence you posted. Lol

Chainsawmiller said...

Since it's hillbilly day

10 MOST SURPRISING Hydraulic Press Moments


Chainsawmiller said...

In this video Albert will find an easter egg inserted in the video in just for him!

try not to laugh for 10 minutes